How To Reduce Bounce Rate In Your Store

John Smith

  • Mar 25, 2019

Retailers are always looking forward to make some major changes to increase the revenue of their retail business but sometimes they ignore some basic facts.

Right now many store analytics software manufacturers and other specialists regarding this field noticed the loss in sales due to high bounce rate in stores. To analyze the bounce rate of your store you need people counter camera with analytics software.

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Create An Inviting Environment In Your Retail Store

Forming an inviting environment for customers is the most effective way. Greet them from the door of your store and welcome them to your retail store this puts a good impact on the visitor. They feel valued when you welcome them in your store but for this, you have to take care that the person you choose for this purpose should be really polite, friendly and educated. Moreover, customers don’t like such sales person who keeps forcing them to buy something they don’t want, make a friendly and relaxing environment in your retail store.

Make Sure You Have Sufficient Staff

Confirming that you have suitable staff in your store is important as well. You have to assign the staff properly that the place not looks crowded by your staff, not so less as well that when customers need somebody they have to find one of the staff members. Keep in mind that if any customer needs any help a staff member is around.

Well Train Your Floor Staff

It is your responsibility to train your floor staff properly. If some days you have less staff or you are keeping some in reserve for peak hours, everybody of the staff should be trained about the products that if any customer has something to ask the staff member can answer it otherwise refer another staff member politely to serve the customer’s query. It is very important to communicate politely with the customer and answer properly what they ask about products.

Put Customers On Priority

Your retail store staff must be able to answer every kind of queries about your store and your products. Moreover, they need to assist customers quickly and politely. Talking to each other while customers are around and not responding on their call or being rude are some facts that put bad impact on the customers and it increases the bounce rate.

Manage Products Properly

The result of high bounce rate results in lost sales and so retailers usually don’t add up their stock properly, managing the stock in your store in very important. You should know about the most demanding products and less demanded products by this manage the quantity of the products in your store. You have to make sure that if you get sales on a product that is less demanded still you have sufficient availability to that product in your store as well.

Invest In Tech Tools

It is very important to know the problem as soon as possible to solve it. When it comes to a loss in sales you should put some of your investment to get accurate tools for analyzing data for your store. If you are using the right metrics and your eye is on the right data you will surely avoid the loss in sales if you are smart enough take proper steps using the data.

These are some steps smart retailers take when they are facing a high bounce rate in their retail stores. If you don’t have appropriate tools for the data collection visit Xcentric Services and get the best people counting camera price and increase your retail business sales.







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