The Beginner’s Guide to Starting on Magento E-Commerce 2022

Ali Kazmi

  • Jul 28, 2020

If you are jumping in the world of Dynamics E-Commerce for the first time, you need to start strong, on a reliable and compelling E-Commerce Website Development platform, namely Magento E-Commerce Development. Considering that you are joining the bandwagon to connect with your target audience, and to sell your products effectively, decide on a platform that offers wide-ranging features.

Among all the famous ones, Magento is the most extensively opted E-Commerce platform for all the reasons savvy retailers embrace it and more. If you have been in consideration of launching your online store, there are countless reasons why Magento should top your list of options. An E-Commerce store built on Magento has all the functionalities that a customer can expect while shopping online. Moreover, it also gives YOU the needed edge with sophisticated Digital Media Marketing analytics, Dynamics 365 Magento Integration options, Magento Extensions, and Applications.

Being Magento Implementation Partners, in this article, we have covered all the basics a retailer needs to know before they set a Web Store up and running. So if you are a beginner starting on Magento, read through. Find out how you can create your account on Magento, decide on a perfect theme from Theme Marketplace, and launch your very first product. Plus, we’ll also cover all the benefits Magento E-Commerce Website Development provides to make you better understand what to expect and go ahead with your decision of choosing Magento as your platform if you are still on the fence about where to start the E-Commerce journey.

What Makes Magento Different From Other Platforms?

In recent years, the world of Dynamics 365 E-Commerce has grown huge, and that only indicates that there are more platforms to begin on than ever before. With intense competition in the E-Commerce industry, and the fact that all of these diverse platforms offer endless incentives to get retailers to invest in them, what makes Magento stand out from the rest of the competition?

Before you make an informed decision of choosing the right E-Commerce platform for your business, as well as benefit from its wide-ranging features once you begin building your online presence, you need to be acquainted with the significant benefits of Magento. Being a Web Development Company, we admit the fact that when it comes to E-Commerce platforms, most of them offer the same features, which they perhaps stuff into various categories and applications. Hence, to get the best of bet, you need to dig deeper than usual to analyze the unique features of platforms you are judging to choose from if you want to drive on the best path forward into the E-Commerce arena.

We assume that you are looking out for reasons why Magento is famous as a unique one out of other platforms and why it stands out on its own in this limitless E-Commerce arena. By perceiving and familiarizing yourself with these features and advantages, you will understand why it is the go-to choice for growing retailers.

Magento E-Commerce


One of the standout features of Magento is its high level of user-friendliness. It holds an automatic dashboard that is effortless to navigate, which implies that instead of wasting hours on learning complex systems, a couple of clicks are enough for accessing its functionalities.

Running an online store requires moving a lot of pieces, but with Magento, your job is made easy. And that is precisely what every online retailer aims for. Amid Magento 2 Development Services, adding products to your E-Store, and Inventory and Supply Chain Management, you need to be sure that you are providing a great UX. Honestly, you are going to have a lot put on your plate – updating discount codes, dealing with customer issues, and everything in between.

Magento Commerce Developers take enough of these hassles of managing an E-Store away by equipping you with an efficient platform. The dashboard enables you to access your E-Store analytics, products, ongoing promotions, installed applications, and more, without cluttering and confusing your mind.

Undoubtedly, Magento E-Commerce Designers have spent a great deal of effort and time into their UI and have simplified the job of E-Store management to such an extent that it only takes an overview to discover all the core features. All in all, you can jump right onto building an attractive E-Store, all along the way of a learning curve.

Optimised Inventory Management

Inventory Management is an essential aspect of driving an E-Commerce business that requires a reliable and dynamic back-end system. Magento outshines this operation by providing retailers with lots of possibilities at their disposal to view their stock, handle order quantities, track, and many other practical options.

Along with inventory management, managing your returns is equally necessary. With Magento, your customers can easily make returns when a situation calls for it, while you have the information and power to control the inventory. So if you plan to scale and grow as an E-Commerce business, optimize your inventory, and return management because this is the only proper way to track sales.

Open-Source E-Commerce

Businesses that are new to the E-Commerce arena usually fret when it comes to deciding on a platform because they demand dollars. But that is not how it works for Magento, considering that it is an open-source E-Commerce platform, available for everyone, for FREE.

Moreover, it gives users access to a broad range of extendable features, extensions, and themes that can be configured and customized as you please.

As every retailer would expect, Magento Commerce provides advanced functionalities, including Digital Marketing in Pakistan features, Loyalty Management Services, and targeted Social Media Marketing promotions. Plus, you receive 24/7 support from a Magento Technical Team.

Customer Loyalty Features

In this tech-driven era, just building an E-Store that hosts few products is not enough. If you aim to stand out among others, you need to maintain your E-Store’s health, with customer retention and community-building.

