How Your Business Can Make Money Selling on Instagram?

Ali Kazmi

  • Jul 29, 2020

Top-notch brands like Nike, Adidas, and Huda Beauty are opting for Instagram Marketing Services to inspire buying decisions. You must have seen them all do it, A LOT. In recent years, Instagram has grown famous as a Social Media Marketing Agency platform, which brands use to engage with their audience and build influential communities.

However, Digital Marketing in Pakistan tactics that every brand uses can differ. While one brand grows with reviews and user-generated content, the other one wins by giving the audience a sneak-peek into behind-the-scenes. But do you know what is common between brands on Instagram? The END GOAL – Getting the audience to buy their products.

Their tactics work because Instagram is a visual platform. And who can agree to this fact more than us? We are always busy scrolling through products on Instagram for our online shopping sprees or to get a purchase inspiration. Guilty pleasures, no?

With the launch of business-friendly features like Shoppable Posts and Ads, there is no doubt that Instagram is an E-Commerce-friendly Digital Media Marketing platform. The cherry on top – Users have already started shopping on Instagram.

However, this has also increased the Dynamics E-Commerce competition among Magento Commerce Designers. Hence, you cannot merely rely on organic traffic to grow sales leads. The only way to stand out is by getting innovative and tapping into the growing trends of Social Media Marketing in Pakistan, especially the ones that leverage big on Instagram.

So, whether you are a budding business or a business that already opted for E-commerce Website Development but wants to add more to the portfolio, start selling on Instagram. In this article, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about making money by selling on Instagram. So let’s read on!

Instagram – A Social Media Platform Growing Popular

Today, Instagram is one of the most influential Social Media Marketing platforms that boasts a massive audience and high engagement rates. Here are some Instagram stats that indicate the increasing popularity of the platform;

  • The figure of active monthly users doubled from June 2018 to June 2020.
  • To date, over 80 billion photo shares on Instagram.
  • Instagram users upload over 100 million visuals every day that hit 4.5 billion Likes, daily.

Considering the popularity of Instagram, savvy Social Media Manager and businesses have started flocking to the platform, to leverage its potential as a Digital Marketing in Pakistan platform. Here are some stats proving the growing popularity of Instagram as a Social Media Marketing Services platform;

  • Instagram has over 2 million monthly advertisers and around 9 million business accounts.
  • Instagram’s mobile ad revenue will estimate $8 million by the end of 2020.
  • 80% of savvy marketers providing Social Media Management Services cite Instagram as one important Influencer Marketing platform.

All in all, these statistics prove that Instagram is emerging and growing too big for businesses to ignore. Hence, play smart and tap into this widely-used platform that the majority of the population uses for online shopping.

How can YOU grow your Audience on Instagram?      

  • Optimized Instagram Profile

Being a Digital Marketing Company, we’ve come across businesses that make an Instagram profile and take the back seat, which is a mistake. Optimizing your Instagram profile is as essential as making one. And if you haven’t yet, begin with uploading a high-quality profile picture that reflects your brand.

Next, while you write-up your Instagram Bio, add a CTA to it. This way, you can either drive traffic to your Dynamics 365 E-Commerce website, ask the audience to follow your blog or other social media handles.

Moreover, including target keywords that describe your products and services in your bio also helps, just as it works in SEO Services Pakistan. As an inspiration, here’s a snapshot of the Instagram Bio of Marks & Spencer.

How Your Business Can Make Money Selling on Instagram

  •  Resonating Content

Reasonably, this is the most influential of all of the points on this list. The savvy audience only engages with your content if they find it useful and engaging. Hence, you need to keep your feed focused and post content that is relevant to your target audience.

For instance, if you are a clothing brand, prefer posting pictures of people wearing your brand rather than other non-clothing related content that confuses the audience.

  • Consistency is the KEY

If you want to grow your follower count on Instagram, the strategy is to be active on the platform and consistently post content. According to stats, there is a relation between the frequency of posts and an increase in followers.

However, it is still not necessary to post daily as a lot of successful brands on Instagram that post less frequently still profit. Though the KEY here is still consistency – stick to a posting frequency and get to sailing on Instagram!

  • Giveaways and Contests

If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to increase your follower count, get help from the famous duo – Contests and Giveaways. Ask your followers to tag their friends and family over your posts and follow your account. In return, offer them something, be it a discount coupon, some products, or a free service. Even Dunkin Donuts had their play on hosting a contest. What are you waiting for? Now is your turn!

  • Strong Hashtag Game

Using related Hashtags that are specific to your niche helps pitch a relevant audience and interests the right people. And since Instagram now allows users to follow Hashtags, you can tap into your audience with the popular ones, to make your post more visible.

Other than using popular Hashtags, be creative, and create a customized hashtag of your brand and promote it by using it in every Instagram post and story. This way, when you talk about your brand, or when people talk about your brand, you can keep a check over conversions.

  • Influencer Collaborations

To get access to a much broader audience, leveraging Influence Marketing is the best bet. The consumers of today are savvier than ever, and when they are about to shop, they look for reviews shared by influencers.

So when you ask an influencer to promote your brand, there is a surety that the audience will follow you with a shut-eye. Hence, getting you a higher follower count.

