How to Use Instagram to Promote E-Commerce Store?

Ali Kazmi

  • Aug 04, 2020

The E-Commerce Website Development industry is assumed to exceed $5 trillion by the end of 2020. However, like a slice of entire retail sales, it makes up just 15%. But, even though there’s a significant portion of market share to get hold of, just launching a Dynamics 365 E-Commerce Store Store website doesn’t mean you’ll automatically win sales. Hence, begin with a foolproof plan that acquires customers and sparks interest.  

In this tech-driven arena, a wow-worthy platform famous for driving sales is Instagram. The platform boasts 2+ billion active users, and 75% of them shared that they usually buy products that they discover on Instagram.

Hence, considering that the average order value on Instagram is higher than any other Social Media Marketing platform – This is a Digital Media Marketing channel that you can’t miss tapping on

Instagram Video Marketing; The Way to Engage your Audience

Instagram Marketing covers both; Photos and Videos. And when we talk about Instagram Video Marketing, which precisely is the more effective way, it is defined as using video content to engage your audience and generate sales.

In this article, we’ve covered in-depth the types of Instagram videos providing business growth opportunities that help businesses in communicating their growth proposition and retail more products.

1. In-Feed Videos on Instagram

In-feed Instagram videos are the usual ones that appear in your feed. These videos are similar to the ones posted on platforms like Facebook Marketing and Twitter, to engage the audience and rank higher based on it. 

How do they work?

Normally, in-feed videos on Instagram last up to 60 seconds long. Speaking of its features, you can either upload a carousel consisting of up to ten videos, or a single video. 

Videos are uploaded the same way as we upload a usual post on Instagram. Just click the + tab, select your video, add an eye-catchy caption, and voilàyour video is good to go! 

What are the best practices to upload an in-feed video?

  • Use Thumbnails – Usually, users have the auto-play turned off, which results in them ignoring your video. However, if your video has an eye-catchy thumbnail, you’ll catch some views by raising curiosity and encouraging people to watch your video.
  • Limit it to 60 Seconds – According to stats, Instagram videos that averaged between 26 to 60 seconds get the most views. However, we’d suggest, don’t try to fill up the 60-second limit. Instead, focus on being succinct.
  • Add Subtitles – Around 80% of today’s consumers watch videos on MUTE. Hence, they prefer watching a video that has subtitles. So while you edit the video, copy-paste the script in the editor to combine the subtitles.
  • Tag Products – Tagging your products in your videos is one proven way to increase traffic and sales through Instagram Videos. So make sure that you use this shoppable post feature while uploading your video.

E-Commerce Store

2. Instagram Video Ads

As a business E-Commerce Store, if you look forward to quick results, we, being a Digital Marketing Agency, would suggest using Instagram Video Ads to scale up your efforts.

Rest assured, these ads generate more clicks and conversions compared to photo ads.

How to use them?

Instagram video ads are set up using Facebook Ads Manage, the same way as you would do for a Facebook Ad, depending on your goal and brand vision. The only difference is that you need to select Instagram Feed, Stories, and Explore in the placement section.

The best practices for creating Instagram Video Ads

  • Add less than 20% text to Thumbnails – You are only adding it to persuade those who have turned off auto-play.
  • Shorter videos are the KEY – They drive the best results, considering that the viewers on Instagram prefer shorter yet precise videos.
  • Talk in simple language – This way, the viewers feel connected while watching your video, and they consume your message before anything else interests them.
  • Optimizing your Instagram Video Ads for mobile phones is essential – Not every feature of Instagram is accessible on a desktop. Hence, make sure that the video and the funnel it leads to are optimized for mobile.

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3. The Prominent One – Instagram Video Stories 

Instagram stories are a favorite posting of every millennial. And if we count on figures, around 500 million people upload stories every day, out of which, one-third are by businesses.

How to best use Instagram Stories?

  • The go-to tweak is Hashtags – Adding the relevant hashtags to your video and adding them while uploading it is a surefire way to get engagement. And in case your story gets it, you’ll rank on the Explore page with the help of hashtags.
  • Build a Catalog with Highlights – Another way to get the maximum out of stories is by composing a catalog by combining several videos promoting various products. Later on, set this catalog as your highlight so that people view it when they visit your profile.
  • Utilize Stickers – Instagram enables businesses to embed stickers in their stories, which helps in getting the most out of the videos. Out of all, the Question and Poll stickers work as the Best CRM for E-Commerce stores as they can be used to gather information about what your audience likes.

