Why Hiring A Facebook Marketing Company Is Still Important?

kashif ali

  • Mar 03, 2022


Social media platforms are now an essential part of our daily routines. We use them so much that they have grown into channels that businesses now use for marketing their products or services. Out of all the platforms, Facebook is the most used one currently. It connects the users with their family, colleagues, friends, and even businesses. For the past few years, it has been working as a great advertising and marketing tool. Recently, with the increasing competition on it, hiring a Facebook Marketing Company has become essential for every business to maintain a strong presence.

Unfortunately, not many businesses have taken this seriously and still think that they can handle their Facebook profiles on their own. Being such a Facebook Advertising Agency, we at Xcentric have covered this blog on how hiring us and thriving on the social media giant is still important.

5 Reasons Why Facebook Marketing Is A MUST

As of 2021, the social media platform has 2.8 million monthly active users, which means that it has reached a HUGE audience base in the past few years. But fair enough, before investing in marketing on Facebook and hiring an agency to plan the marketing strategies, you might want to know more about it. Our team of Facebook Marketing Consultants has the answers for all your concerns right here – from why being on the platform is important to why hire us. Let’s get through now!

Facebook Post

1. Top Tier Of Social Media

Even though many social media platforms have been launched successfully after Facebook, it remains undefeated among all of them. There are several strong competitors like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and more – but Facebook remains on the top tier. This has increased the popularity of B2C and B2B Marketing On Facebook.

As compared to other platforms, it has the highest number of everyday active users. Moreover, the platform has also maintained its user growth by adjusting to their needs. Adding more to it, for clients at Xcentric, we do not just stay focused on posting every day. In fact, the Facebook Agency Support we provide goes beyond just posting.

We use every feature the platform offers for marketing businesses – which includes going LIVE, sharing everyday stories, and even selling on Facebook Shop. Overall, the platform has evolved over the past few years, and so, it is only Facebook Marketing Partners like us who can help you adapt to every chance and the newest trends.

2. Increasing Advertising Revenue

As a Facebook Ads Agency, we have been taking full advantage of the massive reach and popularity of the platform for advertising our clients. In comparison with other platforms, the Ads placed on Facebook perform better and generate more revenue. In fact, according to statistics, it generated nearly $84.2 billion in revenues from Ads in 2020.

The numbers are quite convincing, right? So without wasting any more time, invest in our Facebook Ad Management Packages to advertise on the platform successfully – by counting on the expertise of our marketers. They have what it takes to place an Ad that looks eye-catchy, convinces the audience to take an action, and eventually converts into a customer. And that is exactly the end goal of every Facebook Marketing Expert and business out there on the internet.

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3. Brands & Businesses Use It

More than 90 billion small and mid-sized businesses invest in Facebook Marketing Packages because it allows them to promote their brand. One of the most beneficial things is that businesses get to share their information like the contact details, products or services they offer, and their address.

Using the tools the platform offers, we increase the online presence of brands and help them target a wider audience. Now the question is that when Facebook itself allows businesses to reach larger communities and connect with their potential customers, why do you need to invest in Facebook Marketing Services? Well, think of the countless business on Facebook there on the platform for the same reason as you – promoting their brand.

While creating a Facebook Business Page is free and a big opportunity for every business to gain a target audience and grow sales, the competition on the platform keeps increasing. Hence, by hiring us as your Facebook Marketing Company, let the professionals beat the competition for you and make you stand ahead in the competition.

4. What Marketers Love

Facebook is one of the most used social media applications allowing Facebook Marketing Agencies to take advantage of its features. Almost any kind of content can be shared on it for reaching out to the target audience and interacting with potential or current customers. And, that too by putting a chunk of your marketing budget into affordable Facebook Marketing Pricing Packages.

Being a Facebook Marketing Company, we at Xcentric mostly use Facebook for advertising our clients and delivering them great results. The platform offers precise abilities for targeting and even pixels for retargeting. And, how can we forget the many different types of Ad format options it provides. Our team tries hands on all of them when putting Facebook PPC Marketing strategies into action for a client and generates some real results in the form of conversions.

Facebook B2B Marketing

5. Discovering Your Products

Facebook does not only enable its users to connect but also provides them the ability to engage with brands and businesses who post their services or products on the platform. Then why are you not there where your target audience gets to discover your brand and shop from you? A further delay in your investment in Facebook Advertising Packages can affect the conversions.

Whether you get on board with us for B2C or B2B Advertising On Facebook, we will make sure that your brand is shared on Facebook and users get to learn more about what you offer. Website link is added to the posts and Web Design Facebook Ads that are placed for every client, which brings in more traffic and eventually sales.


Facebook is still a relevant social media platform and hiring a Messenger Marketing Agency is a MUST. Being a business owner, you must make it a part of your digital marketing strategies. Are you ready to take the plunge and get on Facebook with a bang by investing in Facebook Marketing Services Packages? The marketing team at Xcentric is ready to help you with their expertise and experience in planning the best strategies. Contact us TODAY at connect@xcentricservices.com to hire us as your partner Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan. Rest assured, the Facebook Marketing Prices you will have to pay won’t exceed your budget.







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