How Is Windows 10 Better Than Windows 7

John Smith

  • Mar 08, 2019

Applications : Windows 10 is a to date operating system by Microsoft ensuring the best user interface with many new features. A couple of updates each year maintains its stance.

Windows 10 was said to be the most powerful operating system when it was launch years back in 2015. After the long 4 years windows, 10 is still the best and the most powerful operating system. With the dedication of Microsoft to offer customers what they need and keep user’s ease in mind, twice a year major updates are launched to windows 10 that change the expectations of the users and Microsoft has the ability to surprise its customers.

Windows 7 and Windows 10 both were a turn towards new technology and both the operating systems were appreciated by the users. In fact, it is my rough guess that still many people love using windows 7. After Windows XP, Microsoft launched Windows 7 and after windows 8 which was not so much appreciated by people Microsoft launch windows 10.

Just the right step from the company. The things that were not liked by the people in windows 8 were addressed and improved. Now rumors are out that the next massive update is coming out in April, well fingers crossed.

Well if you are a windows 7 user you should upgrade to windows 10 because the support to windows 7 is going to end in 2020, Microsoft has declared that. Xcentric Services is a partner of Microsoft and offers you to buy any product from in Pakistan.

All you have to do is to go to Xcentric Services Website Store and check windows 10 prices in Pakistan. Moreover, you can also get Microsoft SQL Server 2017 prices just in case you are interested in securing and managing your data in a better way.

Coming back to windows 7 as I told you already that both of the windows, 7 and 10 were launched just according to the technology but Windows 7 was a bit difficult for the users to install because it supported at least one GB of ram at least. The main flaw users were facing of windows 7 was the hardware configuration. 1 GB RAM was a basic requirement for installing Windows 7.

The up-gradation to windows 7 was not easy. There were many flaws that were faced by the users while upgrading to windows 7. It was something new to the users and the users were not able to understand the new interface especially the new ones, so they just downgraded their personal computers to Windows XP.

Some software and some drivers were not supported by windows 7 without providing any alternative, it was a great hassle for the users. The users were facing Blue Screen of Death BSOD more often in Windows 7, the reason was the change in software and hardware in the computer. The windows were installed in high ends computers properly and they can run smoothly on highly configured computers. Windows 7 supported lesser software and applications and it was very tough to find an alternative software that is supported by Windows 7.

This was the story of Windows 7, on the other side, Microsoft launched windows 10 free to all Windows 8 and windows, 7 users. The installation and downloading procedure of the windows were also very simple. More applications and software are supported in fact built-in applications are added that can do many tasks for you.

Long story short Windows 10 was created keeping all the previous flaws and drawbacks in mind, it created Windows 10 which is really the most smooth and massive operating system till now. So what are you waiting for get your own windows 10? Check Xcentric Services website online store to get windows 10 prices in Pakistan and you can also check prices of other applications products such as Microsoft SQL Server 2017 prices.







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