How People Counting Camera is Useful for Shopping Malls?

John Smith

  • May 13, 2019

People counting camera technology is serving the retail business to the fullest and the data collected by these counters is used very smartly by the owners of malls.

In answer to the newly developing retail trend, the traditional shopping mall has seen a decline in revenue generation. The digital age is upon us, and customers are repeatedly picking to fulfill their shopping needs with online stores, as different from an in-person retail experience. Still, there is something you can do about it.

As customer behavior continues to change, shopping mall owners and administration are now going to move to new technologies to help analyze customer interaction. Counting camera Visitor Analytics can turn into a great value tool that later can be used by businesses to provide insight and analytics about their customer’s experience.

Here some of the most important benefits are mentioned for people counting technology in your shopping mall.

Total Footfall Measurement

One of the main benefits of people counters is getting information on the exact number of people who are coming through the doors. This is an important metric to take care of in order to optimize the performance and success of your retail business. The daily transaction counts and sales reports give you a slight glimpse of how the business is going but the insights collected from the latest technology tell you exactly how your business is going and how well or badly you are working or lacking things.

Customers do not make a purchase during a first or even second visit to a retail business venue. Having the ability to accurately measure your mall’s footfall will shed light on how effective you are functioning as a whole. You can then use this information to take some initiatives that better reach your targeted customer and generate more revenue.

Learn Which Marketing Initiatives Are Performing The Best

With the help of people counting camera analytics software, mall owners and retail businessmen can track their marketing efforts draw in the most footfall, and measure the return on investment ROI of their sponsored events and activities. The cost of marketing materials and collateral can be steep, and knowing which measures are effectively driving business to your location is essential for developing and maintaining successful campaigns.

By tracking consumer activity within your shopping mall, you can optimize and expand upon the programs that are the most successful, while eliminating efforts with little to no positive results.

Get Insights Of Floors And Different Areas Of The Mall

People counting camera analytics technology does more than just count visitors at the door. This technology offers valuable insights about where the customers are exactly going, as well as where they are not going. This technology can be placed at any juncture within your facility in order to track customers entering different areas, reaching different levels of the building, and how much time they spent there.

This intelligence displays the most popular places within your mall and allows you to strategically place information, kiosks, and advertisements. Counting camera With this information, you can also target areas that need attention or even renovations.

Data-Backed Leasing Structures

One of the main responsibilities of a shopping mall operative is to decide which vendors will be part of their establishment and how much they will be charged for rent. Counting camera Visitor analytics will do the legwork to scope out prime locations within your business. With this acceptance you can charge your occupiers accurate rental rates, creating a mutually helpful relationship between the mall operative and the retailer.

This technology can also show you which locations are not performing as well and will help in assessing which leases you wish to renew, and which ones should be let go.

These are some main insights that are useful for shopping malls regarding people counting analytics. Many retailers are using these latest technology tools to optimize their businesses and increase their revenue and customer satisfaction with the help of people counting camera.







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