How To Know If IP address Is Leaked And What To Do?

John Smith

  • Apr 02, 2019

Using Windows 10 by Microsoft and even other operating systems you might have experienced IP conflicts and IP leak, I will talk to remove this issue.

Before removing any issue you have to know the reasons why you are facing it. In this piece of writing, I will provide you information about how to check if your IP is leaked. Why is your IP address leaking and how can you control the IP address leak?

The main reason for IP leak is when you use a virtual private network VPN, your original IP is hidden, and the Windows or operating system uses the IP that is provided by virtual private network VPN. The purpose of a virtual private network VPN is to make sure that you are not restricted while using geo-blocked websites. VPN gives you an entry to those websites. However, it is also possible that the VPN you are using is leaking your IP address because of its feature in the default browser.

If you are a Windows 10 user you might know that the operating system notifies you whenever your IP is compromised because it leads to security breaches. Windows 10 is said to be the most powerful operating system right now so if you are not using it and making your mind to upgrade your Windows! You can visit the Xcentric Services website store to check the latest Windows 10 price in Pakistan.

Moving forward to the information

How to check if the IP address is leaking?

You can check it by following these steps, this procedure is not so tough:

  • First of all, you have to make sure your virtual private network VPN is not active.
  • Then visit (WhatIsMyIPAddress) and note down your IP address. Moreover, you can also open the Ethernet adapter to check your IP address.
  • After checking your original IP you will start your virtual private network VPN software, select any remote server that is working properly.
  • Wait a few minutes while the new server loads properly and then again go to (WhatIsMyIPAddress) and note down the IP address that is visible there now.
  • Your original IP and the IP of VPN server will be different.
  • After that, you will visit (pleak) to check if your IP is leaking or not?
  • If you note that the DNS and IP address are the same as your original IP address and DNS IP, this clearly means that your VPN is leaking IP address. Otherwise, your IP is secured.

Why is your IP address leaking?

Many internet browsers now days offer you a feature known as WebRTC or Web Real-Time Communication. This feature allows you to make audio-video communication directly from one device to another like peer to peer communication. This is the main reason for IP address leaking. If any website needs your real IP and checks if you are using a VPN. The website triggers WebRTC communication and this reveals your real IP address.

Services provided on different websites trick it by requesting audio conversation embedded in their website legally. Your original IP can be checked by using Javascript.

How to fix IP address leaking?

The best practice to avoid IP leaking situation is to switch your VPN which guards your IP. There are many virtual private networks VPN that offer this feature. You can make sure by trying their trial versions either they are helpful or not but if you are using a particular VPN for a long time, you can fix the IP leaking situation by disabling WebRTC feature in your browser. Keep that in mind, after disabling it you will not experience peer to peer audio-video communication.

This was short information about securing your IP. If you are Microsoft user you can get all the original products from the Xcentric Services. Just pay a visit to Xcentric Store and check for latest products and the best Windows 10 price in Pakistan.







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