How is Magento Cost-Effective?

Mahum Khalid

  • Oct 18, 2019

Ever since Magento has been launched, people look at it as something unaffordable or very expensive. Since being cost-effective is the major concern of merchants out there, Magento hasn’t gained its due fame regardless of being an amazing CRM platform. There are rumors regarding Magento not being Cost-Effective leading to its limited popularity among the general population.

Let’s look at the answers to some frequently asked questions about Magento to clear the misunderstanding about how Magento is Cost-Effective and why it is a good idea to switch to Magento stores for your E-Commerce business.

Is it costly to deploy Magento?

Considering the free Magento license, we wouldn’t call it costly to deploy. Your Magento agency bares the cost while you pay a monthly subscription to them along with the hosting packages. It’s a small investment with a long-term benefit. We are sure that the merchant in you will agree with us.

Does Magento integrate with all Payment Methods?

Well, let’s see, Magento payment provider gateway allows you to amalgamate your E-stores with a number of payment service providers. So yes, you can easily create an integration with other payment providers. As Magento Partners, we at Xcentric Services are locally integrating with HBL, Alfalah, Keenu, and Sim Sim. While internationally, we are integrating with Apple Pay and PayPal.

Does Magento integrate with all Shipping Methods?

Magento and different shipping methods go perfectly hand-in-hand. Magento has made it so simple and cost efficient, that the Magento developers out there are loving it. All you have to do is that you will log in to the system, and move to configuration, later, you have to click on the sales and BAAM, you are on the Shipping Methods.

There are a number of modules like USPS and DHL but you need to understand your business requirements to know what methods would suit you better. As for Xcentric Services, we are using DHL, Leopard, Call Courier, and TCS to make the most efficient shipping for your business.

Is Magento Extension Costly?

Using Magento, you will be required to use its extensions too. The best part here is that we have that covered for you. There are a thousand extensions already installed and ready to use but knowing what extension or module suits you and your business. Well, we wouldn’t call it costly, because you will get them for free with your subscription and purchase of Magento at large. And if by any chance the built-in extensions are not cutting out for you, buying an extension of your choosing is always available.

Is Magento Hosting Costly?

Magento hosting will cost you money, Yes. But whether or not it will be costly, that depends on how well you earn out of it to determine your ROI. If you are getting returns, then a $250 will not look costly on your books but if you are a not earning profits, a mere $10 a month will look like a burden on the business. Magento Maintenance is subjected to your business and its requirements.

How Can Xcentric Services help you?

 We are a digital marketing firm that knows it all too well how to help you. We partner with Magento and provide web development as well as Magento Hosting Services. Contact us if you are lost somewhere, let us help you find a way. We work to provide you with the best services out there.

All in All

Take the example of a luxury car, that might look way too expensive but if you study it deeper you will figure out that yes the first time it will leave a dent in your pocket but later when you look at its maintenance, it costs way less than a local car and the fuel consumption will be low too. Similar is the case with Magento. The initial cost is expensive but the longer you use it the longer you will benefit out of it. Magento is actually cost-effective if you look at the broader perspective.







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