How to Make Customers Buy Stuff Before Leaving Store

John Smith

  • May 29, 2019


You must’ve seen some stores nearby you or in your neighborhood, always crowded by the customers. But their business shuts due to low profitability inviting heavy traffic to a store is absolutely difficult for the success of a retail business. In fact, any business one can do.

Although the real accessible success happens when the visitor traffic is turned into actual potential customers and for this, the tech giants have introduced people counting camera that analyzes the footfall count in your store and let you match your people counting data with your sales data in this way you can get a proper measure and insight on your store and your visitors with customers as well and your store layout.

There is a breakthrough technology to make sure the traffic into your store leads to sales. With the data collected with visitor analytics devices such as heat map queue management people counting and integrating these devices into business intelligence solutions, you can observe how much of the traffic leads to conversions and what improvements you can make to increase profitability.

People Counting Device

People counter device offers huge planned benefits to the store staff and other senior management. First and foremost people counting system allows store managers to calculate the conversion rates of their stores. Additionally by comparing the number of sales and the number of customers entering the store in a given period. By matching the sales at different stores or at the same store on different dates retailers can notice high performing stores and high sales time periods also enhance low performing stores to reach their maximum performance.

What is more, retailers can adopt staff elimination technology using Bluetooth for staff allocation purposes. Managers who have access to people counting data are able to optimize staff operation. According to the number of visitors in the stores.

Having to wait in long queues is an unpleasant experience for the majority of visitors. In a business as competitive as retail ensuring customer satisfaction by eliminating long queues is essential for success. One in three customers leaves the stores without making a purchase if they have to wait for long queues.

People counting system notify store managers when the queue length at checkout is longer than optimal. Moreover, they alert them to allocate additional staff to cash registers. So abandonment rates are lower and profits are higher

Heat Map Analytics

Heat map analytics and people-counting cameras allow retailers to understand the customer’s journey. Within the store by tracking the customer path of journey. Understand the gravity point in the store for the majority of the visitors. Moreover, track their engagement with different retail managers will redesign their stores to optimize the customer’s interest.

Remove unattractive products and effectively use the popular zones within the stores. This way, retailers will be able to make the most of a limited area. Considering that assisting customers through their journey is essential for success.

People counter device is a fundamental element of the formula leading to that success and to make sure there will not be any missed conversion opportunities and increased profits, it will also keep your customer happy.







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