How To Get Rid Of Yellow Page Duplicate Listing To Save Your SEO Ranking?

John Smith

  • Jun 13, 2019

In today’s digital world, to execute SEO Services in Lahore and to make your business more visible on the internet, the business listing technique is used in Digital Marketing Services. And if something goes wrong while listing or repetition of registration, there can be complications that you do not want to face in the first place.

Repetition of listings on yellow pages can confuse your targeted audience badly and all the search engines as well, such as Google and Bing. This confusion can cause a mess for your local SEO Services in Chicago. Considering that local SEO Services Chicago is essential for getting found by customers in your neighborhood city or town if your name, address, and phone number listings are not right, or you have duplicates with differing information, the search engines will not see you as a trusted resource and not show your business in the search results.

Hence, the conclusion – It is critical to clean up your duplicate listings, including those on yellow pages. In this article, you will learn how to merge your business’s duplicate listings and claim it on yellow pages. And if you aren’t listed on yellow pages yet, now is the time; Get your business in the registers as soon as possible. 

How to Combine Duplicate Yellow Pages Listings?

Unluckily, registration on yellow pages does not allow you to manually combine different listings of a single business. Hence, to avoid this chaos, you have to delete all your business listings properly by yourself. And for that reason, you have two choices; Contact yellow pages directly, or just help yourself through the process, by following these steps.

1. Call Yellow Pages

The quickest way is to give a call at the given number by yellow pages and follow the automated instructions. This will put you in touch with the parent company of yellow pages. And once you are connected to a company representative of yellow pages, after assuring that identification is authenticated, they will help you to remove the duplicate listing. However, technically, the entire removal process can take anywhere from an hour to 24 hours, so keep in mind this time duration while you plan on walking through this process.

2. Email Customer Care

As an alternate, and being a business, you can also send an email to yellow pages at customer.care@yp.com and explain the reason why you want to delete your listing. And if you are skeptical about getting in touch with them, being a Digital Marketing Company, we advise you to get some SEO Services in Pakistan that cover this aspect of Search Engine Optimization.

How Can You Claim Your Yellow Pages Listing?

As an initial step, scroll down a bit through the official website of the yellow pages, reach the Claim Your Business section and press the button titled – Claim Your Free Listing!

1. Search for Your Business

Once you’ve clicked the Claim Your Free Listing button, as the next step, yellow pages will direct you to search for your business name and phone number on their portal.

2. Claim Your Business

Drive through the claiming pathway by entering your business name and email before you press the button – Claim Now!

3. Update Your Business Profile

Congratulations, now you can update your business profile with the accurate information you want to share with your customers. And while you can edit your profile at any time, the best practice is to enter the information accurately initially. Inaccurate information can influence your Local SEO and can also cause database aggregators to create listings on other directory sites with the wrong information.

4. Verify Your New Yellow Pages Listing

Once a business profile is updated, you are required to verify your listing. This prevents others who are not related to your organization from making changes to your info.
Moreover, to verify the login to your yellow pages account, you’ll get a message saying Yellow Pages will call you to verify. And after being verified over a phone call, you’ll hold a successfully created and claimed business yellow pages listing.


These were some easy ways for businesses to tackle duplicate listings at yellow pages. Though being a Social Media Marketing Agency, we’re certain about one fact; Digital marketing techniques are very helpful if used properly. So remember, do not allow duplication; Yellow page listings disturb your Digital Marketing Services in Lahore plan and local SEO Services Pakistan too. And if you’re new to the world of Search Engine Optimization, we assume, managing listings might be an overwhelming job for you. Hence, get in touch with us today; We’re a Digital Marketing Agency having all the expertise that a business might need to master at Search Engine Optimization. 







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