How to Optimize Video Ads for Mobile?

Ali Kazmi

  • Sep 16, 2019

It is not surprising that a person’s curiosity gets the better of him when he is exposed to moving objects and people. Similarly, Optimize Video Ads get more attention and social media users tend to fixate more on videos than still images. When people are using social media apps on their mobiles they spend more time watching videos than scrolling images and memes.

By this logic, it can be concluded that you have better chances of conversions using video ads than static images. However, in order to do so, you need to optimize your mobile viewing environment.

A lot of Social Media Companies are talking about some tips and tricks that make you adjust your existing assets to make them more mobile-friendly. In this article, we’ve covered all those Social Media Marketing tips and tricks for you. So let’s go through them!

1. A slideshow is a good way to turn a picture into Video ads

Most of us learned to create slideshows while we were still in universities or schools for that matter. Even if you missed out on it, it is no big deal, there is no rocket science. A slideshow is the easiest way to create lightweight video ads without additional investments since you use the existing pictures. Nonetheless, making it a quick easy fix. These ads are best if you plan on catering to people on slower connections, like in emerging markets and for YouTube Marketing. These ads are easy to load and play well on any connection speed.

2. Fast consumption behaviors demand shorter videos

Not necessarily in a rush, but people have a habit of flipping through the content quickly. Since you wouldn’t want your message to be ignored or left in the middle because it was too long, it’s a good idea to trim your video ads. A 60 seconds video is more likely to be left in the middle than a 15-20 seconds video. Conveying a quick and complete message. Shortening the ads will not only optimize them but will also make sure that it is eligible for placements.

3. Chop and Crop so it fits the Mobile Screen

More than half of the population is observed to be consuming information on their phones while holding it vertically. What you might want to do here is, take this information to your advantage. Create ads that are 9:16 in size. You might want to ask why is it important.

So to answer, we ask you if you are fine with displaying a half side of the video because you didn’t crop it properly to fit the screen. Formatting videos has become so much easier with the automatic cropping tool in Ads Manager. In it, your scene detection technology points out the focal point of a non-vertical video based on different frames and automatically crops the video as per your choosing. Hence, making Social Media Management and advertising easier than ever

4. Sound on and off feature is a must

Everybody has preferences when watching videos, especially on their phones. Sometimes, circumstantially they would want to watch the video with the sound either on or off. In that case, when a video offers a sound modifying feature, it gets more appreciation. You will also benefit if your ad has subtitles added to it. In case someone can’t watch the video with sounds, he will use subtitles and your message will be properly delivered. The video creation kit is one of the most used and the templates it has to offer are perfect for common marketing objectives such as driving product discovery and showcasing varied product benefits.

5. Highlight your brand message

Since the content on mobile is quickly flipped, you might want to make sure that that your brand’s message is not missed during this flipping. To get over this problem, it might be a good idea if you add that specific message at the start or end of the video ads. Hence, enuring that the message is reached to the audience regardless of their restless scrolling. This will not only keep your brand on the top of their mind but it will also encourage them to read through more of your content.

A mobile-friendly post or video is of paramount importance these days and it’s not too hard to ensure having one. These ads will encourage engagement as well as conversion, which is all we are looking for. However, if you still don’t feel comfortable with doing it yourself, and need some help with Graphic Design and Branding Services, don’t worry. Get in touch with us at Xcentric Services and let the professionals handle it for you. We provide some amazing Digital Marketing Services that help business like you to flourish.







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