Dedicated followers are all you need to buck up your sales because they are the ones who stop by your E-Store from time to time, for purchasing your products. All you need to do is maintain consistent branding, an optimized website, and incredible customer services – and Voilà, everything is sorted!

A pro tip: Gift cards are perks that keep driving customers back to your E-Store. Magento allows you to create them with ease and even helps you put together a Loyalty Management System.

Magento E-Commerce Website Development – Let’s get started on it from scratch!

The process of creating your Magento account couldn’t be more simplistic, even though it differs slightly from the way you sign up for other Digital Services. But perhaps, there are some of us out there new to Magento 2 E-Commerce Development. Hence, we have put together this guide that helps them get started from scratch.

Creating your Magento Account

To begin, navigate to the Magento open-source product page accessible through this link – adobe.ly/30kkvwJ. Through this, you will view a screen that looks like this;


Next, click the Get Started button and hop through the pages and keep on entering the required information such as your email and precise details about your business. Once you fill in these cursory bits of information, you will receive an email with your credentials and a link leading you to the dashboard.

Once you successfully create your account and access the dashboard, survey around and familiarize yourself with the features of Magento, accessible from the left-side navigation panel.

Magento E-Commerce dashboard

Before you miss out, make sure to head over to the Store Setup field and take all the necessary preliminary actions that ensure proper store functioning. Though this doesn’t need immediate attention, make sure that you go through all the options on the dashboard methodically, to make the most out of the platform.

Choosing the Perfect Theme

Launching a website is crucial to crafting eye-catchy aesthetics, regardless of its purpose. So if your visuals are not right, sadly, you won’t stand a chance to stay in the game.

Whether you are a clothing retail store or an online grocery store, every niche has its imagery style. Hence, there is no chance you can stand out by using a theme suited for a toy-supplying E-Store for your grocery store.

While choosing a theme for your E-Store, your focus should be on connecting with your customers. The one you pick should deliver a message to your customers that convince them to hit the Buy button.

Magento makes picking a theme effortless because all you have to do is go to the Magento Marketplace. There, you will see plenty of popular and eye-catchy choices. Once you find the dream theme for your E-Store, click on the Add Theme button. Confirm if you want to continue with the changes, and when you do so, your E-Store will be updated accordingly.

However, you can change the theme anytime you want. And if you wish to give your website a certain kind of look that Magento Marketplace doesn’t cover, we being a Magento 2 Development Company are always there to help with high-level Web Design Services.

Adding the First Product

To begin adding your products on Magento, navigate to the Store area on the navigation panel. From there, if you click on the Add New Product option in the Products attribute, you will be driven to this screen below;


Adding a product is as easy as naming it. Though still, you need to fill out the title and description without skimping on it. Moreover, optimize every product you add with SEO Services. Otherwise, they won’t be picked up by Google SERPs. So the better you fill up information to serve customers, the more they stay on your E-Store. And perhaps, convert into leads.

Once you have drafted the product description, it is time to fine-tune your product display game with eye-catchy images and engaging videos; they add a visual spark to your E-Store.

Are you thinking that is putting this much attention into adding a mere product essential? Considering that online shoppers are becoming savvier day by day, the answer is a big YES!

Lastly, if you are satisfied with every detail about your product, hit the Save button – your product is LIVE!

Modifying the Storefront and Finishing Touches

To modify some details on your storefront, including the carousel images on the Homepage or other links, click the Store option from the navigation menu. There, the Configuration attribute will enable you to change the look as you want.

However, while you modify the E-Store, make sure that you fill out all the necessary information because Magento offers various SEO Services in Pakistan, which only helps you rank higher on SERPs when the search engines can crawl all the vital information.

One of the reasons why Magento 2 Website Development is always in talks of online retailers is its Dashboard that makes access to pages on an E-Commerce website as smooth as possible. Technically, it breaks down all the complexities that go into running a successful E-Store, making everything manageable and accessible. Rest assured, once you follow all these steps, you are all set to join the tech bandwagon with a professional-looking E-Commerce website; just like the wow-worthy ones below!

Magento E-Commerce

How can Xcentric take your Magento E-Commerce Web Store to the Next Level?

Magento offers a low-barrier entry to an impressive suite of features that take E-Commerce businesses off the ground. Though still, launching a Microsoft Dynamics E-Commerce website is not an easy play. Whether you aim to build a custom Homepage, a winning Menu, or a comprehensive SEO Services Pakistan strategy that ranks you first on SERPs, you need to invest in a professional Web Development Company in Lahore that specializes in Magento E-Commerce Development Services.

We at Xcentric Services have what it takes to develop a superior E-Commerce experience, regardless of the competition. Our team of Web Development in Pakistan can tackle all the facets of your online business with high-level Magento Website Design, Magento CRM Integration, Magento SMS Integration, and Magento POS Integration. So if you aim to look on-brand with an incredibly optimised and functional E-Commerce website, get in touch with us. Being a Magento 2 Development Agency, we’ll truly make your brand a statement with the power of Magento!







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