Do They Help Increase Online Sales through Facebook Ads?

Ali Kazmi

  • Apr 07, 2020

Year after year, there are plenty of articles on how investing in Facebook Marketing Packages helps in increasing sales, and there’s absolutely no doubt about this. However, the game has too many players competing. And with 2 Million businesses actively placing their Facebook Ads, there’s no winner until now. Being a Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan, we understand how difficult it can be to attract an audience, get their absolute attention, and then eventually get E-commerce sales out of it, which is getting harder day by day.

So if you’re also one of those businesses struggling to perfect their Facebook Ads campaign, you’ve hit the right place. In this article, we’ll be covering all the major mistakes businesses have been making since the Facebook PPC Marketing game began.

Are you doing any of these Expensive Facebook Ads blunders?

We asked our Chief Strategist – Ehsan Zaidi to share all the expensive Facebook Ads blunders he’s seen businesses and Facebook Marketing Agencies make. Keep on reading the blog to learn how you can avoid them to ensure increased online sales.

Optimizing Facebook Ads too often is a big NO!

Before we begin preaching why optimizing Facebook Ads too often isn’t practical, let’s imagine a scenario; you’ve planted seeds in your garden, and you’ve been digging them out every hour to see why they aren’t growing. Is this the right thing to do? NO. Well, it works the same way for investing in Facebook Marketing Pricing Packages. 

Replacing the scenario with Facebook Ads, when you keep on optimizing your Facebook Marketing Packages budget, audience, and your targets, you’re eventually stopping your Ads from progressing. Technically, what happens at the back end is that when you optimize, the campaign starts back from zero again, right from the learning phase.

Similarly, there’s another face to this blunder. In our years of experience providing Facebook Marketing Services, we have seen businesses placing dozens of Ads instead of one powerful Ad, and that’s one big mistake. Stop frittering with your budget and spending extra dollars on Facebook Advertising Packages. The best practice is to put your smartest efforts and resources into placing one Facebook Ad that gets the audience’s attention and grabs some purchasing eyes. Later on, find the every-green winner ads and keep on investing in them until you achieve your sales goals.Digital Marketing | Social Media Marketing Services in Pakistan

Lazy Targeting is Crazy Targeting                             

If your Facebook Ads aren’t working right, there’s a possibility that you haven’t targeted them precisely. Every savvy Facebook Marketing Expert calls it lazy targeting – A big mistake in the Facebook world. However, you haven’t lost the game yet, and luckily you’ve got the solution right on time from Xcentric – a Messenger Marketing Agency

We’ve seen businesses hit the BOOST POST buttons on their Facebook Ads without giving a second thought to how that works. Technically, this boosting power targets the fans on your Facebook Page only, and unfortunately, the fans aren’t always relevant to your Ad. Hence, you won’t get great results out of your B2C and B2B Marketing On Facebook strategies. 

Being the top Facebook Marketing Partners, we suggest getting into your Ads Manager and refining your target audience. The pro-tip? Target the ones who’ve engaged with you and purchased from you. Though just remember that relevancy is the key, and your Ads won’t be laser-targeted every time you place them. Some miss-hits are what it takes to master placing Facebook Ads. But still, if you think it is something that you cannot master, hire a Facebook Ads Agency

Digital Marketing | Lazy Targeting is Crazy Targeting

Placing Solution-Focused Ads? Abort Mission!

Being a Facebook Marketing Company, we’ve encountered businesses creating solution-focused ads instead of customer-focused, which eventually is the opposite of what they actually should be doing. Unfortunately, or surprisingly, whatever you may consider, the truth is that this era is consumer-driven. So there’s no chance that you’ll be selling a product that doesn’t focus on the audience’s pain point.

Hence, even if there are dozens of Web Design Facebook Ads rolled around on Social Media, the ones emphasizing what the customer needs will always stand out. So let’s begin today because you only have a few seconds to grab the eyes of your consumer. And making Ads about them is better than focusing on what solution you are selling.

Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan

One-Size-Fits-All Approach doesn’t work for Facebook Ads

In today’s world of 2020, the audience on Facebook is visually on a roller-coaster, which never stops. Considering that they’re always scrolling at the highest speed, investing in Facebook Marketing Packages is a MUST to catch up with them. However, the mystery here is that if you’re on the same speed as they are, or not. If your Facebook Ads aren’t reaching them and you are getting no return after paying Facebook Marketing Prices, the answer is a NO. 

Ordinarily, a new question would cross your mind – how do catch up with their speed? In our experience being a Facebook Advertising Agency, you don’t need to increase your speed, rather slow them down with eye-catchy Ads that intrigue them. Though we agree that this advice of ours might sound like a no-brainer, still. There’s no way you can consider investing in Facebook Promotion Packages a one-size-fits-all solution. 

Hence, if you’re targeting your Ads on Messenger, Instagram, or just on Facebook, make sure that you consider the nature of the audience on all these platforms and then target the Ads accordingly. Rest assured, if your Ads aren’t pixelated and are perfect both ways; visually and technically, they’ll deliver higher sales. Therefore, getting you the most out of your investment in Facebook Ad Management Packages

Digital Marketing | Facebook Marketing Services in Pakistan

Do you think you’re making any of these mistakes? If you aren’t, and your Facebook Ads still aren’t performing well, consider getting Facebook Agency Support. At Xcentric, we provide some valuable Facebook Marketing Services Packages. Hence, get in touch with us today and see how our Facebook Marketing Consultants can help you out with B2C and B2B Advertising On Facebook







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