How People Counting Data Supports You In Your Industry

John Smith

  • Apr 02, 2019

Not only in retail business but people counting cameras in fact, the data-driven from the devices is helping businessmen related to any industry.

The first thing that comes in mind of people when they hear about people counters is, it might be something related to retail business or it benefits only retail business. In reality, the worth of people counting analytics extends far beyond retail stores and shopping malls. Wi-Fi-based people counters can be game-changers in a range of industries, providing valuable, actionable insights on everything from the success of your marketing campaigns to the effectiveness of your day-to-day on-site operations. (Not sure how people counters work? Check out this information, how people counters and footfall analytics actually work, and here.  Here is a small explanation of how Wi-Fi-based people counters and footfall analytics can be used in your industry.

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Automotive Industry

Using a people counter to measure foot traffic at car dealerships provides a range of useful insights for both dealership managers and OEMs. Just like they do in a standard retail environment, Wi-Fi-based people counters allow dealerships to measure daily foot traffic, calculate more accurate sales conversion ratios, measure the average time customers spend in the dealership and track marketing campaign effectiveness.

In addition, footfall analytics allows a network of dealerships to collectively track repeat customers as they visit various branches, providing useful insights into cross-shopping behavior. Tracking repeat customer visits to your showroom (or several showrooms) in the lead-up to a sale allows you to understand the customer decision-making process better and, by extension, how marketing and sales can work to take advantage of it.

Transport Industry

One of the reasons why travel can be so stressful is because train stations, bus stations, and airports are notoriously busy, confusing, and congested. Ever been rushing to catch a popular bus, only to find yourself stuck in a long ticket queue? Or found yourself desperately elbowing for space on a crowded platform as a crowd of people surge forward to board a train all at once? Installing people counters across transport networks can actually help alleviate these kinds of problems.

For example, footfall analytics allows you to identify and anticipate busy periods, so you’re able to adjust scheduling and staffing rosters to deal with fluctuating demand. Even better, Wi-Fi-based people counters track how customers move around stations and airports. Thanks to customer flow reports and heat maps, inefficiencies and congestion hotspots are easier to identify and address.

Banking Industry

Measuring foot traffic, dwell times, and bounce rates allow you to work out which bank branches are busiest, which provide the best customer experience, which branches are experiencing problems, and how customers move between branches. Footfall analytics data can also be used to improve the branch network, evaluate potential sites for new branches, and identify which branches are in poor locations.

In addition, Wi-Fi-based people counters allow you to better understand how customers react when you do something like close to a particular branch. Because Wi-Fi analytics are able to recognize individual smartphones, you’re able to track which branches customers switch to when their usual branch has been closed.

Hospitality Industry

When it comes to the hospitality industry, excellent customer service is everything, and understaffed restaurants and venues simply can’t provide a positive customer experience. Footfall analytics makes it much easier to draw up a suitable staffing roster that takes typically quiet and busy periods into account, ensuring that your customers’ needs are always attended to.

In addition, the ability to track customers’ movements as they interact with your venue provides great insights into which facilities are most valuable and which are underutilized. What do guests love most about your hotel? Do they mostly hang out in the bar, enjoy lounging around the pool, spend hours in the casino, or linger over long lunches at your restaurant? Wi-Fi-based footfall analytics can provide all of this information and more.

Tourism Industry

Footfall analytics doesn’t just provide metrics about the number of people visiting particular tourist attractions; it gives you the ability to measure the impact of events. Wi-Fi-based people counting technology reveals how many people attended an event, how long they stayed, how they moved around the venue, how they traveled there, where they went afterward, how they traveled home, and how many people chose to leave the event just minutes after arriving. Access to this high level of customer experience data makes for a much more accurate assessment of any event’s success.

Real Estate Industry

Wi-Fi-based people counters can be used to effectively measure customer engagement in property sales offices and display homes. It can be particularly useful to track how customers move through display homes and display villages. Which homes do they spend the most time in? Which homes do they return to for a second look? Which homes see customers leaving within five minutes?

Which display home visits result in a subsequent visit to the sales office? All of these customer behavior metrics provide useful insights into which display homes are the most popular, which salespeople engage with customer’s best, and how display homes and villages can be improved for maximum ROI.

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