How Xcentric’s Odoo Implementation Services Help Optimize Sales?

Ali Kazmi

  • Nov 25, 2020

Most of the businesses in Pakistan face hard competition in the industry. To stay ahead of their competitors, they need to comprehend every business process successfully and efficiently. And the innovation of ERP Softwares like Odoo has simplified it all. Odoo Implementation Services are the way ahead now. They help reduce the redundancies in data management and automate manual entries. So if you had been looking for a solution that simplified business management, Xcentric Services has got you covered with Odoo Implementation Services in Pakistan.

Normally, a business has several departments like HR Department, CRM, Warehouse, Finance, and Inventory. However, to manage communication between and throughout the departments, different software is implemented in each. The drawback? No seamless communication and loss of resources.

Odoo comes to the rescue at this point to streamline workflows and communication. With its implementation, you will save IT costs, improve operational efficiencies, and enhance the customer experience. Moreover, it will also strengthen the security of your data. With all this being said, you shouldn’t be delaying getting our Odoo Implementation Services. Need a more detailed insight into Odoo’s features and the benefits we’ll get you? Keep reading, we’ve covered it all!

The Basic Features Of Our Odoo Implementation Services

Odoo is a customizable ERP solution that provides every essential feature to optimize sales and grow a business. Considering the seamless modules the solution provides, here are the features we’ll enable you with;

· Customer Relationship Management – CRM

With this module of Odoo, we’ll enable you to manage day-to-day tasks, customer requests, and leads. Moreover, our team will also automate your key tasks like notification, identification, and communication.

· Sales Management

Post-implementations, you’ll be able to manage and classify your sales into a structured system very easily. Besides, we’ll also provide you the ability to create new orders and review the existing ones. 

· Purchase Management

Tracking the quotations of your suppliers and changing them into purchase orders has always been a hassle? It won’t be any more once we implement Odoo.

· Warehouse Management 

Being an Odoo Implementation Company, We ensure that you can manage multiple store locations and warehouses efficiently. And this means that your inbound and outbound stocks will be defined for each warehouse.

· Point Of Sales


Odoo implementation will allow you to easily manage point of sales operations like cash, invoicing, and inventory. Moreover, port-implementation, you’ll also be provided with a consolidated view of all your business operations and inventory.

Attracting New Leads


· Manufacturing


Our implementation team will enable you with features that make managing manufacturing operations easier. It includes managing multi-level routings and work hubs. Plus, you will also be able to track orders and support planning your made-to-stock and made-to-order.


Business Challenges Odoo Meets Successfully

Every business faces multiple challenges when operating. Here’s


 a list down of challenges that we’ll help you with our Odoo Implementation Services.

· Attracting New Leads

Using the open-source ERP platform – Odoo, we enable businesses to create their dream website from scratch. We provide them countless options to choose from, whether it’s the color, visuals, or font. Moreover, with Odoo’s digital marketing features like CTA buttons and drag-drop features, we enhance the position of the business on Google. Besides, once we implement Odoo for your business, your customer details will be directly stored on the Sales App. Thus, enabling you to seamlessly follow-up with potential customers.

· Project Management

The project management module of Odoo will enable you to handle business projects efficiently. Once implemented by our team, the module will help you track the status of every project conveniently. Moreover, you’ll also be able to divide the project into sub-tasks and assign them to employees for completion. Besides, to keep you on track with the deadlines, we’ll also get you the Odoo calendar.

odoo implementation

·  Automated Tasks

Manual data entries and processes are prone to errors. By opting for Odoo implementation, businesses can avoid such errors – All thanks to Odoo’s automation features. It helps us automate your day-to-day tasks like generating sales orders and invoices. The benefit? Your team will get more time to process critical tasks that need human attention.

What Major Benefits Will You Get?

Being an Odoo ERP Implementation Company, we understand how crucial an ERP implementation is for a business. Before going ahead with the big decision, it is essential to know what benefits it will get you. The good news? We’ve covered them too right here!

· All-In-One Software Application

On top of being an open-source platform, Odoo is a state-of-the-art solution that meets every business’s requirement. Whether a client wants to automate CRM, Inventory Management, HRM, or Manufacturing, using Odoo’s applications, we address all their needs. So whichever industry you belong to, we have you covered with Odoo!

· Easy Implementations and Integrations

Most businesses come to us with an issue – inconsistent data and business processes, even when they have an ERP solution. The reason behind this issue is that many solutions don’t integrate seamlessly with other business modules and applications. So whether your website is on Magento, Shopify, or WordPress, using Odoo, we guarantee seamless integrations and implementation.


In the world of ERP solutions, Odoo is known to support continuous scalability. That’s precisely what every business in Pakistan requires to take lead in the industry. However, the real challenge is to implement it seamlessly. And then only it will provide business flexibility, flawless user interface, and streamlines navigation.

Let Xcentric Services implement it for you successfully. We have been providing Odoo Consulting Services for years, hence the experience. All you need to do is – Get in touch with us, and our Odoo team will handle the rest!







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