How To Sell Online By Investing In Shopify App Development?

kashif ali

  • Nov 19, 2021

Shopify is an E-Commerce platform on which retailers can build their online web store. No matter what size a business is, the leading platform allows retailers to have a digital storefront for their retail operations. However, we will not lie. Having an online side hustle might sound like a dream come true, but it takes a lot of hard work. To bring your dreams to reality and sell online, you need to invest in Shopify App Development. While you juggle other business tasks, let Xcentric Services handle the development part for you. Before you make the investment and we roll up the sleeves to start the development, let us take you through the list of ways you can make money with a Shopify web store.

BUT FIRST – What Is Shopify?

Shopify is a popular E-Commerce platform or a third-party builder that allows businesses to bring their products or services online on a web store where they can be sold. It is designed keeping in mind the needs of savvy customers and retailers of every level. So, whether you are starting off selling online for the first time or investing in Shopify Development Services to make a platform switch, we have you covered.

6 Ways To Sell Online On Shopify And Make Money

Shopify itself understands that it is not a one-size-fits-all. However, no matter what features or functionalities you are interested in, we can help you out on Shopify. Want to know how? Here then, scroll down to see for yourself how we can help you make money by launching a Shopify web store.

1.  Taking Brick-and-Mortar Store Online

Even though selling at a brick-and-mortar store is still considered the best way for delivering in-person customer experience, the pandemic evolved it. With travel restrictions and lockdown imposed around the world, it became important for businesses to switch their in-store experiences to digital.

However, we understand that completely leaving behind your physical store is difficult and also a big NO. Hence, to help our client makes money with a Shopify web store, we link it with an in-store POS system. Once linked, it allows retailers to sync their business data like inventory, customer information, order details, and more with the online web store.

When it comes to selling online, considering the competition out there in the E-Commerce world, linking the in-store POS system with the web store is not enough. Therefore, we also suggest clients at Xcentric Services sell digital gift cards. It is a foolproof way retailers can begin selling online and make money in days.

2.   Monetizing Social Media

E-Commerce is all about selling online through different channels – be it an online web store or through social media. By leveraging social commerce when providing Shopify App Development services to clients, we allow them to sell within existing platforms. You must be thinking – WHY?

Well, choose between buying from an online web store you are not familiar with and a social media platform like Facebook. We know that you will choose the latter, and so will we because it is a familiar platform. In addition, you will also prefer it because no banking details are required as the order processing is connected with the social media account.

Besides, social media platforms also provide retailers with detailed analytics that help with better understanding the demographics of customers. Thus, allowing them to make instant changes to their E-Commerce marketing strategies to meet the trends. To make it all work, developers at Xcentric Services connect the web stores of clients with multiple social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

3.   Drop shipping Store

Drop shipping is a retailing model that does not involve inventory. Instead of the retailer, suppliers are the ones taking care of the manual work like inventory management and order delivery. Another pro of having a Dropshipping business is that you will need less capital, as the products need to be purchased only after the customers have paid for them. In addition, like every other retail business, there will be no obligation on you to invest in the inventory.

Now, the best part here is that Shopify has an application for it. Our team of Shopify Experts recommends using Oberlo which is a marketplace helping independent retailers find products to sell. All you need to do is let us know if you are up to have a Dropshipping Store. We will integrate it with your usual Shopify web store.

Shopify Experts

4.   Print-On-Demand Web Store

Gone are the days when E-Commerce was just for retailers selling traditional products like apparel. Are you a business owner selling products that you prepare on-demand? Do you plan to retail them online on a web store? Well, the print-on-demand feature in Shopify is here to your rescue.

Print-on-demand is a retailing method that is quite similar to dropshipping. Basically, it involves customers buying products on a Shopify web store that is first sent to the printing service providers by the retailer. Designs that customers demand are printed on the physical product and shipped to the customer later on.

So, in short, you do not need storage space or deal with large-scale order shipping and have double resources – for printing and retailing both. The bulk inventory demand ends. And, as a retailer, you will be able to focus more on designing and marketing your products. They can be anything – from tote bags to books and even mugs.

5.   Digital Downloads & Products

Digital downloads are non-physical products that retailers sell online on a Shopify store. Being a business ourselves, we have an Xcentric Store on the Shopify platform selling digital products like Microsoft product licenses. Though commonly, these products can be in the form of downloadable or streamable files like plug-ins, licenses, PDFs, videos, and MP3s.

The true benefit of selling digital products is that you have to upload them on the web store once. And then, retailers can sell them countless times. Yes, this means that the hassle and time that goes into restocking inventory ends here. Also, there will be no limit to how many products the business is selling.

If you plan to sell digital products or services online, then we will disable the shipping for your products in the dashboard and turn towards Shopify App Development. Leveraging it, we will generate download links for the digital products – to let customers shop.

6.   Growing Online & Offline Sales

Shopify POS is a system that enables retailers to simultaneously manage their in-person customer dealings at a brick-and-mortar store and online web store. By using it for clients at Xcentric Services, we provide them the following features:

  • Delegate the sales-related duties to the staff without any hassle; by downloading the Shopify POS on an IOS and Android device.
  • Integrate the Shopify web store with additional hardware like barcode scanners and cash drawers; to track orders and inventory at different locations easily.
  • Accept online payments, create shopping carts and discounts, manage taxed and manage many more business takes through one application.

Undoubtedly, Shopify POS is an all-in-one solution for retailers who want to run their brick-and-mortar store and have a digital storefront of it as well. Safe to say, Shopify is a platform that allows doing so – to improve customer experience and boost sales.

Shopify App Development.

NOW – What Next?

Hopefully, all the ways to sell online on a Shopify web store and make money mentioned above have convinced you enough to invest in Shopify App Development. However, if there is a confusion, no worries. We understand that venturing out from handling a brick-and-mortar store 9-to-5 is not easy for everyone. Hence, leave the responsibility on the developers at Xcentric Services. Rest assured, there will be no pressure over your head to have a side hustle, aka, an online web store.

Also, being a leading Shopify Development Company, in addition to helping you sell online and make money, we will also provide support and maintenance throughout. Unlike most agencies who take the back seat after launching web stores for their clients, we have their back around the clock.

Therefore, to have an earning stream other than your physical store, launch a Shopify web store on with our help. To get started on the development process and create your success story, drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com. Our team will get back to you with a project plan and a quote that meets your budget.







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