Why Hire Facebook Marketing Agency In Pakistan To Optimize Ads?

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  • Jun 24, 2022


More than 1.62 million people use Facebook daily, enabling businesses to target their potential customers through marketing and advertising strategies. However, considering the competition level on the platforms, your Facebook Ads will only be effective if they are optimized properly. Without doing so, your advertising budget will go to waste. Because, on Facebook, you will be competing against businesses with a MASSIVE budget. In fact, they also have in-house teams and a Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan at their back to handle it all.

Hence, rather than just spending a fortune to advertise on the platform without having any clear strategy in mind, hire a Facebook Ads Agency to optimize your Ads. But before that, let’s look at the reasons why your Ads might not be working and how we can help you optimize them. After all, knowing the cause behind a problem is also necessary to find a solution.

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Are Your Facebook Ads Not Performing?

The first step toward optimizing Facebook Ads is understanding that they are not performing well. Unfortunately, many businesses and even Facebook Marketing Agencies believe that advertising on Facebook works similar to advertising on other channels; you have a service or product, you place an Ad, and then sales start coming in. Well, that is not how it works on Facebook.

Looking at the bigger picture, Facebook is mainly a social media platform where a business’s potential customers are there to catch up with their family and friends. In simpler words, they are not actively searching for services or products – like people who are searching on Google. The following problems can lead to your investment in Facebook Advertising Packages going to waste and the Ads not performing:

  • You are not targeting the right audience the right way
  • Facebook wants to learn more about your potential customers
  • Ads are not creative or interesting enough to stand out

Facebook Ads

6 Ways We Optimize Facebook Ads

Whether you have already targeted Facebook PPC Marketing campaigns and they are not performing or you are planning to run Ads but have no idea where to start from, Xcentric has you covered. Here are the best practices our Facebook Marketing Consultants swear by when it comes to optimizing Facebook Ads:

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1.      Outlining Campaign Goals

One of the first things we do when setting up an Ad being a Facebook Advertising Agency is choosing the advertising campaign’s goal. It is the key to ensuring that the Ads are successful. If there is no clarity on what you are trying to achieve through the Ads, then getting the most out of the advertising budget is nearly impossible. Facebook does allow generating leads, traffic, and sales – but they are not really the same thing. Campaign goals are arranged by Facebook in the following three goals:

  • Awareness – the people at this stage are basically learning about the business and here, the goal is to make them aware of the business and build a relationship.
  • Conversion – this is when a business wants its potential customers to buy a product. Usually, this is the major goal of small businesses.
  • Consideration – a stage at which a business begins acquiring leads in the form of customers’ contact information or website traffic.

2.      Turning Engaging Posts Into Ads

Some of the posts on Facebook get more comments, shares, and likes as compared to others. So, if there is an organic post on a business page with lots of engagement on it, we understand that it is resonated well with the target audience. Such posts perform well as Ads too and are a highlight of our Facebook Promotion Packages. Hence, to optimize the Ads, we also boost the existing content and get it in front of the target audience even more.

Facebook Advertising

3.      Researching The Competition

Looking at what the competitors are up to on social media also gives a clear idea of what content type will resonate with the target audience. However, being a Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan, we do not completely copy what the competitors of our clients are doing. Instead, we keep an eye on their Ads, analyze which are working, and then advertise accordingly.

Besides, every Facebook Marketing Expert at Xcentric uses Facebook Ads Library to search for Ads based on an advertiser’s name or specific keywords. From there, they see what the competitors are up to, and which Ads they are running – those running for the longest time are the most effective.

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4.      Getting Targeting Right

Even if you place the best Ad creative and copy, showing it to the wrong people will result in a waste of the B2B Advertising  On Facebook budget. As a social media platform that is widely for promoting businesses, Facebook offers different ways of reaching out to the target audience.

However, to make it all work and reach people at the right place you need to understand all the advertising options available, as well as the target audience. Marketing experts at Xcentric use the following demographic targeting options when providing Facebook Marketing Services:

  • Location – allows targeting customers by city, region, or country. Advertisers can also choose to include locations for narrowing down the audience as well as the audience living in or traveling to the location. If you have a physical store, this targeting option will work great.
  • Age – choosing which age group the business wants to show Ads to, whether they are teenagers or people above the age of 65.
  • Gender – choosing whether the business wants to target women, men, or both.
  • Language – targeting customers based on which language they speak.

Facebook Marketing Services Packages

Other than all the targeting options listed above, businesses can also filter their target audience based on traits like their work field, life events, financial well-being, and interests. All in all, the opportunities are plenty – you just need the help of a Messenger Marketing Agency like Xcentric to narrow down the target audience and get the best possible results out of the advertising campaigns.

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5.      A/B Test Everything

A/B testing means taking one Ad, making its copy, and just changing one of its details. Now, you must be thinking that this does not make sense. However, this practice is an important part of our Facebook Marketing Services Packages. Changing elements of the Ads help us understand what is working and what is not for B2C and B2B Marketing On Facebook. Usually, we change the following elements in the Ads:

  • Header
  • Videos
  • Ad Copy
  • Images
  • CTA Button
  • Placement

6.      Retargeting Visitors

Facebook allows retargeting of people who have clicked on the Ads already or those who have visited the business’s website previously. These people are the ones who are already aware of the brand and are ready to build a relationship. As a Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan, we make sure to retarget such visitors through Ads and convert them into sales for the business. Rest assured, when we’ll do the same for your business, your target audience will be engaged until the time they are ready to shop from you.

Want to know more about how we can help you optimize Ads at affordable Facebook Marketing Prices? Talk to our strategists at Xcentric by ringing at 0300-800-2094 or drop an email at connect@xcentricservices.com today.

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