How has Online Shopping Changed in the First Half of 2022?

Ali Kazmi

  • Sep 14, 2020

Life around the globe and Online Marketing in Pakistan has changed dramatically in just a matter of months amid COVID-19. The majority of people are quarantined in homes and only have outings that are limited to getting essentials like groceries. And that’s precisely where E-Commerce Website Development came into trend and took the world by storm. 

Naturally, the pandemic led to a shift in consumer purchasing behavior, let alone the traditional in-store shopping sprees. Many savvy buyers have turned to online shopping web stores to meet their basic needs. So yes, theres no excuse for not getting Magento E-Commerce Development Services and setting up an E-Commerce store.

There are extroverts who still prefer stepping out of their home to socialize and shop. But, at the cost of covering up in a mask. However, on the other hand, introverts are too excited. Why? Because now, they get to shop from the comfort of their home. Though whats more surprising is that every other person in Pakistan has embraced the quarantine life and now prefers online shopping for anything and everything. Hence, compelling all the retailers that own physical stores to Open Up an E-Commerce Store for their retail Operations.

Are you a retailer whose brick-and-mortar store is majorly affected by the pandemic? Well then, you need to make some serious decisions right now about moving online shopping. And if you need some more convincing to go ahead with the big decision, read through this blog. Being a Web Development Company, weve covered this blog to picture for you the current state of Pakistan’s Selling Sites and online consumer habits.

COVID-19 – The cause behind customers adopting new shopping habits

Compared to the previous year, online sales in the first half of 2020 grew as much as 160%. Consumer behavior is changing alongside the pandemic. For instance, sales of products like masks and gloves increased dramatically in mid-April.

And now, when Pakistan has experienced months of lockdown, people are looking forward to spending time doing something. Precisely, buying something has ultimately driven up the sales of non-essential things. For example; board games, workout gear, snacks, and baking supplies. Moreover, being unable to visit salons, people in Pakistan have also started taking personal care into their hands. They’ve started ordering skincare products, hair care products, and much more. Plus, not to forget, it is also evident that apparel sales have bounced back after experiencing a fall when the pandemic began.

We understand that as a retailer you must be wondering whether this online shopping trend will continue after the end of the stay-at-home orders and will your Magento 2 Website Development efforts keep on adding value to your business. Being a Magento 2 Development Company, our answer is a big YES! 

Even though it is impossible to predict the effects of the pandemic, it will likely leave behind a lasting impact on Online Marketing Websites in Pakistan and buyer behavior because everyone will be fearful of returning to in-store shopping in the few months after you are back open. And thats exactly why we at Xcentric Services suggest opting for Magento E-Commerce Development in this COVID-19 times.

How can retailers optimize their Digital Storefronts?

Partial lockdowns in Pakistan may continue for a few more months to come. And the growth of the economy might not significantly accelerate recovery to normal. Hence, retailers in Pakistan need to accept the new reality where Magento E-Commerce Website Development is more prominent than ever. Though being an online shopping retailer, you need not worry about how to set up an online web store. Hire Xcentric Services to do this job for you. We are one of the Best Magento Development Companies having the expertise and experience to build a comprehensive online web store with high online conversion rates.

However, other than setting up an online shopping web store, online retailers also need to focus on something else too. And that’s ensuring a convenient yet engaging online shopping experience. Hence, when we build up an online shopping web store for our clients, being a Digital Marketing Company in Pakistan as well, we focus on Social Media Marketing. Considering that Social Media Platforms prove great opportunities to connect brands and online customers, we bridge the gap between online and offline shopping by leveraging these platforms.

At Xcentric Services, when we provide Online Marketing in Pakistan services to our clients, heres what we focus on mainly;

Social Media Ads

To drive traffic toward our client’s online web store and to boost their online conversion rates, we target Facebook Marketing in Pakistan and Instagram Marketing Ads campaigns.

Connecting on Multiple Channels

Every online customer shops on different platforms every day. Hence, we make sure that our client has a presence on every channel. And for that, we focus on every possible Social Media Marketing in Pakistan discipline; be it Snapchat Marketing, Whatsapp Broadcast, or YouTube Marketing in Pakistan.


During the COVID-19 quarantine, online customers in Pakistan prefer having a choice. Be it customer service, delivery options, payment channels, or any other aspect of an online shopping transaction, the choice is a MUST. Hence, we suggest our clients provide their online customers with the convenience they need. For instance, if a customer is adamant about not paying high shipping charges, why not reduce them a bit, provide them an in-store pickup service or offer Free Shipping to Increase your Online Sales? Moreover, we also suggest amending the return policies beyond the lockdown period to enable customers to shop with assurance. 

All in all, investing in some kind of Digital service is essential; to provide your online shopping customers with an exceptional online shopping experience and win their trust during these uncertain times.

Are you not sure who can help you with Social Media Marketing in Lahore? We at Xcentric Services offer amazing end-to-end Social Media Management Services. And our very affordable Social Media Marketing Packages in Pakistan are just the right magic charm you need right now to make online shopping more appealing for your target audience.

Rest assured, the customers will be more than willing to shop online. Because honestly, they are too nervous to walk back in-store and shop once the lockdown lifts.

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The Verdict 

COVID-19 has convinced consumers to quarantine at home, and this has had a profound effect on consumer buying behaviors. Brands across the globe are exploring new ways to fortify their Magento 2 Development Services efforts to meet the demands of this new normal.

Hence, being an online retailer in Pakistan, you need to strategize tech rollouts; to make the online shopping experience on your online web store immersive and engaging. And for that, you need the support of a Magento 2 Development Agency as well as a Digital Marketing Company in Pakistan. We, Xcentric Services, serve both, at the same time. We have on board some very professional Magento Commerce Developers and Social Media Managers that will team up to extend your website with E-Commerce capabilities beyond your imagination. To work with us, reach out at connect@xcentricservices.com; well get back to you soon







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