How to Create an E-Commerce Website that Sells?

Ali Kazmi

  • Jul 23, 2020

In this era, where your business success is dependent on how interactively you lure your target audience customers digitally, it is somewhat hard to get your E-Commerce Website Development right. An ideal Dynamics E-Commerce Website is the one that empowers website visitors to locate and navigate across it smoothly.

Opportunely, it does not have to be too challenging to build an all-embracing Dynamics 365 E-Commerce Website, considering that a Web Development Company has your back.

We assume that you’ve always dreamt of a website that looks fine and will be noticed by your target audience. Plus, very importantly, it SELLS. But unfortunately, dreams don’t come real easy way, there’s a lot you have to pay for them; either cost, effort, or both.

In this article, we’ve covered some tips on how you can achieve an impressive UX, enhanced exposure, and a stabler lead-to-sales conversion rate. Because websites aren’t only about installing boring templates and employing a not-so-creative website designer.

Why aren’t attractive websites the best at gaining Customers?

Even though attractive websites are gems, unfortunately, in some cases, they can be daunting and distract your goal of selling a product.

There’s no doubt that sleek pictures, fascinating layouts, and interactive designs can catch your target audiences’ eye, but there’s no surety of successful sales. Thus, other than building an attractive website, make sure that your Magento E-Commerce Development also aims at;

  • Transforming visitors into paying Buyers
  • Drawing a new audience by ranking keywords for Buyer-intent
  • Present a dynamic UI while being fast and easy to use

Copying Big Brands isn’t the Right Play

Imagine a situation; you analyzed the successful Websites of top-notch online retailing brands and decided that you will build a platform similar to theirs. And for that, you employed a Web Design Company Pakistan and asked them to create for you a website that imitates the interface of one of those top-notch brands.

You launched a Website and took the back seat until the sales drive-in. But BOOM, that did not go as you planned. People are not buying. Do you know what went wrong here? COPYING.

Buyer vulnerability is high when shopping online. There have been millions of cases where customers buy from brands they did not know, and sadly, they never received the promised product.

Perhaps, whenever a buyer sees your Ad or finds you on Google, they wonder about the possible risks. Why? We might sound rude here, but the fact is  – Shoppers do not buy from unfamiliar brands, even if they have a website quite similar to big box brands’. What separates you from that brand is the TRUST factor.

Hence, the conclusion – You need to play your way. And for that, you have to work a lot more than the top-notch brands that are already industry leaders, if you want to gain your audiences’ trust and convert them to buyers. Here are some ways you can do so;

  • Trust badges – They individually call out essential trust factors, manage objections, and perceive competitive advantages.
  • Sales Copy – Focuses on presenting a benefit-driven sales copy above features. In simpler terms, it focuses on how the product benefits buyers, rather than boasting of its tech-features.
  • Color Psychology – Analyze if your website is visualizing an accurate message to your target audience. All with the use of appropriate colors.

Web Development in Pakistan

What to watch for in a Website Designer?

Some Web Design Services focus on designing an attractive website, while others focus on making it interactive and discoverable with SEO Services Lahore. Often, Web Development in Pakistan experts emphasizes a data-driven design, which includes analyzing your metric, clarifying what should be the color of your CTA buttons, or measuring where your potential visitors lose track of your website.

Technically, you want all of these skills, which work wonders when combined. So when you are deciding on a Web Design Company to support you through Web Development in Lahore, find the one willing to address these particular questions monthly;

  • On which pages do the visitors leave?
  • Why aren’t website visitors checking out?
  • What is the reason behind no website traffic?

If you’ve partnered with a growing Web Development Company in Lahore, they will surely provide you suggestions concerning your questions. Even better, your Web Development Services provider might also track metrics and make implementations to improve results; without even you asking for them.

Are you passionate about pitching in the E-Commerce industry, and you don’t want to worry about if you’ll do well with building an E-Store? Hire a Website Development Company. Let the professionals take care of your Microsoft Dynamics E-Commerce platform and add substantial value, promising sales.

Microsoft Dynamics E-Commerce

Launched a Website and forgot it? BIG MISTAKE

Being a Web Development Company in Chicago, we have come across many businesses that consider their website as just another brochure. Simply put, they launch a website and forget if they ever had any, which is a BIG MISTAKE. An E-Commerce website is the most influential online selling platform which the business of this tech-driven era has got. It is that area of a sales funnel where earning revenue is most accessible.

Hence, never abandon your website once you launch it, instead, keep on investing promotional dollars in it with time. Digital Marketing Services might work as the best bet in this regard because they boost traffic and generate your sales. All in all, make sure that you have a Digital Media Marketing plan in hand to attract your target audience towards your website because that’s the only way your E-Commerce website sells.

Digital Marketing Services


The internet world has initiated too many opportunities for businesses, and Magento E-Commerce Development Services is one of the popular ones. Precisely, it is a low-investment opportunity that doesn’t require much of full-time dedication; if you start with selling a small range of products.

However, once you join the bandwagon by creating your online presence, and you grow bigger, you need to tweak your E-Store continuously with Web Development in Chicago updates to remain in trends. But considering that every business has its positive and negative faces when it intends to thrive, you need to invest your time and efforts. And realistically, some dollars too.

If you focus on a structured plan, you achieve expectations through a competition review. While the ones that focus on just building an attractive website fall behind. Honestly, it is a balancing play; The one who balances every feature wins, others suffer. Either way, businesses learn and grow. And if you need help with any of the both, get in touch with us at Xcentric Services. We’re always ready to lend a helping hand with our Digital Services.







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