How Our E-Commerce SEO Campaign Services In Pakistan Help Improve Rankings?

kashif ali

  • Sep 20, 2021


Every day, new E-Commerce websites are launched, and the competition online becomes more extreme. As a business, this calls for you to re-think marketing strategies and invest in E-Commerce SEO Campaign Services in Pakistan. Optimizing for the search engine is important for the success of online businesses because it puts them ahead of the competition.

If two websites sell the same product, the one optimized for the search engine will more likely appear in front of the customers and make sales. However, for building an effective strategy, it is a must to catch up with the trends. Right below, we have listed out the trends we follow at Xcentric Services for bringing BIG traffic to improve the rankings of client websites when providing the Best SEO Services in Pakistan.

Best SEO Services for Small Businesses

1.  Mobile First

Since 2019, Google has shifted to mobile-first indexing. So yes, it will be no surprise if we said that mobile SEO is a trend we follow when providing Professional SEO Services. Also, according to recent researches, more than 80% of users are on their mobile phones all day long, and 50% of transactions occur through them. In the past year, global mobile traffic has taken over the traffic of desktops.

Any website without a mobile version is sure to lose potential customers. Therefore, our developers focus on creating mobile-friendly websites with responsive designs, optimized loading speed, and easy navigation.

2.  Voice Search

Taking full advantage of voice search has always helped us drive more organic traffic towards E-Commerce websites and improve their SEO ranking. However, one thing to note is that traditional SEO and voice search optimization are different. Hence, to engage customers that prefer voice search, we adjust the E-Commerce SEO Services in Pakistan plans by:

·    Choosing Long-tailed Keywords

When searching on a desktop, users tend to type short words. However, when using voice search on mobile, they speak complete sentences. So, for optimizing voice search, we use long-tail keywords on the website and increase the client’s opportunity to reach the audience.

·    Optimizing For Questions

Normally, the searches conducted by users using voice are questions. For example, one might ask – which agency provides the best E-Commerce SEO Campaign Services in Pakistan? Therefore, we structure website content in a way that answers the questions of the potential customers precisely.

3.   Video Content

An important part of optimizing an E-Commerce website’s product page is videos. They do not only increase engagement but also improves the ranking on search engines. Because the audience now prefers watching videos, Google also ranks it better than text content.

Viewers naturally stick around for longer on a website when they see an interesting video on it. Also, when it comes to ranking websites, Google counts the average time visitors spend on a website and then position it on search engine result pages. The longer visitors stick around, the higher a website ranks. And so, rather than just focusing on SEO strategies, we pay attention to the target audience too with video content for clients at Xcentric Services.

E-Commerce SEO Campaign Services

4.   User Experience

Google has always highlighted the importance of user experience for SEO. If a user has a good experience on a website, they stay on it for longer. This helps increase the average time a user spends on a website’s page, and Google considers it a signal to rank the website higher. Though now very new, it is still an integral part of SEO in 2021 and beyond. To provide the users on E-Commerce websites the best experience, we focus on the following elements and send out Google good signals.

·     Page Speed

It is one of the major factors that decide how long a user would stay on a website. If a website loads slowly, the users are likely to leave it immediately. Hence, for retaining customers on client websites, we ensure that they run fast and smoothly.

·      Design

An E-Commerce website with a user-friendly and responsive design always wins a score in the target audiences’ eye. For that reason, we keep the layout and navigation easy when optimising client websites being the Best SEO Company in Pakistan.

5.     Artificial Intelligence

As a powerful tool, Artificial Intelligence is used for creating personalized and unique online experiences for customers. Google also uses it for delivering better search results to users. Without even going into technical details, Artificial Intelligence classifies website pages and determines their rank on search engine result pages.

Considering the impact of Artificial Intelligence on SEO, we use it and improve the optimization strategies of clients. From increasing the keyword research accuracy to competitor analysis, our E-Commerce SEO Campaign Services in Pakistan are processed by leveraging Artificial Intelligence.

E-Commerce SEO Services in Pakistan

Final Words

Do not want your E-Commerce website to be left behind on search engine result pages? The only solution to that is targeting the right SEO strategies and keeping up with the ever-changing Google Algorithm, which is difficult. Hence, to target an effective SEO strategy, get the Best SEO Services for Small Businesses or any business size provided by Xcentric Services. We have been optimizing the E-Commerce websites of our clients for ages now and will rank you too. To get an SEO plan or know more information about our Best SEO Services Packages, drop an email at connect@xcentricservices.com.







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