How Hiring Xcentric As Your Social Media Marketing Company Is Beneficial?

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  • Nov 04, 2021


In the current era, the internet is buzzing around with many trends and channels. One of the channels used commonly is social media. Every second, billions of people use social media applications – to connect with friends and family or just casually for killing time. These applications are so popular that checking them out is the first thing we do right after waking up and the last thing while going to bed. They can be accessed from any device with a stable internet connection, be it a mobile phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet. However, with countless social media platforms out there, like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and more, maintaining a presence on all of them can get overwhelming. Hence, hiring Xcentric Services as your Social Media Marketing Company is the smarter solution to be on the prominent platforms.

being a Social Media Marketing Company

5 Benefits Of Getting On Board With Xcentric For Social Media Marketing

Whether small, mid-sized, or large, social media platforms have a lot of benefits for online businesses because of their huge audience base. Quite naturally, because of the many benefits they offer, they are commonly used as a marketing channel.

However, as easy as it sounds, marketing on social media platforms is not just limited to posting regularly. One wrong post, and there goes your page likes, engagement rate, and conversions. Hence, to put your best foot forward, get our Social Media Marketing Services. We know that you would never want to invest in these services with a blind eye. So, we have listed all the benefits we offer right below. Give them a read!

1.   Targeting Audience

One significant benefit our clients get on hiring us for marketing their business on social media is this. When targeting a marketing or advertising strategy on social media, we specify the target audience according to the demographics and interests. As a result, our clients get to meet their target audience more easily.

Going back in time, when agencies like Xcentric Services were not there, businesses used to struggle with marketing. They were not aware of how well their campaigns were targeted and to which audience. However, with us as your partner agency, this is not a problem anymore.

2.   Brand Awareness

If a business has a strong social media presence, the current and to-be customers identify and engage with it more easily. Almost everyone today uses social media, and being a Social Media Marketing Company, we help businesses grab the opportunity.

By meeting the eyes of new and old viewers on social media platforms, we increase their brand awareness. Moreover, our savvy marketing team also uses these channels for sharing the brand story of our clients – to make them understand what they are all about.

3.   Website Traffic

Relying on SEO for driving organic traffic to your website is not enough because it can take months. Thanks to social media, you can now attract inbound traffic to the website through posts – be it images, blogs, or videos.

To put a cherry on top of the cake, when you hire Xcentric Services for social media marketing, we take every post as an opportunity. No matter it is a routine post, an announcement, or a video featuring products the client sells, we make sure they are all engaging.

Most importantly, the content going with the posts always has a link to the client’s website. By doing so, the chances of those viewing the posts driving to the website increase. Thus, resulting in more lead generation, conversions, and sales in the end.

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4.    Campaign Results

Many social media marketing companies you will come across do not disclose how well the strategies are performing. However, being a Social Media Marketing Company, we do not follow this practice.

Whenever a client gets on board with us, at the end of every month, we show them how well the social media marketing strategies are performing. From the real-time count of the people joining your social media to the count of those interacting with the post, our clients get to see it all in the results.

5.     Brand Loyalty

Social media platforms offer businesses an unmatched ability to engage with customers and have one-to-one discussions with them. However, these experiences only work wonders for creating brand loyalty when performed consistently and correctly.

Sounds too much to handle on your own along with other business tasks? Do not worry because Xcentric Services has you sorted with this too. Even though winning customer loyalty takes a lot of time, by effectively using social media, we can make it quick for you.

6.     Multi-Channel Marketing

Customers today switch between platforms in seconds; from social media to a website and then back to social media through an email. While social media platforms are powerful on their own, when incorporated with other marketing channels and strategies, it offers much more.

Therefore, when targeting a social media marketing campaign for a client, we keep in mind every other marketing channel too. For example, in the captions of social media posts, we never miss out on sharing the email address and links to other social channels of the client. Thus, giving them another great opportunity to connect with their target audience beyond just social media.

Social Media Marketing Services

Ready To See How We Can Help You With Social Media Marketing?

Maintaining a strong presence of your business on social media comes with its own share of hurdles. The goal of Xcentric Services is to help every business leverage powerful social media platforms for scaling their revenues. Our marketing team knows all the ins and outs of every platform – be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Snapchat.

Without any further delay, hire us as your Social Media Marketing Agency and let us grow your brand awareness, increase traffic volumes, and generate quality leads. Reach out to us at connect@xcentricservices.com to get your marketing plan or talk to our marketing experts.







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