Halloween Marketing – How We Are Adopting It For Clients At Xcentric?

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  • Oct 26, 2021

The spooky October is already coming to an end, and we can already hear the kids in the neighbourhood tricking-treating. As an online retailer, you need to have a Halloween Marketing campaign planned; to take advantage of and bring home revenues. However, before getting into the details of how we adapt it, let’s discuss something – Customer Ownership. It is a game-changer that we bet on for getting clients at Xcentric Services an edge during holiday seasons like Halloween.

To Begin With – What Is Customer Ownership?

Customer ownership is all about establishing contact between customers and a business by keeping track of activities in social circles and actions are taken while shopping online. Quite honestly, this does sound clingy often, but it is not actually and should not be. Though we want to make one thing clear – customer ownership does not mean that a business owns its customers.

At its best, customer ownership means is when the business knows how to engage with its customers, use insights for influencing their behaviour, and ultimately meet the need. An online web store developed by our Shopify Experts using built-in tools of the E-Commerce platform can automate this for a business. However, this will not ensure that buyers will shop from you as soon as the web store is launched.

Being a Social Media Marketing Agency, we consider customer ownership an important aspect of every strategy. Why? Because knowing how customers behave, where they are located, their friends, and their interests, our marketers better tailor their experiences. And then, when holidays like Halloween coming up, we know exactly where the target audience of our client is and what type of strategies we need to put into action. Otherwise, how do you think our team helps businesses compete with their competitors?

Cutting on the cost of products or services does not help with appealing to the target audience or changing their taste. Unfortunately, many agencies are aware of this and ask their clients to pay BIG for acquiring customers – taking acquisition costs up the sky. In such a frenzy, Xcentric Services comes to the rescue and helps with knowing the customers. With all this in mind, have a look at how we adopt Halloween Marketing to impress the audience of our clients.

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6 Tactics We Are Adopting For Marketing Our Clients On Halloween

Now that we are discussing the actual topic of this blog, there is something we want you to keep in mind. These tactics are the ones we mostly adopt for clients when providing Social Media Marketing Services. However, some of these might differ depending on the niche of your products or services.

For example, if you sell apparel or makeup, the tactic we will use would be different than that of our client providing dental services. Moreover, in case our client sells appliances online, we resort to more practical campaigns and so on. In a nutshell, we try to be flexible and choose the tactics to be practiced very seriously. Now, moving forward, take a look below at the tactics we usually adopt.

1.  User-Generated Content & Hashtags

One of the most foolproof tactics that we use to get attracted to the products or services our clients offer is posting user-generated content with hashtags. The only requirement for this is that you need to offer something special for Halloween and set a trend. After you share the special offer with us, we take it as a game on social media and as the users, aka, the target audience to share content using the hashtags.

For example, one of the ideas we adopted was inspired by the Halloween Marketing strategy of Starbucks. Even though their drinks look appealing in normal routine, during Halloween, they introduced a green and purple drink to stand out. All they did was ask their customers to share the pictures of the drink on social media platforms using the hashtag #ZombieFrappucino. Guess what? It worked wonders.

To our clients in the same niche as Starbucks, we have suggested introducing a Halloween special line of cups. And like a smart marketer, using those branded cups, we will ask the users to share content with trendy hashtags. However, if this does not work for you, we are flexible enough to plan something else for your brand – like video content or a Q&A session. Whatever it be, we will do it right and generate you leads.

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2.  Holiday Bundles

During the holiday seasons, everyone is willing to spend more – not just on costumes for Halloween. Being a Social Media Marketing Agency, we think that during such holidays, offering discounts that you normally do is not enough. Therefore, we plan to up-sell and cross-sell on client websites during Halloween by creating product bundles.

Usually, bundles look like a crazy deal saving some bucks. Hence, the FOMO of customers triggers them to shop more, thinking that they will save a lot on the original price. Taking a real-time example, one of our clients sells apparel. To up the client’s Halloween Marketing game, we have decided to offer “Halloween Special Bundles” with a combination of products. They will grab attention, and the customers will not feel like they have spent a lot of money. Instead, it will give them a feeling of saving on the original prices of the products or services.

3.  Spooky Looking Web Store

Just like you love decorating your home for Halloween, we at Xcentric Services love giving the web stores of our clients a spooky look. For us, the BEST of Halloween Marketing starts with the smallest details.

As we also provide Shopify Development Services, using the applications of the E-Commerce platform, we plan to add the seasonal 3D effect of Halloween on client websites. We think that it will do the trick and is also a one-size-fits-all that can tailor a business in any niche.

Of course, it will take a few tweaks on the online web store, like adding new photos, GIFs, or videos and displaying time at the right place. Hence, let us choose your weapons wisely this Halloween and make your Shopify web store look spooky-to-shop.

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4.   Spooking Up Google Ads

Paid marketing goes a long way when it is utilized properly. However, you need to be careful when putting something out in an Ad. Marketing professionals at Xcentric Services know how to target the right Ads – with visuals that are engaging and converting.

When placing an Ad, the first thing we do is research and analyze the keyword trends. After that, we hit where it matters to get the most out of Ads places in terms of conversions and revenues. Now that we are focusing on Halloween Marketing, these Ads will be customized for the holiday season. To do them right, our team will balance the spookiness and the purpose behind the Ad. The result? Viewers will get curious and interact more with the Ads. Thus, increasing the reach of the paid marketing campaigns and conversions – which is the ultimate goal of Halloween Marketing.

5.   Halloween-Themed Gifts

Offering products or services that are Halloween-themed seems out of question for you? Not a problem. We can consider sending out spooked-up gifts to customers with the orders. Of course, these gifts will be for promotional purposes only, and even if they do not increase conversions, it will be fun. Just in case you get lucky, it will also drive traffic to your online web store.

Just sharing what we have in our marketing mind, why not send out spooky-looking coasters or pens with your orders. Sure, it does not sound too fancy but cool nonetheless for those in the Halloween feel. If you ask why so, it is because a cool gift like this can get the customer to create user-generated content and share it on their social media platform. It will drive your traffic volume upwards and win you the trust of others seeing the post.

6.   Online Events

Since we are living through the pandemic, businesses running Shopify web stores can turn towards online events. To our clients at Xcentric Services operating online web stores, being a Shopify Development Company, we suggest building communities of customers. These are the communities where customers get to befriend each other and share reviews on products or services businesses offer.

Now, what if we tell you that we have planned creative ways to have online events on Halloween for the customers of our clients? Sounds too exciting, we know. Fun games, sessions on Instagram LIVE wearing Halloween costumes and the list goes on. There are lots of tactics our marketing team can incorporate in your marketing campaigns for Halloween. Share your idea with us, and we guarantee to make it fun for your customers who have been stuck at home for over a year now.

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Wrapping Up

No doubt, targeting Halloween Marketing campaigns for businesses is fun. While it can be overwhelming to make them work, there are endless opportunities – with no end to creativity. As long as you have the back of a Digital Marketing Agency like Xcentric Services, nothing can stop you. Hence, for the trick-or-treat holiday season this year, get on board with us and do not just let your customers have all the spooky fun – join them NOW. To get your customized Halloween Marketing plan, drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com.







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