What Is React & How Is It Used For Mobile App Development in 2022?

kashif ali

  • Jun 16, 2022

Mobile applications have become a MUST in the life of every individual. There are countless applications available in a mobile application store for different needs. All of them are categorized in the store according to their use. Whether it is professional communication or just interacting with friends – there is a mobile app for everything. However, the more an app seems interactive and user-friendly, the more goes into the back of Mobile App Development to make it more seamless.

Out there in the tech world, there is no limit to the options of frameworks and tools available for developing mobile apps. Different tools provide varied functionalities for effectively solving the problems of the end-users. Among them all, one of the most preferred is React Native. Want to know what it is and how is it used for the development of mobile apps? Keep reading the blog!

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What is React Native?

As a business, if you are thinking of jumping on the bandwagon and launching a mobile app, the React Native framework is your best bet then. Using it, you can develop a mobile app based on JavaScript. Normally, android mobile apps are developed using Java and Swift Obj-C is used for app development.

On the other hand, with React Native, mobile applications that function on both platforms efficiently can be developed. In addition, the development time also shortens significantly because the codes are in the same language – regardless of the app platform.

React Native

Talking of its launch, React Native was launched by Facebook back in 2015 as an open-source framework. ReactJS was also launched by Facebook for the development of mobile applications. While the focus of ReactJS is on mobile-first design, React Native is preferred for the development of native apps.

What Are The Benefits Of Using React Native?

Earlier when React Native was released, it was not considered feasible for commercial use. It was not capable of being used for developing native apps. However, gradually, React Native has grown popular into a tool that gets a market share and community support. You can use it for developing fully-functional mobile applications. Still not convinced to use React Native for the development of a mobile app? Let us get you through the benefits of doing so!

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1.      Trustworthy

Before the development and launch of React Native, its mobile app was created by Facebook for checking the capability of the platform. It helped them develop a stunning Mobile Application for the social media platform.  Currently, every person uses the Facebook mobile app, and surely, it feels just like a native mobile application. So, if you are looking forward to developing a mobile app, this open-source platform is surely trustworthy for it.

2.      Cross-Platform Compatibility

Developing a mobile app using React Native means that you will inherently develop an application that works seamlessly on both platforms – Android and iOS. As the app code is compiled, it all boils down to Swift code and native Java. Moreover, the web User Interface components and their built-in counterparts are also connected through React Native.

Mobile Application

So, the basic and practical, benefit that comes out of it is that you will not have to develop two different applications for both platforms. The cherry on top? None of the features and layout need any kind of synchronization, leading to a significant reduction in Mobile App Development costs.

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3.      Coding In Familiar Programming Language

Quite obviously, you must be thinking that to start working using React Native, you need to learn coding syntaxes and languages. Well, this is just a myth because someone well-experienced with programming using JavaScript can write codes for React Native app development too.

React Native is fairly easy to learn – provided that the mobile app developer has knowledge and experience working with React or JavaScript. Initially, the developers have to understand which mobile components can be integrated with the corresponding web components. Once that is done, they can begin working on the mobile app using React Native.

4.      Less Time Consuming

You have already developed and launched a web app using ReactJS? Well then, we have some good news. You can use the frontend components that are developed using ReactJS. In simpler words, the components can be shared between the web and mobile interface. Hence, if you were previously worried about the time that would go into the development of your React App, your problem is sorted. Thus, facilitating seamless and quick development.

Mobile App Development Company

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5.      Platform Consistency

One of the major benefits of using React Native for Mobile App Development is that it comes with cross-platform compatibility. In general, there is a huge difference between an application built for Apple and Android.

However, when an application is developed using React Native, all these differences are dealt with. A shared codebase has made it possible and enables developers to spend less time and resources on the development of applications on each platform. Thanks to the platform’s consistency, the same application will work efficiently on both platforms.

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    [/vc_column][/vc_row] Since its launch, React Native has been essential in Mobile App Development Service. So, if you are planning on launching a platform-independent mobile app, then React Native is your answer. Reading through all the benefits and importance of the framework, it must be obvious that you can save cost, time, effort, and other resources too during app development.

    All the popular applications that are being used daily now use React Native for getting the most of what it offers. Hence, if you too want the same, hire Xcentric as your Mobile App Development Company. Counting on our experience and expertise, we will develop your seamlessly working cross-platform mobile app using React Native.







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