Home Goods E-Commerce: The Top Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

Ali Kazmi

  • Apr 16, 2020

Home goods e-commerce especially furniture is a market prime for digital disruption, and E-Commerce Website Development in Pakistan is an accurate solution. How? Let’s get to know. Currently, selling furniture online is one of the most robust online selling pathways in Pakistan. Considering that the E-Commerce share of Pakistan’s traders in home goods and furnishings amounted to 16% in 2019. So if we look at the market volume of the furniture industry and the estimated figures, we assume that the percentage of online retail in home goods and furnishings is about to rise by the end of 2020.

As the industry is growing steadily, we’ve noted that E-Commerce is playing a vital role in upcoming and prevailing trends. Being a Web Development Services Provider in Pakistan, we have years of experience building E-Commerce Websites. And Meeshan being one of our clients selling furniture online, we’ve come across various trends in the industry throughout our journey with them. Based on our own experience, statistics, and customer interests, here’s a list of major trends you need to watch out in 2020.

Trend 1: Millenials are the Buyers

There’s no doubt to the claim that the Millenials and Gen Z are the doers of today. And there’s no denying the fact that they are the most tech-driven generation of all time. So let’s face it right if your web store has pixelated product images and critical product reviews, you’d be out of the E-Commerce game straight away. Why?

These new generation buyers are tech-savvy, and the trends show that they buy a product ONLY when they’re 5-stared by their peers, and the product images are of such high resolution that they won’t feel a need to experience a piece of furniture in real time. Are you looking for an example? Consider Meehan as an illustration of the furniture industry, setting the equations right for digital selling.

Trend 2:Home Goods E-Commerce Options are MORE THAN EVER!

Appealing web stores, eye-catchy product catalogs, and whatnot, they’ve all raised the bars of how retailers sell furniture online. Simultaneously, all these tech variations and options the top-notch online retailers offer to their customers, have set the benchmarks higher.

Hence, being a Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan, we suggest, warm-up your ideas of selling furniture online, get control over how your web store looks, feels, and functions, as we did for Meeshan, and be a part of the trend.

Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan

Trend 3: Advanced Search Functionalities  

Consumers eyeing for unique merchandise tend to have a troublesome time explaining what they’re looking for in a product. Even though it is just a matter of taste, honestly, it’s hard to decide. But with advanced Web Stores and search functionalities, providing your customers with an effortless and convenient shopping experience is no big deal.

So the trend we’ve tracked here is that ensure a website jam-packed with advanced functionalities catering to exceptional customer experience and take the back seat. Adding the cherry on top, the customer can directly get their products shipped to their door. We assume, now you know why purchasing furniture online has been gaining attraction.

The Gap Between Online and Offline Buying Preferences

We’ve seen businesses assume that product reviews and 360-degree photos will never be able to replace a real-life experience. Like laying on a bed or opening a kitchen cupboard. Technology, however, is swiftly evolving and might be able to neutralize that one day very promptly.

VR technology, for example, gives online retailers the capability to let planned buyers visualize products in their own homes online. 360 images also help online home goods & furniture businesses neutralize the necessity of the physical experience of viewing a piece of furniture.

Pitch bonuses like complimentary shipping and free goodies with orders over a certain amount into the mix. And you’ll promptly seal the deal for buyers on the stakes about where to spend.

The Gap Between Online and Offline Buying Preferences

What’s better than starting with the Basics?

Being a Digital Marketing Agency in Chicago, we’ve seen many wholesalers and businesspeople ramp up their online selling game by starting with the basics – Making an Online Catalog. Technically, this inspires customers to get used to harmonizing with your website. And gives your business some liberty to adapt to digitizing your order process at a more gradual pace.

Meeshan advanced with an online catalog, and it got the job done for several years. Though eventually, they needed to enhance their customer experience to stay prevailing and keep clients satisfied. So we suggest, there’s nothing better than going back to the roots of E-Commerce Website Development in Chicago, and making the most out of them because back then, they were the real leads too.

Evolving from an Online Catalog to a Magento Web Store

Fast forward to 2020, Xcentric Services provided Magento E-commerce Development Services in Pakistan to Meeshan. We ended up launching a web store integrated with their ERP – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services in Pakistan.

“A Magento Store satisfied us because it’s seamless to integrate and drive sales from. And we needed something accessible to execute because we have numerous products” – Operations Director at Meeshan

Benefiting from Magento E-Commerce Development Services in Chicago offers countless opportunities. For Meeshan, this paved the way to improve their IT structure and integrate major central business systems.

Benefit from Omni-Channel Retailing

Despite the efficiency of the Magento Web Store advanced, not all of Meeshan’s customers have ditched their usual buying channels. Though online retail is relatively new, we see it taking over businesses by the end of 2020. But right now, it’s probably not exactly in the spotlight.

However, there’s no need to give up on your physical stores. But surely, owning a web store for your products gives you the capability to explore brand-new sales channels like drop shipping, empower shoppers with 24/7 self-service, and drastically advance your IT structure and business practices.

Benefit from Omni-Channel Retailing

E-Commerce Platform Integration Services in Pakistan can maximize the chance of your home goods and furnishings business’s success. So if you want to enable your customers to order furniture by getting your E-Commerce Store integrated with Odoo ERP Solutions in Pakistan, Xcentric Services can help.







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