How To Install SQL Server 2017

John Smith

  • Feb 19, 2019

Microsoft launched its very own relational database management system on 2nd October 2017. SQL Server 2017 came up with many new features.

With the improvement of software, some additional changes have been made in the installation process as well. The SQL Server 2017 supports machine learning services and Python. The software also includes scale-out master and scale-out workers. If you are worried about your data or face difficulties while retrieving your data you can visit the Xcentric Services website store to get the best data management tool by Microsoft. Moreover, you can check the Microsoft SQL Server 2017 prices from the Xcentric Services website. In this article, I will try to briefly explain, how you can install SQL Server 2017 in your system.

Before the installation is started you see three options trial evaluation, Developer edition, and Express edition. It depends on you which type of SQL server you need according to your data needs. The standard and web editions are cheaper than enterprise. So you have a variety of SQL servers 2017. You have to download the suitable version for yourself and run the software installation setup. Once the setup is started you will see three options basic, custom and download media. You have to click on the custom installation option. Select the folder where you want to install the software but keep in mind you need almost 9 GB of free space to install SQL Server 2017.

Once the destination folder is selected click install. You will see many useful links to use them join SQL Forums. You will also see some of the sample codes that are helpful for the database. The installation, section selects the new SQL server standalone installation. If you have a product key already add the valid product key otherwise you will enjoy a free trial for 30 days. Accept the license terms to proceed.

The installation wizard will check for the updates according to the selected edition you are installing. After that, you will be directed to the feature selection where you have to check the machine learning server standalone with this you will be able to get R and Python. Check the integrated services that consist of scale-out workers and scale-out masters. If you add PolyBase into your database which is a very useful feature the setup will ask you to install Oracle JRE.

By clicking next you will get to the instance configuration you can add multiple SQL instances in the database through this. The next step is to configure PolyBase. When you are done with that you have to set the servers through the server configuration. Take care to not allow them administrative access to the server until or unless there is no other option.

Completing all this you will see database engine configuration this is a hard one. So we will start from there are two types of authentication used in the SQL Server you have to select windows authentication mode. Select the locations for the data file and log file. Try to choose different locations for both to improve performance. You will see a TempDB tab in the windows you have to configure the temporary database in it so you can store the temporary data as well. Enable the File stream feature in the next tab so that the database can store data like documents and images.

After that, you will see Analysis Services Configuration which allows you to install a multidimensional and data mining model. The feature allows for creating fast queries for reports. Then you have to configure the scale-out features first you will see the master node and then you have to configure the worker node. The installation wizard will install software such as Microsoft R and Python. In the windows ready to install you can see all the software marked with a green tick are added to your installation and your installation is finished. After configuring everything it takes 20-30 minutes to install the SQL Server 2017.

If you find any kind of difficulty regarding any of the Microsoft feels free to visit Xcentric Services. You can also get to buy a whole range of Microsoft products from the Xcentric Services website store. Moreover, you can check the Microsoft SQL Server 2017 prices.







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