How to Remove Google Reviews: 5 Steps for Removing Bad Reviews

kashif ali

  • Mar 25, 2022


Before getting services or purchasing a product, people read through reviews about the business. They look at negative and positive reviews for determining if they want to be their next customer. But what to do if there are reviews on Google that you do not want?

In this blog, we will tell you how Google Reviews can be removed from a Google Business Profile. Plus, we have also listed steps that you can take for removing the bad reviews – without actually removing them.

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Is It Possible To Remove Negative Google Reviews?

When a negative review is left by someone on your Google Business Profile, the immediate reaction is deleting it. Fair enough, nobody wants people to say bad things about their business because they are worried about how it might affect the online reputation.

Google Marketing Services

However, unfortunately, removing negative Google Reviews is not as simple as just going to the profile and hitting delete. The search engine does not give companies any option for deleting negative reviews. Every kind of feedback – negative and positive, helps maintain the authenticity of businesses.

People these days rely more than ever on reviews for deciding whether they should make a purchase or not. Not surprisingly enough, almost 80% of people say that online reviews change their minds about buying something.

Reviews have a significant impact on the journey of a buy, which is why Google does not allow removing bad reviews from the local listing. The only time one can get it removed is when it is a fake review.

How Can You Remove Fake Google Reviews?

Google lets businesses remove fake reviews after reviewing them. For reporting a review that is fake, take these steps:

  • Go to the Google Business Profile account
  • From the left-hand menu, choose “Reviews”
  • Select the fake Google Review
  • Click the three-dotted bar from the right corner
  • Flag it as inappropriate

After following this process, you will get a notification that the reviewer’s feedback is sent to Google and will be evaluated to see if it is fake. However, if you are looking for a way to remove fake reviews that is more direct, directly contact Google by:

  • Go to the dashboard of Google Business Profile dashboard and find the “Support” from the menu.
  • From there, you can talk to a representative at Google via email, chat, or phone.

The option allows getting in contact with Google quickly to get the fake review removed. But, if the review ends up being an authentic experience of a real user, Google will not remove it.

In case it is a genuine review that was not meant for your business, you can appeal to get it removed. Now, you might want to find out hacks on How to Remove a Google Review that is negative. Scroll to the next section of this article for it!

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    From One-Star To Four-Stars: How Google Reviews Can Be Removed Without Actually Removing Them?

    Removing the negative reviews from Google is not as simple as just deleting them. If they are authentic, you need to take an alternate approach to remove those negative reviews. The best thing that you can do is address the reviewers and fix the situation – trust us, it works for all of our clients at Xcentric Services. Let us take you through the five steps that can be taken for removing Google Reviews without them getting actually removed.

    1. Never React Negatively

    When you receive a negative review for the first time, we know that your initial reaction would be lashing out at the person leaving the review. Being passionate about your business, getting upset when someone says bad things about is surely upsetting.

    However, the first step to give a Negative Google Review Response is not reacting negatively. If you give a bad reaction to a negative review by someone, it will give a worse look at your business, as people will see you as unprofessional. Moreover, it will also leave the viewers feeling confused about your business because you did not acknowledge the problems related to your services or products.

    Negative Google Review Response

    Now, as you can see in the example above, the response of the business owner was angry and passionate. While it must have left the owner feeling good, such a response leaves a negative impression on the customers and also causes the others to see the business from a negative point of view.

    Hence, to prevent negative reviews, do not react back to them negatively. Always remember – bad reviews can happen but are not the end of the world. It is quite common to have a mix of both positive and negative reviews.

    People trust those business profiles more which have negative and positive reviews because combined, they make profiles appear more genuine. If you have 5-star reviews only, people will remain confused about whether they are authentic or not.

    Moreover, people do not only care about the negative experiences of others but also care about how a business handles them. So, take a deep breath and start addressing every negative feedback that comes your way positively. And, if you need help with it, get our Google Marketing Services that cover review management on Google and other marketing aspects too.
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    2. Evaluating The Negative Review

    Want to know how you can remove negative Google Reviews? Start off by evaluating it first and establishing that it is authentic. Sometimes, you might get fake reviews from your competitors and even people who have never connected with your business. In fact, you will even get reviews that are not for your business, just like this example where someone left a review of a haircut on the Google profile of a florist.

    Reviews on Google

    For fake-appearing reviews, follow the steps we have mentioned earlier on flagging and reporting the false reviews. And, even if you think that it is fake, do compose a response for it because Google takes time to remove them – ranging from 5 to 20 days.

