Hacks to avoid Marketing Automation Failures

Mahum Khalid

  • Oct 15, 2019

You are tired of handling small marketing activities by yourself? Or is it that you like it?  But it’s taking most of your time, leaving you on a clock to deal with the real business. Life can be made easier you know? Marketing Automation is a beautiful amalgamation of software and strategy. There are a lot of marketing departments that allow you to automate tasks like email marketing, social media posting, and ad campaigns. This helps not only with efficiency but also gives a more personalized touch to the customers.

Hooked up to it already? As cool as it sounds, Marketing automation does fall out a lot more than we would like. Because we often forget that this is artificial intelligence we are talking about and there is always room for error if we are not paying attention. But this problem has solutions too. There are a couple of things you should keep in mind while dealing with your automation tools, to avoid maximum failures.

Know what you are doing

You need to learn the ropes before you try to tie them. Understand that you cannot get anything out of marketing automation unless you are sure of a couple of things. Your basic knowledge counts for everything here. So the things that should be under your belt before setting the parameters are;

  • Your Goals
  • Knowledge of the market
  • Your target audience

First and foremost, set realistic goals for your company, what do you plan on achieving at the end? Whether you want more sales, and brand awareness or you are trying to reach a new audience and demographics. Without defined goals, achieving success is not possible.

Once the goals are set you might want to take a closer look at your market, its trends, what the people appreciate, and maybe how your competitors are playing along. To narrow down your market, you can get a thorough knowledge of your audience, and their demographics. For instance, while a cosmetic company will target girls aged between 15 and 35, a departmental store is most likely to target women above 30 years. Having a clear idea of the age, gender, and social status of your audience will make it easier for you to decide your next move with business marketing.

Right Parameters are the Key

Once you know what you need, you are in a better position to set the parameters to get the job done. The machine will do its job after you have explicitly put in the instructions and rules, by which you want the tools to play. You can’t expect a bot to read your mind and adjust itself accordingly. When a company is using marketing automation tools, it is expecting to get more web traffic, more buyers, and an influx of loyal and long-lasting customers. To achieve that, you have to smartly set ground rules.

Most companies using marketing automation tools would want their audience to be categorically divided so that they can pitch in the form of marketing that the particular category would respond to, but fail to define the categories properly and later complain about it not fulfilling the task.

Test your Parameters…

Like every other thing, marketing is research too. You make a hypothesis, find your sample, apply the theory and wait for the results. Sometimes these results fall in your favor and you take the particular marketing technique as one of your own. Similarly, with Marketing automation tools, the biggest mistake that people make is that they don’t test their parameters. It’s a smart move to run a pilot study, and see if the tools are delivering the way you want them to, based on the ground rules you set for the software.

Platform selection needs to be Right

Marketing automation software comes in different sizes, shapes, and specs that are needed by varied companies according to their preferences. Once the goals and parameters are in check, you might want to start looking for platforms that serve in more than one department, evaluate software performance, and maybe compare price quotes to make the right decision.

It’s important that you choose the right software because if you end up with something over complicated or maybe it is a single channel system, there is going to be a huge problem, rather than making your marketing journey painless, it will make it unbearable. Some of the top favorite platforms these days are Mailchimp and HubSpot, people trust them with their marketing.


You are confused, we get it. There is nothing to be afraid of. Marketing automation software isn’t something you are going to learn overnight. And that’s where Digital Marketing Agencies kick in. They have the best digital marketing consultants out there trying to help people like you with their marketing as well as Marketing automation tools, promising a smooth journey with the minimum failure rate.








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