Hidden Features of Microsoft Office Word

John Smith

  • May 13, 2019

Many people who use a computer do not know how to use Microsoft Office or MS Word may be these products are not free that is why people use them less. Well, this happens only in Pakistan in rest of the countries people pay and then use the services which are the right way. Xcentric Services offers you to buy Microsoft Office in Pakistan.

Microsoft Office is a great packaged software to perform different tasks but when it comes to documents MS Word offers great ease and functionality to users.

If you use Microsoft Office Word you might enjoy this but if there are people who never used MS Word, this is an opportunity to learn some good tips to use Microsoft Office. Here are some Microsoft Word features that make your work easier.

Distraction Free

Writers and readers need silence and peace. The clutter of Microsoft Word introduced users to modes of distraction-free editors and uninterrupted peace. If you like Word applications, to hide the visual clutter of the Ribbon you can use a quick shortcut. You have to press Ctrl + F1 to toggle the Ribbon from view. Distraction-free reading is a very important feature present in Word 2013 and 2016, although, it was also available in Word 2010.

Rearrange With The Outline View

Outlining main ideas and completing the first draft quickly is the toughest part for writing productivity. If it is used well, the Outline View can increase your productivity by 50%. You can get a different type of setting to rearrange your draft in the View menu and then Outline View. You can choose the right setting according to your document and arrange it like that.

Microsoft Word a Quick Brainstorming Tool

All you have to do is to double-click anywhere and start typing. You do not have to bother with positioning a cursor. This is the closest example of Microsoft Word as a freestyle writing application. Click and Type is working since Word 2002. The feature only works in the Print Layout view or in the Web Layout view. Although this is very helpful to insert text and graphics, you can also use it as a tool for brainstorming.

Convert Tables to Graphs in MS Word

Microsoft Office Word allows users to create charts and tables and then turn them into useful graphical visuals. This feature is not commonly known to everybody but almost everybody needs this feature in their professional or student life.

Write Equations in Word

Microsoft Office Word application also allows users to write equations with proper symbolic representation. In MS Word 2013 and 2016, it was simply known as Equation. To add an equation you have to go to insert and select equation and then type a new equation there just like mentioned below. Choose Insert then select Equation and Insert New Equation.

Use the Equation option menu to make your own advanced equations for different subjects like mathematics, physics, or chemistry. MS Word gives you many well-known template equations to insert with just a click.

Hold 24 Items in the Clipboard

Windows has its own clipboard but here we are talking about a separate MS Word’s own version of the clipboard that can hold up to 24 items. In the Home tab, click the little drop-down arrow button right next to Clipboard to show the panel on the left. To get its shortcut just press Ctrl+C two times to open the Clipboard Panel. This holding capacity offers you to cut and copy multiple elements and paste them anywhere within the document file.

These were some hidden features of Microsoft Word, maybe many of you are already have knowledge about these but there are people who do not use enough of MS Word so for their convenience, this piece of information is shared. If you are looking for Microsoft products Xcentric Services is selling original Microsoft products in Pakistan. If you are willing to buy Microsoft Office in Pakistan do visit Xcentric Store.







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