How Can Mobile App Development Boost Your Business Growth?

kashif ali

  • Oct 15, 2021


In the past few decades, the use of mobile applications has increased worldwide. By the end of the year 2020, according to stats, there were more than 3.4 billion mobile users. Moreover, in that one year only, approximately 1.5 billion mobile phones were sold. As a result, there is an increase in demand for Mobile App Development services that we provide at Xcentric Services.

With a mobile application, businesses get capabilities that go beyond just delivering products and services; to boost return-on-investment. From promoting your brand to learning more about the customer base, there is no limit to their utility. If you are looking to know how your business can benefit from an application, this article has every point that needs consideration.

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5 Benefits Of Mobile Application Development

The list of benefits that our Mobile Application Development Services in Pakistan provide is never-ending. Let’s take a deep dive into some of those benefits. With us developing your mobile application, you can:

1.  Provide Value To Customers

In the past year of the pandemic, the landscape of business has changed significantly. Businesses are now dependent on technology for initiating and completing transactions with their customers. One of the major elements of that modern tech is mobile applications that are consistently changing the way customers shop and provide for their needs.

With this increased speed of tech advancements, the expectations of consumers are also growing. Mobile applications are the ideal channel for meeting these expectations. For example, the business type that benefits the most from a mobile application is online retailing. By going online, the retailers ensure that the products and services are more accessible and can be used easily.

We at Xcentric Services believe that the consumers of today prioritise convenience, and mobile applications provide that at their fingertips. Beyond just finding products or services online, using a mobile application, they get to place and track orders from the comfort of their home. Moreover, to make informed purchase decisions faster, consumers can use a personalized mobile experience.

Considering the reliability, when developing mobile applications for our clients, we add elements that their customers will love. From a complaint management system to online registration, and UX improvements – we offer value in every way.

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2.   Building Strong Brand Reputation

The more value a business offers to its customers, the more they develop an interest in its brand. However, without putting effort into branding, it is nearly impossible to achieve a strong brand reputation – and here is where Mobile App Development jumps in. Compared to the old-school branding ways such as TV Ads or billboard advertising, branded mobile applications have proven to be more effective.

Hence, being an agency, we have now started recommending our clients to launch their mobile applications for boosting brand awareness and have a flourishing reputation. More than ever now, mobile phones are an essential part of our life – seeing the usage time. As a business owner, take this up as an opportunity and benefit your brand’s branding.

By getting the branding elements like colour theme, logos, and animations right within the application, we can build you a strong brand reputation. Moreover, we also use the data collected from these applications to better understand the target audience of our clients and improve the marketing strategy results. Talking of it with an example, L’Oreal’s Makeup Genius application has also taken advantage of a mobile application; to engage their target audience.

3.   Connect With Customers Faster

If there is a thing that influences customer satisfaction greatly, it is how easily and quickly the information about a brand is accessible. Many times, the major difference between a conversion and lead is the response speed of the brand. If you look forward to providing your customers with the best possible communication experience, a mobile application can help.

Unlike the traditional websites and other business-customer communication channels, a mobile application is the most reliable, convenient, and personalized option. As the applications allow logging in using contact information, the customers do not have to worry about losing the track of their purchase. Similarly, the business’s employees also get access to information without any hassle – to better serve the customers.

Beyond the support they provide, mobile applications developed by our App Developers in Lahore are great at collecting customer feedback. Previously, businesses used to rely on surveys and data from other channels. However, now, with applications that we develop, getting feedback is not a hassle anymore.

As a bonus, if a client asks, we can also add a Live Chat feature in the mobile application. This will not only improve customer satisfaction but also increase the engagement rate as well. By integrating it properly, the customers get instant replies in-app, which leaves a positive impact on the sales.

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4.   Improved Customer Loyalty

A high customer retention rate plays an important role in the success of every business. By offering great value to the customers, a high retention rate can be maintained – ensuring that the customers are satisfied.

However, when a client hires us for Mobile App Development, we take things a step up with loyalty programs. Usually, agencies take this idea wrong and develop programs that are hard to join for customers. However, at Xcentric Services, we avoid this common mistake by integrating the program into a mobile application. Here are some ways we integrate loyalty programs in a mobile application experience for our clients:

  • Instant Rewards – to offer the users of the mobile application an instant reward, we implement a cash back system. It rewards back the buyer a certain percentage of the purchase they have made which can be used for making further purchases.
  • Personalized Product Recommendations – by continuously studying the user sessions closely and intelligently, we recommend relevant products that keep them coming back.
  • Social Sharing – to motivate the application users to share their experience with the brand and spread its awareness, we integrate social media buttons.

5.    Competitive Edge

The world we are currently living in is all about digital marketing, which means that standing out in the competition is a hard task. Even though there are many factors that a business needs to keep track of, having a mobile application gets a real competitive edge.

We being an agency believe that the ever-changing consumer behaviour is the primary reason behind this. Consumers today rely on mobile devices A LOT and demand instant communication – which only a mobile application can meet.

As we have mentioned before, the speed of communication is important for customer satisfaction. Compared to traditional websites, mobile applications do much better at catering to the needs of the consumers at a speed. Therefore, to improve your business’s workflow, keep up with the competition and increase revenue generation, GO MOBILE.

6.    Personalized Marketing Channel

Another benefit that you can get by launching a customized mobile application for your business is in the area of marketing. Being an agency, we know it is an eye-candy when the marketers get access to customer information through a mobile application. The data that is collected from users during their sessions on the applications can be used for improving the marketing campaigns.

Once the marketers get all the data they need, the application also allows them to deliver content to the customers more effectively, compared to traditional marketing ways. Therefore, whatever our marketing goals are, let us take you mobile and provide your customers with the best experience at their fingertips. Here are some features that we integrate to make marketing an easy breeze for businesses launching a mobile application:

  • Push Notifications – when talking of mobile, the power of push notifications cannot be denied. They deliver a more opt-in rate as compared to other retargeting strategies, such as email marketing.
  • In-App Clickthrough – business elements like Ads and call to action have a higher clickthrough rate in the application, which is why we never miss out on integrating this function.
  • Response Time – since the users want the results of their actions instantly, we engage them with offers that prompt immediately when they open the mobile application. Thus, ensuring that the response time is not too long, as it is with other marketing ways like email marketing.

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In a nutshell, mobile applications have a higher response rate, work around the clock, and are low-maintenance – compared to websites. Hence, if you are looking to boost your business growth and improve the processes, launch a mobile application. It might be just that missing puzzle piece that could help you win the competition. To get your mobile application developed and get in the right position, hire Xcentric Services as your Mobile App Development Company in Pakistan. Rest assured, there will be hardly any department of your business that will not benefit from a mobile application.







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