How To Increase Sales Conversion?

John Smith

  • Mar 18, 2019

Retailers are usually very stressed about their sales and they keep on doing things that they think are right regarding increasing the sales of their business.

Some conversion key performance indicators are discouraging for your retail staff. Setting tough targets for the sales team and putting pressure on them to get the sales target. This practice is wrong and you really need to work on better metrics.

Retailers nowadays are using footfall traffic data to analyze the working and progress of their store. Now Xcentric Services is also offering People counting camera produced by V-Count for the retailers. If you want to buy the device to get the traffic data, visit Xcentric Services Official Store to get the latest people counting camera price.

Now let me share some other metrics that retailers can work on to improve the performance and the sales.

What Are The Right Metrics?

If you are a retailer and you need a growth in your sales the first things you should keep in your mind is that you have to make steps to minimize the miss sales opportunities.

A way to tackle this situation is to reduce your bounce rate. Many of us are familiar with this term if you are not, bounce rate is a term basically for the online stores when visitor come but don’t buy anything and leaves the page without adding his/her impact.

Sales are lost same way, visitors come and go without buying anything. If you work on this and reduce your bounce rate then you will be also reducing the lost sales opportunities. The bounce rate should be reduced to 10 percent by you.

How can you know about your bounce rate?

There are many people counters in the market now days using different technologies in them. You can use their data to compare with your sales and you will know the bounce rate or the visitors and the customers of your store.

Some retailers hire an individual to do the counting manually. It is not a smart way to count people because the employee might forget the data of people entering and exiting the store.

It is wise to use the latest technology people counter so that you can get highly accurate data. Right now the accuracy of 3D Alpha+ by V-Count is 98 percent. It is most accurate in producing people counting data. Other heat maps and footfall counters are also working but the accuracy of this device is impressive. With the Wi-Fi feature enabled in it you can get real time data and your reports on your phone anytime anywhere via internet.

What should I do after knowing Bounce rate?

After you get the data and you properly analyzed it you came to know about your exact bounce rate. Now it’s time for your sales team either they are working full time or part time they have to reduce the bounce rate.

Yes! Communicating with the new visitors in the store and getting them engaged will reduce your bounce rate keep telling them about your deals, promotions and campaigns that are running right now or you are planning to run soon.

This will put a good impression on the visitor that the staff is polite and assist everybody very well. During that time you will know what does the customer wants exactly. There are many chances in this practice to make visitors your customers.

These are some main issues that retailers are facing mostly causing loss in sales. To overcome this issue you first have to get the proper data collecting tool. Visit Xcentric Services and get that tool, people counting camera price. Then make the changes according to your business using that data.







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