E-Commerce Store

The Benefits of Instagram Video Marketing for E-Commerce Stores

Though there are countless benefits of Instagram Marketing Services concerning videos, in this article, we’ve covered a few prominent ones of them;

Diversified Marketing Strategy

Photos serve great for most brands on Instagram. But when you are driving a Dynamics E-Commerce store, videos are a dominant way for every business to share more information about their products.

Real-time Marketing

Instagram helps you accumulate an immense amount of data from their insights page, which can be utilized to improve your Digital Marketing Services in Lahore and also your products – All thanks to the question and poll stickers.

Strong Brand Presence

If you are lucky enough to get your Instagram Marketing Services right, you” surely stay at the top of your audiences’ minds, which will result in them choosing you over your competitors when they’re buying.

Boosted Engagement                                         

As mentioned before, the savvy audience prefers videos over photos. Hence, the more video content a business uploads, the more you stand out to gain interactions and engagement.

Better Sales Opportunities

With Instagram Videos, a business doesn’t only generate sales; There’s a lot more to it, considering that around 50% of today’s consumers buy products after watching a video Ad of it on Instagram.

E-Commerce Store and Instagram; The type of videos that pave the way to SUCCESS

Tutorials and How-to’s

Before you start advertising any products to your followers, you need to nurture them. And for that reason, being a Digital Marketing Company, we’d suggest; composing some How-to videos and tutorials for your Feed. However, make sure that the videos average up to 60 seconds. 


Another way to bond with your audience on Instagram is through brand storytelling. Brand storytelling relates to the story you conceive with the facts and emotions encompassing your brand to engage with customers on a deeper, more relatable level.    

BTS Videos

BTS Videos can have a comparable effect as brand storytelling videos, considering that they bring the audience closer to your brand. Hence, regularly upload videos of your employees at work to make your audience feel connected to you.

E-Commerce Store

Time-sensitive Offers

Instagram stories work wonders when it comes to time-sensitive offers since the stories last only for 24 hours. So if you are running short on time and still want to pitch in offers to your audience, create a story featuring the offer, including a link to your product page. And yes, don’t forget to add the swipe-up sticker – It’s a game-changer!

Instagram LIVE

Stats show that people spend 4x more time watching LIVE Videos rather than recorded ones. So, make it a routine to go LIVE once in a while to stay in your audiences’ minds. Rest is up to you; You can share tips, and products, or get as creative as you can with the session.

How to formulate an E-Commerce Instagram Video Marketing Strategy?

Now that you know some best ways to nail Instagram Video Marketing, let’s look at how to form a strategy for it that drives more sales of your E-Commerce Store;

Compose a Visual Portfolio

Initially, begin with creating a visual portfolio of your Magento E-Commerce Store Development Instagram videos. Later, by keeping the target audience in mind, decide on a theme, and start recording your videos, followed by optimizing them for Instagram, planning a posting schedule, and you are good to go!

Product Demos and Answering FAQs

The next task you need to accomplish is shooting a product demo. Though you can do this yourself, we’d suggest, getting some Branding and Graphic Design Services to give a professional touch to your demo videos. And even better than that, get some Digital Marketing Services in Chicago.

Moreover, plan out a video that covers all the FAQs to make sure that the audiences’ concerns are covered.

Analyze and Learn from Analytics

Your Instagram insights can reveal a lot of valuable information. Hence, pay specific attention to it and use the data collected from it to further strategize a Microsoft Dynamics E-Commerce Store funnel that converts.


Instagram is one of the best platforms for promoting your Magento E-Commerce Store Development Services because it enables an E-Commerce Store with the power of shoppable features. So, if you aim at higher sales volumes, and are willing to invest more on your Digital Marketing in Pakistan efforts, creating video content is the most effective digital solution. However, if you are new to it, you might need some help from professionals. And for that reason, get in touch with us at Xcentric Services; We provide Web Development Services along with complementing Digital Services that help businesses drive through this digital arena.







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