How Microsoft Office Supports Various Work Environments?

John Smith

  • May 30, 2019

Microsoft office is a great bundle of software and it is serving us since the earliest days of the personal computer in business fields. Addition of PowerPoint software for presentations and database management software, email, scheduling different tasks, and much more. Microsoft Office just became the first projecting productivity software, it is a standard for business use and it will be a standard around the world.

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The keys to the success of Microsoft Office are the adaptability and flexibility of its three main applications, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. An MS Word and MS PowerPoint these applications accomplish the daily stresses of many task situations.

Suppose there are two typical small business situations: a silk-screening company and a cleaning service. There are some clear and not so clear uses for the three main applications in the Microsoft office for each of these.

The Compliance Of Microsoft Word For Silk Screening Company

There are some standard procedures on which Office works and serves the demands of any business. A silk screening company usually wants to create more business and communication, but it is not counted in daily tasks. Microsoft Word does not distinguish.

It is said to be the powerful word processing application that works well for a business that makes hundreds of documents a week, and it is easy to use MS Word for a small business with the only usual need of professionally formatted communication such as emails.

Use Excel To Save And Recall All The Data

Excel is a spontaneous way to save and recall data. It is not such a high-powered interactive database, it is far more spontaneous for new users. The silkscreens company members can keep a track of design files in a simple worksheet that started as a list maybe. Each file has a number, name, unique description, and hyperlinks to the image files which are needed to create new merchandise.

The company can now know sample designs by number, and they can also search the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to find more unclear patterns they have saved.

Create Workflow Postings With Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint allows silk-screening companies to handle workflow situations. They usually use temporary workers to handle times of high order volumes, their PowerPoint workflow plan gets printed, sealed, and fixed at each station.

Its skill to syndicate words and images makes it the best match for these situations, norm made, including the apparatus and instruments used by the silk screening company. Microsoft Office also introduces Publisher, which has similar abilities, and many still use Word to get the same results of the same task.

The Cleaning Service Can Use Word

On the other hand, the cleaning service also uses all of the Microsoft Office packaged software such as Microsoft Word for business communication, but primarily it is a document managing system for the company. The service has a number of standard form agreements for clients, employees, and subcontractors. The office manager of the files can quickly recall all these agreements, all he has to do is to enter all the required information, such as name, services for supply, and dates. Then the form is saved and printed for signatures. There is no need to start an agreement from zero each time.

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