  • Instagram Ads

There is a paid way to maximise your reach and win more Instagram followers, and that’s placing Ads. Technically, only people who follow your profile on Instagram can see your posts and stories. But when you place an Ad relevant to your target audience, it will be visible to those too who are not a part of your followers, which results in them following you eventually.

  • Leveraging User-Generated Content

According to marketing professionals, posting user-generated content is convincing when it comes to boosting engagement rates and increasing followers. Hence, feature and repost user-generated content on your Instagram to incentivise the users into creating more content that resonates with your brand.

Here’s a snapshot of user-generated content on the Instagram Feed of Airbnb, featuring people who stayed at their property. What’s your take on this? Let us know in the comments below!

How Your Business Can Make Money Selling on Instagram

Instagram Shoppable – The way to make MONEY on Instagram

One of the most significant aspects of earning by selling on Instagram is to make your posts shoppable. And for this, you need a tweak of E-Commerce Platform Integration services with your Instagram account to enable purchasing options for your audience.

Traditionally, businesses used to add links to their products in their bio, but with tech-advancement. However, now, Instagram has rolled out these new impressive features that make this E-Commerce Platform Integration much convenient and smoother.

  • Shoppable Posts

Utilize the Shoppable tags or Product tags feature in your Instagram posts to facilitate the audience by directly leading them to your website and buy the product displayed. Are you fretting that this is another big tech-task that requires learning? Breath out; It is as easy as tagging a friend in a picture. Though in this case, the tags link to the product-purchase pages on your website.

  • Pair-up Instagram Stories and CTAs

Another prominent way to make your Instagram Stories shoppable is to use CTAs like Buy Now or Swipe Up to Shop etc. So the next time you post a story about a product, make sure that you’ve added a CTA that directs the audience to your Magento Website Design.

Technically, most of these shoppable stories with CTAs are linked to E-Commerce stores where they Checkout. However, Instagram has now introduced a feature that enables a native payment option. With this option, the buyers can complete the checkout process directly on Instagram. Thus, making the purchasing process even more accessible.

Check out how the top-notch brand Zara leverages Instagram Shoppable features to get more sales conversions from their content.

Advertising on Instagram – The Best Practices

Instagram Ads are a powerful tool to make money by adding click-through product-purchase links, either as CTAs or product tags.

Moreover, Instagram Ads help brands target a precise audience relative to their products or niche. You can decide how much you want to spend on Ads, where do you want to display them, and for how long.

Are you planning on creating your first Ad? Follow these Best Practices;

  • Tweak Emotions into Ads

Being a Social Media Marketing Agency, we have come across brands that end up creating cold and dry Ads because they focus just on winning conversions, rather than engaging the audience.

So, when you are visualising an Ad, make sure that it has an image or video that instantly connects with the emotions of the audience. Plus, you can also try some other techniques to add personality to your Ads because the boring ones get no engagement, and the interesting ones win the game. Though if you are not competent at crafting eye-catchy visuals, get some Graphic Design and Branding Services.

  • Focus on Audience Relevancy

Instagram gives the right to choose the target audience demographics for your Ads. However, the target audience is more than just a circle of demographics.

You need to dig deeper and understand your audience better; to make sure that you are creating Ads which resonate with them. And for that, we suggest creating detailed personas to define and understand the audience before you begin on Advertising and Instagram Marketing Services.

  • Use High-Quality Visuals

Considering that Instagram is a visual platform, any content you post on it, including Ads, should be visually appealing. Moreover, also ensure that the product images you share with the audience are eye-catchy, visible, and of a very high-quality.

Inspiration – Below is a snapshot of a brand’s Ad on Instagram in a carousel format. Isn’t it next-level creative?

Instagram Marketing Services

  • Don’t go overboard with Text

While creating an Insta Ad, going overboard with the text that explains the Ad is a big NO. Instead, create one that is self-explanatory and understandable, while using the words sparingly wherever necessary.

Moreover, the text colour and placement should not be an eye-prick for the audience and the ad creative. Play around with colours and placing strategically and go with a layout and theme that complements your Ad creative.

  • Add CTAs

The ultimate goal of Magento E-Commerce Website Development, coupled with Instagram Advertising, is driving sales. Hence, you need to add compelling CTAs to your Ads because they help the audience know what’s next, i.e., clicking the CTA and reaching the product page to buy. Below is a graphic showing an active Instagram Ad by Nike with a CTA – Shop Now.


Instagram is an influential Digital Marketing Services in Lahore and an online selling platform that businesses cannot overlook. And there are countless ways in which brands can make money from them, one of them being a Shoppable feed.

You opted for Magento E-Commerce Development Services and launched an E-Store, but there is no traffic on your product pages? Leverage the power of Instagram; place shoppable links, and CTAs on your posts and effectively drive traffic to your product-purchase pages and boost your sales conversions.

However, if you are looking forward to an instant solution to win more leads with Instagram Marketing, go for paid advertising. Decide on your campaign goals, target audience, budget, and you are all set to run highly-targets. Though if you need some help from marketing brains, get in touch with us; We are a Digital Marketing Agency and a Magento 2 Development Agency providing Digital Marketing Services in Chicago that increase your leads, and skyrocket your sales.







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