Google Search Engine Optimization For WordPress Websites – How We Nail It To Boost Rankings? 

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  • Dec 21, 2021

Are your digital marketing goals all about driving organic traffic to your WordPress website? Fair enough, every business these days has the same goal – which demands implementing the right Google Search Engine Optimization strategy. The better a strategy is targeted, the higher a website ranks on search engine result pages (SERPs). Also, the closer a website gets to the first rank on the search results, people find it easily. However, before you get from the SEO team at Xcentric Services to improve the SEO rank of your WordPress website, let us give you a quick review on how we nail it.

But First – Why Care About SEO?

Search Engines Optimization is a complex algorithm that is used by Google for accessing website content, its tags, elements, availability, and countless other factors. Combined, they all help in deciding which website is most relevant to the search query of a visitor.

So, if you want to make sure that people find your website in search engine results, ensure that it is crawled by Google Bot. When a WordPress website is not found by Google, it does not get indexed. Moreover, it also has zero chances of being on the first page. In this case, people can only come across your website when they knows its URL or your business name.

Luckily, the built-in WordPress SEO Optimization functionality can satisfy these bots. The features in the platform literally guide bots through posts, pages, and categories of a website. Thus, making it easy to collect information about a business and boost its SERP rankings.

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5 Ways We Boost Rankings For Client Websites On WordPress

Even though there are features and functionalities available on WordPress like Yoast SEO that help businesses get in searches organically and please Google, you will need professional help. Being an SEO Agency, we at Xcentric Services are familiar with the tricks and tools that can increase the rankings of a website. Want to know more about how getting on board with us will be beneficial? Here then, keep scrolling and reading the blog. We have all the details covered below!

1.     Seeing What Google Sees

By leveraging Yoast – a powerful plugin full of features, we get instant feedback on the website content in the form of instant analytics. This way, our SEO team knows if the keywords are placed following best practices, images are tagged properly, and posts have acceptable readability. Yes, we are talking about that GREEN circle right beside the posts in the back-end of WordPress.

Besides, the plugin also enables seeing a preview of how the website link will show up on the SERPs and if the target keywords are there in the content, title, and meta description. Sounds like too much to handle? Leave the worry of Google Search Engine Optimization on us, and we will make sure to see things how Google sees them before the website is crawled.

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2.     Optimizing Images With Alt Tags

Uploading high-quality images on a website does not only help with enhancing the customer experience as Google also considers them while indexing. However, since the crawlers can only read the words, we use keyword-rich titles with images.

For instance, an image named “IMG00001204” has lesser chances of contributing to a website’s ranking compared to the one named “Men-Black-Shirt”. Hence, when uploading images on WordPress websites of clients, our SEO team never missed out on optimizing them with Alt Tags.

3.     Avoiding Content Duplication

Often, agencies do not focus on the fact that content on websites needs to be unique. Sadly, this results in penalties by Google because the same content is there on multiple websites. Unlike others, we at Xcentric Services take up the responsibility of checking that every URL of our client’s WordPress website has plagiarism-free content on it.

Besides, another common mistake is using the same product description for similar products. Practically, in such cases where the business is selling the same product with minor colour variations, our team does not go with the same product description for all of them. Instead, they write a new product description for every product, ensuring that the website content is unique throughout.

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4.     Strategically Using WordPress Categories

Similar to adding tags, we organize the related posts on the WordPress websites by categorizing them. The categories do not only make crawling easier. They also provide the readers with clues on what the content is about and find relevant posts.

Though many SEO experts say that tags are options, our team does recommend the same. Hence, when optimizing a WordPress website for the search engine, we strategically categorize the posts. Moreover, we add tags too to the images in the posts.

5.     Creating Effective Permalinks

According to some researches, using numbers in a post title attracts the readers to read it. However, considering the Google Search Engine Optimization algorithm, they do not contribute to the ranking of a website.

Therefore, to optimize the WordPress websites of our clients, we keep the slugs of the posts short; preferably five or fewer words. For example, suppose we are posting content with the title “10 Looks For Styling In Summers”. For such posts, we shorten the permalink to “looks-for-styling-in-summers”.
Ready To Rank Your WordPress Website?

Other than the above-mentioned Search Engine Optimization Tips, there are many more tools that help with boosting the ranking of a WordPress website. However, choosing keywords, creating content, and optimizing the website takes a lot of time and effort. So, why not let professionals at Xcentric Services do all the hard work while you focus on other business tasks? Contact us TODAY and get a customized SEO plan.







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