How We Build Strategies For Social Media Marketing Management Services At Xcentric?

kashif ali

  • Aug 20, 2021

Every business owner is looking to fine-tune social media marketing strategies in 2021. We at Xcentric Services can make that happen for you with our Social Media Marketing Management Services. Though we know, considering that social media channels are now complex to handle and the competition on them is too high, you need some convincing. Our marketing team has the expertise to help brands tackle their marketing goals – that too with a sense of purpose. Therefore, we have put together this article to give you an insight into how we being a Social Media Marketing Agency build social media management strategies from scratch.

Social Media Marketing Management Services in Pakistan.

1.  Setting Goals For The Business

Let us kick off with a quick question – what do you want out of social media as a business? We know, every business screams SALES, and to get them that, we start with setting their goals while planning a social media management strategy. Maybe, a client wants to build an online community or increase the follower count or drive more revenues like others. Whatever they want, we make sure to set realistic social media goals for them. Below, we have listed some of the goals that we set for most of our clients while providing Social Media Marketing Management Services in Pakistan.

·   Increase Brand Awareness

Setting this goal for a brand means that we want to get its name out there on social media and build brand awareness. However, to meet this goal, we avoid posting promotional content and instead, focus on what adds value to the client’s brand image.

·   Leads & Sales Generation

Whether in-store or an online web store, savvy customers do not make a purchase accidentally. Hence, we set goals to help clients generate leads and sales while providing Social Media Marketing Management Services:

·   Growing Brand Audience

We set this goal for clients who want to bring in new followers down the sales funnel and introduce their brand to them. Meeting these goals involves monitoring the most-searched keywords, digging through social channels, and then target strategies.

By combining these goals, we play a fair game being a Social Media Marketing Company; to understand which social media platforms work the best for them. And when in doubt, our team keeps the strategies simple without keeping too many goals to achieve. They pick one or two and then stick with them till they are achieved.

Social Media Marketing Management Services

2.  Researching Target Audience

Make assumptions while providing Social Media Marketing Management Services is not what we do at Xcentric Services. And, thanks to the treasure of demographic data available on Google Analytics out there, we really do not need to.

Much of what we need to know about the target audience to plan a social media management strategy for a client is already available. However, the only trick is to know how to analyze them and our social media managers have that analyzing eye.

Other than the demographic data that gives insights into every social media channel, we also go further in detail. Because what about the client’s target audience on different platforms? They vary on each platform.

Hence, to determine the audience of a client, we analyze the dashboards and metrics of each platform ;to ensure that we are on the right track. Doing all of the above ultimately influences the management strategies, customer service, and social selling.

3.  Establishing KPIs & Metrics

No matter what our client is selling, we make sure that the Social Media Marketing Management for Business strategy is data-driven. That means the social media managers at Xcentric Services focus on social media metric that are important. Rather than just focusing on the vanity metrics, they dig into data that aligns with the business’s goals. Thinking which metrics we are talking about? Here’s a breakdown of the metrics and KPIs we track for our clients:

  • Reach – the count of unique visitors who come across the client’s social media posts and how far the content actually reaches on the feeds.
  • Clicks – tracking the number of clicks on content posted on social media feed and clicks per campaign to understand what encouraging sales.
  • Paid & Organic Likes – attractions and engagements that are related to paid content such as Ads that help us budget the Ads spend for clients.
  • Hashtag Performance – highlights which hashtags used performed better and associated with the brand.

We believe that an effective social media management strategy is all about the numbers. Those numbers are put into context in the form of KPIs and metrics. Hence, we do not miss out on checking them and then tweaking strategies; to meet the initial goals of our clients.

Social Media Marketing Management Packages

Sort Out Your Social Media Management NOW!

By now, you must be convinced that many puzzle pieces need to be connected to successfully manage social media. With that being said, sorting out your social media presence should not be dragged now. Let us at Xcentric Services set actionable goals for you and address every trends.

Rest assured, you will always be ahead of the competition after investing in our affordable Social Media Marketing Management Packages. Also, if you need some more information about our Social Media Marketing Services, feel free to drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com.







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