How to Get More Google Reviews?

John Smith

  • May 31, 2019

Google reviews are very important almost 88% of users trust online reviews just as much as personal endorsements and 90% of users read online reviews before visiting a business. We at Xcentric Services usually get such queries about ranking in Google as providing SEO services in Lahore, we also cracked the way to get reviews and how to react to them.

If you are working hard to improve your online presence, stay tuned in this article I will give you 10 ways to get more Google reviews, and practical tips on how to pull it off. It means that know 85% of consumers do not trust reviews more than three months old, and 40% only look at reviews from the past two weeks.

Ask Customers for a Google Review

One of the easiest and simplest ways to get a review is to ask your customer about their feedback. Asking for a review is a commonly used and most effective way to get a review and you also come to know if your customer is really satisfied or not. If you are on the phone with a happy customer, ask them to write a review.

Send a Follow-Up Email for More Google Reviews

After a task ends or you deliver some product or service you should send the customer an email and ask them to leave you a review at Google.

In your email be sure to:

  • Be personal
  • Thank your customer for choosing you
  • Tell your client you are pleased with the reviews and you interact with all of them.
  • Tell your customer why feedback is important
  • You can also add a direct link for your customers and visitors so that they can review as well.

Follow-Up Your Review Requests Multiple Times

Just because a user does not give you a review the first time when you asked, it does not mean they will never give you one. You might have caught them at a bad time during your first request. Or maybe they were willing to give you a review but forgot. We suggest that creating email follow-up templates with the review links is better to remind your customers to add a review on Google.

Try sending a new request once a week or even every other week until you have hit your max. Face it; some people will never leave a review no matter how many times you ask. This never means that you stop trying.

Keep Yourself Calm When You Get a Bad Review

So you got a bad review. Do not attack, do not deliver excuses just accept responsibility and pledge that you will correct the problem. Offering SEO Services in Lahore we have seen our clients turn a one-star review into a 5-star review just by being good people and making things right.

When customers see that you monitor and respond to reviews even bad ones they are more likely to see you as a stand-up company and choose your services.

Respond to Your Reviewers

We always suggest responding to all the online reviews no matter they are positive or negative. If your customer gives you a positive review appreciate him by saying thank you. If your customer gives you a negative review, you can handle it by following the mentioned steps:

  • Address the issue
  • Apologize for the issue
  • Attempt to resolve the issue privately
  • Google acknowledges companies that respond to Google reviews.

Provide Great Customer Service

Online Google reviews are similar to the 6 o’clock news you only hear bad news only and no good news. So far the coolest way to get a review is to provide satisfactory customer service to every customer that comes to you and you interact with.

If a customer is amazed at your company or with the services that you provide they will feel bound to leave a review.







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