    In the meantime, dozens of your to-be customers can see the reviews and not know which one is fake. Whether fake or authentic, reviewers check the content. Hence, try your best to verify that the person who filed the complaint was a real customer.

    You might have a record of every buyer’s journey which can help with evaluating their experience in a better way. Look at the review and take notes of the situation so a genuine response can be composed, giving a better image of your business to the viewers.
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    3. Composing Straightforward & Genuine Responses

    The next step you can take for removing the Reviews on Google that are negative is composing honest replies. You have to make sure that your customers feel heard but keep the responses brief at the same while acknowledging their problems.

    Moreover, it is also ideal to respond to such reviews without any delay. Typically, we prefer responding to negative reviews within 24 hours of them getting posted. A quick response shows the business’s dedication towards providing the BEST customer services

    Do not have time or resources to dedicate to responding to the reviews? Use our Google Marketing Services that can help keep you on top of the reviews and respond to them timely. However, if you want to handle the reviews on your own, following these steps can get you to respond genuinely and straightforwardly:

    · Owning Complaints

    Everyone wants to know how they can remove Google Reviews that others post but no one owns the claim. Well, for starters, stop pretending that it is invalid or did not happen. Take responsibility for the complaint because if you will not, the customers will get angrier.

    · Apologize

    Whether it is your fault or not, apologizing for negative experiences is always a good idea. Never blame any reviewer or blame that they are lying because apologizing for a poor experience or faulty product goes a very long way. It removes the negativity without actually removing any negative reviews and turns them into positive ones.

    Leave a Google Review

    Take notes – sometimes people only want to feel heard and get their issues recognized. Here, a simple apology works and shows such customers that you are listening and recognizing all the negative experiences.

    · Offer Solutions

    People want businesses to take any action when they go through a negative experience. So, if you want to remove a review in which a customer has shared a bad experience, offer some solutions to their problems.

    Whether it is a reconciliation or solution, take an attempt at fixing the situation. Do not only leave comments like “Extremely sorry that this happened to you” and that is it. Offer opportunities and solutions for fixing their situation.

    Also after you offer a solution, follow up with the customer. Never make empty promises or say that you will take strict action and then not do anything.

    In short, you should offer fixes that your future customers can also see. They would love to know how you handle dissatisfied customers and feel comfortable when choosing to be your customers in the future.
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    4. Fixing Situations

    Still want to know more ways how you can remove negative Google Reviews? Simply fix the situation for the customer. Well, honestly speaking, this one is the hardest for businesses because it involves evaluating the products, services, processes, and even customer service.

    Quite naturally, admitting that it was your business’s fault is hard but if many people Leave a Google Review for the same reason every now and then, it calls for a change.

    For instance, say that you are a brand selling insulated travel mugs. Many people buy the mugs but leave negative reviews that they are cheap and their lids do not stay on, causing spills often.

    Now, if so many people are experiencing the same thing, you surely need to review and improve the product. The approach will not only reduce the count of negative reviews but also save you some time in the long run and potentially increase sales.

    Improving the products or processes is always worth the time and investment because they lead to positive customer experiences and a healthy bottom line. And, a similar process implies if you some kind of services.
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    5. Vigilance With Reviews

    Staying on top of the reviews is another foolproof way to remove bad Google Reviews for Business, as without doing so, you cannot do anything. To know if you are getting new reviews, keep a check on the local listing.

    Undoubtedly, staying proactive about the reviews helps build a better online reputation for a business. People will be able to see that you are taking out time for addressing issues and helping solve their problems.

    Such vigilance also encourages all those customers who were previously dissatisfied to reconsider their negative reviews. They will think that you are on top of the concerns of your customers and are willing to solve them fast.

    In short, by resolving all the issues quickly and staying alert, you can remove all the negative Google Reviews affecting your online reputation. While the approach will not remove every negative review it surely turns unhappy customers into happy ones.
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    Need Help With Managing Google Reviews?

    Now that you are aware of how negative reviews on Google can be removed, it is time to take control of your Google Business Profile and work on optimizing it further. By managing all the negative reviews and offering unsatisfied customers practical solutions, you can get even better ratings.

    However, if all of this is sounding like too much to handle, Xcentric Services can help you manage your Google My Business and give the Best Responses to Bad Reviews. With our years of experience and Google Marketing Services, we will help you manage Google Reviews and improve your search engine ranking.  If you are ready to make the most out of them, contact us at connect@xcentricservices.com or call at 0300-800-2094 TODAY and speak to a strategist.







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