How Much Can A Website Cost In 2022?

Mahum Khalid

  • Sep 16, 2020

Whenever clients call us in for a meeting to discuss a new website development project, there are always two things on their minds, make a quick guess: The first question that pops up in their mind is: “Will the digital agency be able to create what THEY want?”The second question they are thinking about is: “how much is the Website Cost?

Now here is some insight into what to expect from digital marketing agencies. And how much to expect with what you are putting into the design and development of the website. Nowadays, most clients already know when talking about designing and building websites. There are somewhat many factors that you should consider that will affect the website cost. Actually, this includes how design-intensive it is, and what platforms and technologies are used by the Digital Marketing Agency, then comes the  Interactive elements, for instance, the size of the site, features of the Site (Is it mobile-Responsive, optimized, integrates well with Social Media, Widgets, eCommerce, etc).

Then comes who you are hiring as your digital marketing agency, where are they located and what is their experience in providing Web Development Services. Trust me, all these things add up to the website cost. Now, a few important things to highlight what kind of website are you looking to get developed? And what do you get from those kinda websites and websites? What is the objective that you are trying to achieve after paying the website cost? 

Types of websites

Let’s first swiftly run through the different kinds of websites.

Catalog sites | 3000$–5000$

Most companies just need a presence online and don’t care about the website cost. This serves as their online portfolio of products and services, like an online office brochure, where they can showcase their work and talk about themselves. It’s like an online space where they can talk about what their company is all about and what they are all about. Generally, we digital marketers categorize them as Corporate catalog sites that can be developed at a reasonable website cost. 

E-Commerce Website cost | 5000$–15000$

When you need to sell your product or furnish your services on your website, you need an E-commerce solution, ideally integrated into your website. We, digital marketing agencies call such websites, E-commerce solutions. Usually, these e-commerce solutions, allow for multiple options; such as product catalog display, invoice generation, order cart, printing invoices, integrated bank, and payment gateways.

There are a number of paths to follow here; such as which platform since there are many available in the market befitting every business’s needs. The most popular and widely developed ones are Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. Majorly depending on what kind of solution you are hoping to achieve and the website cost, opt for any. Similarly, for many businesses in platform selection, price here would vary depending on some unique features offering you are trying to integrate such as data syncing with your ERP POS software or E-Commerce Platform Integration with your Warehouse Management System.

Web Application | 20,000$+

These types of websites can vary from any kind of application that could have a wide variety of features. They usually have an exceptionally distinctive feature that is often necessary to accomplish a specific function such as Shopify, Loyalty Management System, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

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The Other Equation

Understanding where your business is based gives you a little perspective and insight into what kind of expenses you have. For instance,  companies from India, China, Malaysia, and Romania have a lot less cost of human resources and infrastructure costs as compared to those from the UK, Canada, or the USA.

Also, knowing what kinds of resources companies have, is another significant factor that adds up to the website cost. Look at it as, the more experienced a Digital Marketing Company or developer is, the higher the website cost. The type of resources, along with the type of platforms and hosting services being used in a project also factors in the cost of a project. For example, Magento E-Commerce Designers, Mobile App Developers, front-end developers, or Back end programmers all have different skill sets and certified skills.

When clients usually try to negotiate their way to minimize and save website cost, this is something what we usually say most of the time. Eventually  “You get what you pay for”. And this statement holds spot-on. Look at it as you can’t buy a luxurious sports car if you have only saved up for a sedan.







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