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  • Oct 18, 2021

Venturing into the social media world without a Social Media Marketing Company can be daunting and leave the owner overwhelmed – with more questions in the mind than answers. How does the Facebook algorithm word? Is there a character limit on the Instagram bio? Can I post something other than a picture on Twitter? Or, how to advertise a product on Snapchat? And these are just some surface questions businesses ask just as they step forward on social media. More of these keep coming in because the platforms keep evolving. Hence, rather than jumping on the bandwagon alone, hire a Social Media Marketing Company. And when that company is Xcentric Services, leads will surely put in and grow your online presence.

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5 Benefits Of Hiring Xcentric As Your Social Media Marketing Company

Every and any business can reach out to customers and boost revenues by successfully using social media platforms for marketing. Unfortunately, many of them fail at it because they lacked the expertise, experience, and resources.

Social media marketing works wonders when it comes to increasing brand awareness and reaching out to a new audience that can be converted into customers. However, it only works when used the right way. Hence, leave the job to professionals at Xcentric Services and invest in our Social Media Marketing Services. We fully understand the platforms, their algorithm, technology, and marketing tools that can lead you on the right path. But before you get on board with us, read the blog to know what benefits to expect.

1.   Best Practices & Maximising Budget

You can get a competitive edge in the crowded world of social media by hiring us as your Social Media Marketing Company. Because our marketing team knows how to get the most out of campaigns using best practices, they are sure to perform well.

For example, think of 2019 when the update in Facebook’s algorithm decreased the organic reach of businesses, forcing them to turn towards social media advertising. The good news is that being an agency, we know how to tackle such updates with our expertise and creativity. Capitalizing on the posting timings, viral trends and new updates is exactly what we do.

Hence, whether it’s organic marketing or placing Ads on social media, we will get the best out of the budget you invested. Be It Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter – campaigns targeted on every platform will be structured to achieve marketing goals.

2.   Expertise & Out-Of-The-Box Thinking

More often, taking off on social media demands an out-of-the-box idea and expertise. Being a leader on the platforms instead of just another business certainly pays in terms of conversions and sales.

Hiring us as your partner agency can get you an edge because our team always has out-of-the-box content ideas that work like magic. They have their specific tried-and-tested formulas that generate success and also know what does not work on social media platforms. Therefore, you do not get into troubles that usually cost other businesses hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Besides, partnering with us will also get you access to a full suite of marketing tools that help with scheduling posts, getting performance insights, and reporting. Additionally, we also evaluate the competition of our clients to know what would work for achieving their goals and brands.

3.    Outside Perspective Adds Value

Whenever a professional peaks behind the curtains of a business, there are suggestions for making improvements. So, is their perception actually a reality? Yes, because often, businesses get stuck in their own bubble. Therefore, making it hard for them to see beyond the four walls surrounding them.

When planning social media marketing strategies, this happens a lot – while the business keeps thinking that it is growing. Hence, partner with us to get a second opinion on your social media marketing campaigns and make them valuable. Because after all, our team does this work all day and has the eyes to see what is wrong in a marketing strategy.

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4.    In-House Team & Other Resources

Many businesses do not have the budget and resources to have an in-house social media marketing team that conceptualizes and implements campaigns. Usually, only a few people are overseeing a business, and also the social media side of it – which doubles their responsibility. In such cases, there are more chances of mistakes in the content, social media posts not getting posted on time, and an unreliable posting routine.

By hiring a Social Media Marketing Company, you can scale up your marketing strategies. With our team fully supporting you in every area no matter that the time – from creative designing to content, and posting, you are surely going to have a strong online presence.

5.    Save Your Business From Embarrassment

Some social media marketing campaigns can break the game for a business. Imagine posting something on your social media feed that you thought was humorous, and the audience found offensive? Or, what if your team posted something on social media that violated copyrights and your account got suspended? Many big brands stumble on social media and go through embarrassment.

For example, Dove brands itself as – The home of real beauty; to empower women. However, some years ago, one of their posts on social media got criticized real badly. Actually, it was an Ad running on social media featuring a black woman whose skin turned white after using a product by the brand. Rather than generating sales for the brand, it frustrated the target audience and hit the brand image, which was embarrassing. After all the backlash, Dove had to remove the Ad and apologise to their customers.

The conclusion? Avoid the nightmare of getting embarrassed in front of your target audience by hiring Xcentric Services as your partner agency. Our team has years of experience and completely understands what kind of content might get a backlash. Therefore, play safe – because once you hit the bottom rock on social media, it takes ages to build a good image once again.

What Do Our Social Media Marketing Services Include?

On hiring us for marketing your business on social media platforms, you can expect our services to include the following:

  • Assigned Social Media Manager
  • Customized Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Original and Creative Social Media Posts
  • Monthly Performance Analysis & Reporting
  • Boosted Social Media Posts
  • Social Media Feed Monitoring

Whether you are looking to grow on Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, or Facebook, our savvy marketing team will manage your social media presence professionally.

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Partner With Us TODAY!

Are you ready to invest in social media marketing to achieve your business goals? Xcentric Services can help. We are a Social Media Marketing Agency having on board a team of professional social media marketers that know how to get the best out of social media. By making YOUR goals their own goals, they will determine which platforms and strategies would work the best in reaching out to your target audience.

After deciding on the social media platforms for marketing your business, they will develop customized marketing strategies. Every strategy will be aimed at boosting your brand awareness, the overall organic website traffic, and the conversion rate. Call us TODAY or drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com to get a project quote for social media marketing.







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