Google Ads – How To Generate Qualified Leads With it?

kashif ali

  • May 17, 2022


While generating leads from Google Ads is tricky, bringing in qualified leads and conversions is even trickier. Driving a significant traffic volume on a website is a strategic and smart marketing goal, attracting the traffic that is relevant to your service or products is also important. Only then, the target audience is likely to convert into qualified leads for your business. However, if you are just starting advertising on Google, we have some tips for you to generate more leads out of your target audience. Keep reading the blog!

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5 Ways You Can Generate Qualified Leads With Google Ads

No business should miss out on the opportunity to reach billions of users on the search engine that experiences stable traffic EVERY SINGLE DAY.  When you invest in targeting a Google Ads Campaign, you place your business in a better position to meet the marketing goals, convert potential customers and make sales.

However, given that 3.5 billion searches are processed on Google daily, appearing on the SERPs is difficult. Just like you, other businesses on the search engine are also competing for the same ranks. Hence, to stay ahead in the competition, level up your advertising game by following these tips:

1. Keyword Match Type

One of the first elements that you should look at when attempting to improve the quality of leads from advertising on Google is the keyword match type you have chosen. The search journey of a user on the search engine begins by typing a search query.

Google Ads Campaign

By combining the text with the match type that is selected for your related keywords, Google then determines if your Ad should be shown to the user or not. To make sure that it does, consider leveraging these keyword match types:

. Broad Keywords

The broad keyword match type allows displaying Ads for the search queries including synonyms, relevant variations, related searches, and spelling errors. This option of keyword matching will save you time that goes into building a keyword list and driving more clicks to the landing page of your website. However, it also drives a large volume of irrelevant traffic and adds to a low-quality score for the Ads.

. Modified Broad Keywords

Compared to the simple broad keyword match type, the modified broad match provides a better chance to boost qualified conversions. It allows the Ads to display only for queries including words designated with the + sigh or close variations. The close variants can include singular and plural forms, acronyms, and abbreviations.

. Exact Match Keywords

Ads might show on search queries matching the exact term or the close variations of the term. Usually, the close variations include reordered words of the same term, without changing their meaning and removing function words, paraphrases or synonyms. Out of all others, exact match keywords are the narrowest type of keywords and are likely to show fewer impressions. However, even though the impressions will be few because they are highly targeted, they receive a high click-through rate.

Pro Tip: If you have more than one goal to achieve with your Google Advertising campaigns, such as lead generation and website traffic, combine two or more of the above keyword match types.

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2. Ad Copy

When it comes to generating qualified leads, the Ad copy plays an important role. By placing targeted keywords in your Ad copy, you can better target the Google Ads to the search queries of relevant users.

Google Ads Management

Not only will this improve the click-through rate but also increase the quality score of the Ads, which is beneficial for the entire advertising campaign. Besides, when users see that Ad is matching the query they have typed on Google, they are likely to be more inclined towards clicking on it and converting to a qualified lead.

. Responsive Search Ads

These are Ads that adapt to show the target audience more relevant messages. When creating a responsive search Ad, you can enter four descriptions and fifteen headlines. Google will then test different combinations automatically to learn which one will perform the BEST for the search queries of different users.

This will help you improve the click-through rate, traffic relevance, and overall performance of the campaign. Besides, another benefit of placing a responsive search Ad is that more descriptions and headlines give it the potential to reach more users; by competing in more matching search queries.

. Dynamic Search Ads

The simple way to find qualified leads searching for exactly what you are offering as a business. Such types of Ads are ideal for businesses that have large inventories and well-developed websites because creating them involves Google crawling the website and directing users to pages fitting their query.

Besides, the dynamic search Ads also allow making automatic and frequent updates to the Ad copy when any changes are made on the website, like adding new services or products. People who click on the Ads are then directed to the pages with the exact service or product that they are finding and are more likely to become qualified leads.

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3. Landing Page Copy

Whether you want to direct users to a website or its landing page, the copy on both should be relevant to the search query of users and engaging. For instance, take an example of a life insurance company’s website. If the Google Ads and keywords are talking about life insurance, then the landing page and website also need to talk about the same.

As mentioned before, if the negative keywords and match types are not applied the right way,  irrelevant users searching for different types of insurance like home insurance or auto insurance might also end up on the landing page, Hence, make sure that the landing page talks specifically about the product or services you are offering.

Google Digital Marketing

All in all, the landing page copy needs to outline what you offer as a business so that you do not end up with unqualified leads even after investing in Google Digital Marketing. And, most importantly, the target audience or website visitors will not be left in a confusion – which can make or break the game for a business.

4. Lead Form

Planning on using a lead form as your point of conversation? There are some form fields that you can apply for improving the quality of leads generated through Google Ads. Typically, the visitors on a website do not like filling out lots of contact information – especially those around for shopping.

Hence, add more fields to your lead form to get more information from them and also filter the visitors who are not serious about getting your services or products. For instance, you can add a field asking which services the visitor is looking for and provide a list of the types of services that you offer.

In addition, if you are a B2B company, by adding fields like company name, industry, and job field in the lead form, you can research the leads and collect more information. Eventually, when you will have more information, reaching out to them will be much easier and your advertising campaigns will thrive.

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5. Topics & Placement On Display Networks

Many marketers prefer running display campaigns for complementing their search campaigns, which is surely a great advertising strategy. However, what most of them do not know is that Google does not always place the display graphics on websites that are relevant.

Most of the time, the Google Ads are placed on random websites and that is where Google Ads Management expertise is required. As a business investing in advertising, you need to make sure that the Ads do not appear on random channels, websites, or applications that do not march the services or products you offer.

Manage the topics and placements – choose where you want the Ads to show up instead of leaving everything on Google. This will help target your advertising campaign to the users that are most relevant and convert them into qualified leads.

Not sure if you can follow all these tips and generate qualified leads with your Google Ads? The advertising experts at Xcentric can help. Get in touch with us by calling at 0300-800-2094 or drop a query at connect@xcentricservices.com today.

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