Facebook Marketing Services: How Do They Help Businesses Grow?

Ali Kazmi

  • Dec 16, 2020

Quite honestly, there are tons of ways your business can grow with Facebook Marketing Services. Like most marketing channels, Facebook Marketing also helps in acquiring new customers and building brand awareness. Being a Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan, we – Xcentric Services, have helped many businesses grow big on Facebook.

So, How Does Facebook Marketing in Pakistan Benefit?

You do not have Facebook on your marketing radar yet? Well, you are probably missing a huge part of your target audience. Today, we are here to convince you to leverage our Facebook Marketing Services Packages if you want to stand out in the competition. Keep on reading the blog to know the benefits our services have in stores for your business. They will surely blow your mind!

Your Customers Are On Facebook

Almost every person and business in Pakistan uses Facebook. Even the adults use the social media application, let alone the Millennials and Generation Z. Surprisingly, most of them check their Facebook profiles countless times a day. Therefore, making it a MUST to invest in Facebook Marketing Packages

Whether looking for an update or just scrolling – we are all guilty of being on Facebook every single day. Hence, regardless of who your potential customers are, they are on Facebook. And yes, they surely use it every day. Being a Messenger Marketing Agency, at Xcentric, we take advantage of this and target each of our client’s customers on Facebook.

Facebook Advertising – The Rescuer

The major benefit we get our clients is from B2C and B2B Advertising On Facebook. It lets us reach our client’s exact target audience, considering their age, interests, behavior, and location. All you will need to do while getting on board with us is – tell us about your target audience. A dedicated Facebook Marketing Expert will then give their best Ad shot to engage them and convert them into leads.

Brand Awareness and Traffic

Facebook PPC Marketing is fast and drives instant results. The cherry on top? Being a Facebook Marketing Company, we can help you reach your target audience in days. So if you had been looking for a quick way to drive traffic and boost online conversions, getting our B2C and B2B Marketing On Facebook services is the solution.

Moreover, investing in our Facebook Promotion Packages will also build your brand awareness significantly. This way, your target audience will be more aware of what you are offering. And the more familiar they will be with your brand, the more they will purchase from you when shopping.

Measurable Marketing

When you hire us to get Facebook Agency Support, there won’t be any guessing about the results. They will be measurable. And we all know, the numbers speak for themselves. Once our team put the Facebook Marketing plan into action, you will be able to see how many clicks, impressions, and conversions you have earned.

Increases Customer Attribution

Attribution is the number of times your target audience sees your brand. The more they see you and interact with you, the more likely they will convert into customers. Hence, our Facebook Ad Management Packages include helping clients in increasing customer attribution. By posting engaging content and converting Facebook Ads, we increase the touchpoints with customers. Thus, getting you more online conversions in the future.

Facebook marketing

Building Engagement

Engagement depends on how many likes, comments, and interactions a brand wins on its Facebook post. At Xcentric Services, we consider it essential as it indicates a stronger connection with your customers. Hence, when providing Facebook Marketing Services, we engage the audience of our client. This develops an indirect brand-customer relationship. And the more the customers connect with a brand, the more likely they convert. All in all, investing in our Facebook Advertising Packages can dramatically increase your engagement rates on the social media platform.

Word-Of-Mouth and Referrals

We believe that the social aspect of Facebook makes it stand out in competition with other marketing platforms. Facebook posts and Ads can go viral. Hence, when providing Facebook Marketing Services, we make sure that we reach the target audience right with our client’s post. Our team makes sure that the post is creative and engaging to an extent that the viewer shares it with friends and family on Facebook. We call this an ability to spread word-of-mouth and referrals for our client that benefits them in the long run.

Increased Blog Traffic

You have a Blog page up on your website, but there’s no traffic? Xcentric has a solution for this too. Along with planning marketing strategies for our clients, being Facebook Marketing Partners, we also show their blogs to the audience and drive traffic. By sharing the blog on the client’s Facebook feed, we gain more trust and credibility from the target audience. The marketing team at our Facebook Advertising Agency calls this – building a connection bridge between blogs and traffic.

Higher SEO Rankings

You must have heard Facebook Marketing Agencies saying that posting on social media does not improve SERP rankings. Well, there is no truth to this as search engines like Google do rely on social signals. Hence, by being consistent with posting on Facebook on behalf of businesses who invest in our Facebook Marketing Pricing Packages, we increase social signals. The social signals then indirectly influence our client’s SEO ranking positively. Besides it all, if you want to improve your rankings by targeting specific keywords, we also offer result-driven Professional SEO Services.


Fair enough, every business in Pakistan is using Facebook to grow their business. By now, if you are not present on the social giant, you are probably losing big. Some businesses have also hired a Facebook Marketing Consultants to reach the target audience. And, by not placing Web Design Facebook Ads or targeting organic marketing strategies, you are making it all easier for them.

So yes, it is high time that you join the bandwagon. Plus, now that you know the benefits we will bring for your business, hire us as your Facebook Ads Agency. Contact us TODAY to further discuss Facebook Marketing Prices and the goals you want to achieve. 







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