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  • Dec 09, 2021


Ever heard that social media marketing does not drive results now? Or that marketing on Facebook is not worth it anymore with other platforms evolving continuously? If that is the case, THINK AGAIN – because the social giant can provide your business with many benefits. Though marketing on it successfully can be tricky, hiring Xcentric as your Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan will do the job well. However, before you do, let us take you through the benefits of marketing on the platform with our expertise and experience.

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5 Benefits Of Investing In Facebook Marketing

Businesses want an advantage from marketing at every step of the sales funnel, and with us handling your Facebook feed, this will be the major goal. Right below, we have covered the TEN benefits of having the platform on your marketing radar and investing in Facebook Promotion Packages. So, keep reading the blog to find out why you should prefer it over other marketing channels.

1.     Wider Audience Reach

Undeniably, as a marketing channel, Facebook Marketing Prices offer businesses access to one of the largest audience bases. According to statistics, more than 2.6 billion people use Facebook worldwide, which is more than that on any other platform. Also, the audience on it is not only large in the count but also spans multiple demographics.

Hence, no matter which type of target audience your business caters to, it will be there on Facebook. After getting our Facebook Marketing Services, you can let our marketing team know who you want to target. They will plan the marketing strategies and posting schedule accordingly – to meet your end goal.

2.     Marketing B2B Businesses

We often hear that marketing on Facebook is for B2C businesses. However, prepare to get surprised by the fact that B2B Marketing On Facebook is also equally successful. Above all, business decision-makers are the ones spending the most time on Facebook compared to others, which is why hiring a Facebook Advertising Agency is now more important than ever.

However, because the B2B space is very competitive, to leverage the benefits of the platform, you definitely need the help of a Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan. By using the right B2B Advertising On Facebook strategy, Ad formats, and providing the BEST experience to your audience, we will make marketing on the platform a success for you.

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3.     Full-Funnel Marketing

Of the countless social media platforms, Facebook is the only one catering to the users successfully at every stage of their engagement and journey in the sales funnel. The targeting options offered by the platform, the format of Web Design Facebook Ads, and result measurement capabilities align seamlessly with marketing strategies. So, whether your target audience is in the upper part of the funnel browsing casually or about to communicate with you – we will capture them all when providing Facebook Agency Support.

Normally, for the audience in the awareness stage, our Facebook Marketing Consultants use Video Ads, Sponsored Stories, and Carousel Ads because they increase their interest without getting too direct. In case the users do not have a mind-frame of considering your message, they can move past without engaging.

However, if they are, we take it as a chance for surprising and delight them with highly visual content, showing the products or services the client offers. On the whole, being a Facebook Marketing Company, our end goal is not always to show things that excite the audience but to make a space in their mind. Thus, motivating them to research when they are actually ready to make a purchase.

4.     Audience Transparency

Even though other platforms also offer similar capabilities of targeting, the audience reach of Facebook Advertising Packages is highly transparent. Normally, when self-selecting a business’s target audience for Facebook PPC Marketing, we use the following as audience:

  • Fans – followers of the business on Facebook.
  • Friends of Fans – the users that are friends with the followers.
  • Interests/Behaviours – users that meet the criteria selected for targeting campaigns.
  • Remarketing – targeting the ones who have already visited the business’s website.

While other social media platforms allow auto-optimizing placements, by segmenting marketing campaigns on Facebook for our clients, we position them to derive results. All in all, being a Messenger Marketing Agency, we make sure that the marketing campaign performs well. In addition, considering that Facebook allows seeing which segments are performing well, we continue refining strategies that are a part of our Facebook Ad Management Packages. Therefore, leading to the highest conversions.

5. Measurable Facebook marketing Performance

5.     Measurable Performance

Quite obviously, every Facebook Marketing Expert wants to emphasize the fact that Facebook allows reporting on a broad set of metrics. Depending on the type of marketing and advertising channel, countless metrics are available and leveraged by Facebook Marketing Agencies. They cover actions the audience takes before leaving the Facebook feed of a business – reach, engagement, conversions, and more.

To measure the performance and provide our clients a monthly report, being a Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan, we install Facebook Pixel on their website. Third-party analytics can be used for tracking performance reports including basic conversion metrics. However, we rely on a pixel for auto-optimizing Facebook Marketing Pricing Packages and campaigns.

Get Started On Facebook Marketing!

Before the pandemic hit the world, users used to spend an average of one hour on Facebook every day. However, now, the usage of this social media platform has increased. Thus, making it a perfect chance for you to leverage it for driving engagement rates and conversions. Worried because handling marketing strategies is not your piece of cake? Get on board with Xcentric – Facebook Marketing Partners and invest in the affordable Facebook Marketing Packages we offer. For more queries related to our Facebook Marketing Services Packages, drop an email at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY. The marketing team at our Facebook Ads Agency will get back to you soon.







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