5 Benefits of Guest Blogging Strategy for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Mahum Khalid

  • Nov 15, 2019


In this digital world, having a blog with a touch of guest blogging is not rare. Guest Blogging can be the best Social Media Marketing in Pakistan technique for your Small and Mid-Sized Businesses, to smash through the problem of less traffic on your blogs. If you’re ferreting around for ways to speed up your blog post’s virality, creating backlinks through guest blogging is your way to boost engagement rate. In the long run, this collaboration is helpful for both; the blog host and the guest writer for targeting the right niche and generating backlinks.

To contribute more to your success, we suggest you go through these benefits of guest blogging convincing you to have a take on this strategy.

1. Builds your Brand Authority in the Industry

Modern Content Marketing is all about getting an authority in your industry. Even the best content producers, at some point, don’t get the engagement and likes they deserve. Are you scared that you’re new in the industry, and it will take an insanely long time for you to emerge? Don’t panic!

Get yourself associated with some of the top bloggers who consent guest blogging on their Blogs’. The cherry on top will make you more trustable in the industry and in the eyes the targeted niche. The term “Fake News” is so relevant in the Digital Marketing world that having an Authority in the industry is the only way to survive, so build a solid.

2. Fortify your Blog’s Backlinks and boost SEO

Google, the universal search engine, now relies on relevant backlinks, boosting the SEO. Are you writing blogs currently? They can help you big with this backlinking game.

Most blog hosts allow guest writers to share in guests posts at least one link, directed to the personal site. These relevant backlinks’ means; both, the host and the guest, are sharing the almost same information. For example, you being a clothing business won’t get any benefit out of a backlink, generated by a real estate. Context matters, that is why both the contents need to make sense together, guest blogging does its magic here!

Guest Blogging

3. Exposure to Organic and Quality Leads

The biggest benefit guest blogging gives to small and mid-sized businesses is – Quality Leads. Every business’s wish is to get quality leads without having to spend a hefty amount on marketing campaigns. Guest blogging is how you can pull in quality leads out of your targeted niche on the host’s blog. But wait, that’s not everything you need to look out for!

Along with niche relevancy, it is a guest blogger’s responsibility to do a survey of the prevailing traffic on the host’s blog, to be at the safe side.  This survey will help you connect with the quality lead, who’s already willing to buy products or services which you’re offering.

4. Fuels your Follower Base and Credibility

Guest Blogging engagements let you add your social account links to your contribution profile, on the host’s blog. Get the hint of where this leads?

Your guest blogging contributions are a vouch to your own business. The good news is, they increase your follower base. Adding more to all these benefits, it will also fuel your credibility, considering that your content makes the host go head over heels, to get it shared on their blog.

5. The right amount of Criticism is all you need

Guest Blogging can be your way to test out different strategies and getting the right amount of criticism, which is all you need to get an assurance of your strategy’s success. Didn’t get the point of taking this risk? Here’s how;

As a guest blogger, you won’t know what works the best for you, until you practice with different ways to get success. Perhaps, this may sound off, but this is one of the best ways to develop and test new Content Marketing Strategies. Get insightful feedback and criticism from the targeted niche, refine your blog content and grow in every facet of the guest blogging.

Guest Blogging can be a crucial step if you’re a small or mid-sized business. But what’s wrong in giving it a shot in the safest way? Hire a Digital Marketing Agency to get some assistance and see if this works for you.







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