How People Counting Camera Technology Helps In Sports Venues

John Smith

  • May 15, 2019

People counting camera is not manufactured for shopping malls, airports or retail only. Any venue with heavy footfall count allows the counters to fit in.

People counting technology helps you to get to know visitors better by understanding their behaviors and their interests. The question is, how can you learn about your customers at a football stadium, where there are approximately 50,000 audiences?

We will discuss this question in this blog, how people counting solutions help the stadium manager to track customers. By tracking visitors as they move in or out from the sports stadium, you can get exact insights into customer traffic and you can see what pushes customer behavior.

Queue Management for Better Results

Queue management can help you deliver unforgettable customer service for all those people queuing in front of consignment stands, toilets, and merchandise selling points.

A Queue Management solution with special stereo vision cameras equipped with 3D people tracking technology can help you cut down waiting times and determine the busiest places. Once that data gets packed in a nice report on your dashboard in real-time, you can immediately take action and by assigning more staff where necessary, in turn keeping customers happy with fast service delivery.

Use Heatmap Analysis

Customers have their favorite places and with the help of people counting and heat map analysis, you can select good performers among your food and drink service providers at different events. There are various benefits from the data gathered, firstly direct impacting customer experience, and indirectly impacting stadium contract management. Visitors are guaranteed to get their favorite food and drinks during a game. Contractors can boost the performance of products and services that provide optimally. Simply put, smart data from visitor analytics is a win-win tool for everyone involved.

Improve Security at Critical Points

Not all participants at a sports game are visitors or contractors. Stadiums also involve skilled security professionals to keep everything in order.

Security is the most important thing during a large event, particularly when it is a football match live seen by thousands of fans. Just by looking into the crowd, it can be hard to tell who is a visitor and who is a staff member. Then, how can you obtain real-time numbers and trust them to reflect the reality of the situation?

People tracking technology helps provides a solution for that, too. Staff can be deducted from the overall people count by the tags that get activated with Bluetooth technology. Each person with a tag gets registered as a staff member and is not included in the visitor analytics data. Staff exclusion can be successfully combined with people counting and heat map analysis to help you make better-informed decisions about staff distribution assigning security staff at critical points.

Segment Customers in Blocks

Stadiums are used for different purposes, suitable not only for a number of sports, but also for music concerts, and other public events. Moreover, more than one event can take place at the same time, such as a small music concert can take place in one block and any athletics competition can take place in another block.

People counters provide data from customer divisions by adding all details about mood, gender, and age. By knowing how many of your customers are male or female and their ages, how they buy things, with these details you can predict on the number of tickets for future events, call out the best performers, create customer divisions and impress them with modified experiences.

Age is an important factor to consider because kids are usually not customers or they do not deal with buying things. Emotions are the best predictors of customer traffic. They get even more powerful when used alongside gender and age indicators.

People counting camera technology helps is serving different industries with heavy footfall count to make better decisions to boost up sales and business.







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