How To Personalize Windows 10

John Smith

  • Feb 11, 2019

Microsoft Windows 10 is known for its massiveness and it is the powerful operating system currently available. Windows 10 also improves your computer’s look.

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Desktop Background

Windows 10 contains a variety of personalization settings and it allows the user to change the desktop background, lock screen background and windows color. You can customize your computer as you like.

Here are some steps you can follow to change the appearance of your desktop.

You can go to settings and then click personalization. In the settings you will see a category of windows background. There are some pictures added by default in the setting but if you want to add your own picture from your computer you can click browse to select the picture you want to use as background. After selecting the image you have to decide either you like it as fill, fit, stretch or tiles. If you attach extra monitors to your system you can put one picture on all by using span option.

You can also add a folder of pictures or select many pictures to start a slide show on the background of the monitor. Some people don’t like colorful backgrounds, they like solid colors. In windows 10 you can select a color from same settings or a solid color background. If you are using multiple monitors you can change the background of every monitor by File Explorer. You can also get third-party utilities to customize your monitors.

Windows Colors

Windows allows you to change the windows color according to your taste. In the colors category you can select any color from the colors available in the setting but if you don’t like that or you want to keep any other color click on to select the color you exactly want. After selecting the color you have to select one option to apply the color. The selection of the option will apply the color on the selected options like Start, taskbar, and action center or you can apply your colors on Title bars and window borders. You can also adjust the transparency of the colors on the taskbar and window borders.

Lock Screen Background

After setting up your desktop view you can also customize the lock screen. The lock screen is the screen that you swipe to enter to your computer again. You have some options there you can select one of the default pictures or you can browse and add one from your computer. You can select multiple pictures to start a slide show on the lock screen as well. The lock screen will show the notifications from the apps you allowed and data & time.


This allows you to make many default settings at one. A theme is a bundle of wallpapers that you can add to your desktop background and lock screen background. Every theme has its own color preferences. You can also customize a theme according to your taste as well.
This was a small information about the basic personalization options available in windows 10 by Microsoft. Get Microsoft windows 10 price in Pakistan and Microsoft SQL Server 2017 prices from the Xcentric Services.







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