How to Pick the Right ERP Software?

John Smith

  • Apr 22, 2019

Selecting the up the best suitable ERP software match for your business is tough, Microsoft dynamics 365 offer even bigger business management solutions.

There are software that will help you to do your task but maybe some ERP software will lead you to further complications. For small businesses, QuickBooks is very well known but it works effectively for accounting purposes of small businesses. There is no doubt that QuickBooks is one of the best-selling software, but as I mentioned it targets small businesses and sooner or later when your business will grow or if you have a huge establishment right now. You have to get enterprise resource planning software for your business.

When you select ERP software just keep the following things in mind, maybe it helps you while selecting the right software.


One of the main qualifications of a true enterprise resource planning ERP system is that it is created to manage different business assets. As your business grows, then your business may be divided into companies or just split into multiple separations into various parts of a business. A good ERP system provides the tools necessary to manage various and expanding businesses.

Local or Cloud

Another important thought is whether to install the software locally or go with a cloud-based system. Both installations have their own advantages but it depends on the features that you value or that you want to have. A local ERP software installation will mostly have a higher upfront cost, but its maintenance fees are lower.

On the other hand, a cloud-based installation of ERP Software has a low upfront cost but the maintenance fees are really high. So be very careful while selecting among the installation options because it is very important to select an enterprise resource planning system ERP that offers you the option your business needs.


The key to success in the marketplace nowadays is that companies have to adapt and adapt real quick.  Some companies are in a position where they are not easily served by off-the-shelf software. In any case, nothing will be gained or changed by shifting from QuickBooks to an ERP software that is equally limiting.

If you want to keep up to the changes that are occurring within your industry you are just trying to hit a moving target in that case you need an enterprise resource system that is created from the ground up to allow in-house alteration and configuration. Some ERP systems are designed such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV to allow easy extensibility and alteration.


Another superiority where ERP systems beat QuickBooks is the choices of available reporting. To examine if a potential ERP solution meets your reporting needs, you need to analyze what your reporting needs exactly are.

  • What information do you need to recover?
  • Which analytics do you need to access?
  • What trends will you need to monitor in the next five years?
  • These all are important factors to think about before selecting the right system.


An ERP software is only a solution because it helps in smooth workflow and does not create other issues regarding workflow. If your business trusts on some particular software, such as Microsoft Office and Outlook then picking an enterprise resource planning ERP system that can collaborate with your existing software will save you both your time and money.

These are some basic features or points that you have to keep in mind while selecting the perfect matching enterprise resource planning software according to your business. As I mentioned before many businesses are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 because it suits most of the business due to its versatility in the offerings.







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