Why Hire A React Native Development Company For Web Development in 2022?

Mahum Khalid

  • Jun 27, 2022

One of the most common questions that we get asked is why a business should use React for web development. Being a React Native Development Company, we believe that choosing the best technology for front-end development is quite a BIG deal. The web development era of today has witnessed many technologies in the market – each designed for meeting different needs.

React is one of those technologies and is used by many businesses. However, we understand that this is not enough to convince you for investing in React Native Web Development. You must have countless questions popping into your mind – like why is it preferred more, why you should use it for your development project, or where is React used? Well, we have the answers figured out for all your questions.

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In this blog, we have talked about how React Native, a JavaScript-based UI library, has changed the web development dimensions. Read through it till the end to find out the benefits of using React for your development project and provide your bespoke needs.

How has React Native Revolutionized Web Development?

Over the past few decades, the web has evolved a lot, and so have the tech stacks. The logic has moved more and more towards the client-side from the server-side. Firstly, frameworks like Angular started the game, which led to the client-side revolution. Right after it, ReactJS came into the limelight – bringing back the server-side revolution lost years back. Confused? Let’s understand it in the form of a timeline.

Web Development

·   Web Development Space Before React

Walking down the technology space before the year 2015, Web Development was all about rendering and scripting. It was the time when languages like CSS and HTML ruled the front-end and PHP ruled the back-end. Back then, development was also easy – it only required putting static HTML pages in folders and rendering them using PHP.

Even though this was not an intuitive and unique way to develop websites, developers could still establish a two-way connection between the server and client. Well technically, its credit goes to the Server-Side Rendering (SSR). For decades, web applications were being developed this way. However, what the developers and businesses did not see coming was the revolution in websites brought by JavaScript libraries like React.

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·    Dawn Of JavaScript & ReactJS

Since the revolution of JavaScript took over, developers can do a lot more using it than they could a decade ago. So, the question is – what brought the change? The answer is: developing web apps using client-side JavaScript. Yes, we are talking about Single Page Apps development using JavaScript.

While many JavaScript frameworks allow writing client-side JavaScript, the only one promoting this approach was Angular. Imagine fetching data from JavaScript, adding a few attributes in the markup, and voilà: you developed a dynamic website, without messing up with the servers and PHP.

Unfortunately, even though the approach got popular, DOM manipulations did not remain fast, and that is where ReactJS came into the picture. It is a JavaScript library that was introduced back in 2015 and enabled web developers to build dynamic and blazing web applications.

Web Application

Primarily, the framework was used for rendering views in mobile or web applications. It enabled the developers to create components that are usable and not dependent on each other. So, whenever any critical feature broke in any Web Application, it would be still better off without the remaining elements.

On top of everything, React also brought another feature called Virtual DOM. It enabled the React Developers in Pakistan and worldwide to implement an SRS without updating the complete view every time amid an update.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using React For Web Development?

Now that you know all about the ground-breaking JavaScript library, let’s get into the benefits of using it for your web and mobile application development projects. As a React Native Development Company, we suggest businesses to choose it over other framework options available because it checks the following boxes:

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  • Easy To Learn

One of the major concerns of developers is to choose a library of frameworks that is easy to learn and implement. The good news is that React is easy to understand for all the developers familiar with JavaScript. In simpler words, having a team of React Developers who understand JavaScript means that choosing React is your best bet. In fact, even if they do not know JavaScript, using React is the right place for them to start. Because, unlike Angular, it holds on a smooth learning curve.

  • Reusable Components

The applications in React consist of different components. Ideally, the developers providing Web Development Services begin with small components such as menus, dropdowns, checkboxes, buttons, etc. The wrapper components are then created around the smaller components. So, as the developers go on to writing a high-level wrapper component, they have one single root component and many different hierarchical components.

Now, here is the no-brainer: every component in React has a separate logic. If the developer wants to re-use the button component throughout the web app, they are good to go ahead with it. Pretty much everyone wants reusability in projects, and now you know that React offers it.

Web Development Services

  • Unique Abstraction Layer

Another lesser-famous benefit related to React Create App is that it enables an abstraction layer, which means that the end-user does not have access to complex internals. The developer only has to be aware of the basics and will be better off even having the know-how of the internal functionalities. In addition, the framework does not even dictate architectural patterns such as MVVM, MVP, and MVC. Simply put, when using React to develop a web app, the developers are free to design its architecture in any way they see fit.

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  • Developer Tools Ecosystem

React has a vibrant ecosystem of developer tools. ReactJS Developers can find countless customizable and ready-made graphics, documentation tools, charts, and other components. Therefore, allowing them to build a web or mobile app using React in less time – without reinventing anything during the development process. And, with this, another problem of not finding the right tools is sorted with React.

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    [/vc_column][/vc_row] React is an ideal framework choice for projects that require component reusability, crazy animations, and impressive user interactions. With that being said, it is a robust UI library that caters to every size of business – be it small, medium, or a BIG organization. Hence, being a Web Development Company in Lahore, we rely on React heavily when a client wants a solution for achieving long-term goals.

    To start off your web or mobile app development project using React, hire Xcentric – a React Native Development Company. Our team of developers understands the benefits of React and where it should be used in an application development project. In fact, the framework has fully conquered the codebase, allowing us to build robust and complex applications – according to the needs plus budget of every client.







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