Google Reviews: How to increase them?

Ali Kazmi

  • Aug 23, 2019

Call it human nature or simple satisfaction; Human beings strive for reassurance. We need to know who do we trust. Whether the people, products, or the Digital Marketing Services we are selecting are worth the trust, or is it just going be a waste. In today’s world of scamps and misjudgments, the tech-savvy buyers are always rushing back to Google reviews for reassurance. Mostly to see what others have to say about the product or service to avoid making the same mistake.

There are many sites like yellow pages and BBB, where people can look for reviews but ever since 2019, more than 90% of the search traffic has reverted to Google for reviews. So that makes it your star transcendent, which means that your business gets influence by both; Good and bad reviews and those reviews are there on Google reviews. Hence, keeping your reviews pleasing and at the top of the sight gets prime importance.

However, being a Digital Marketing Agency, we’ve come across businesses that are confused about how Google Reviews work. And if you’re one of them, there’s no harm in getting some help and asking questions. In this article, we’ve covered some major questions which businesses have had concerning Google Reviews. Let’s delve into them and figure out how you can use them at your benefit! 

Where do they see my Google Reviews?

Now that’s a valid question, considering that you want to increase your reviews, you might as well start digging into where your potential customers might find them. In the preliminary stage, the customers will search for non-branded keywords such as “best skin toners” or “whitening lotions” rather than a specific brand or company, and at this point, your only job as a cosmetic company is to make it to the 3 local pack for the non-branded words because it will generate amazing traffic for your website and it’s a visually dominant on the page.

Since the customers weren’t really looking for your company, in particular, they might visit your website but won’t contact you. In order to make a better decision here, they might Google reviews your company’s name as well as your competitor’s name to weigh their options. And that’s where a branded keyword with your company’s name will possibly take your potential customers to the Google My Business listing where the reviews are displayed. Not sure how to handle branded and non-branded keywords? Not a problem, we got some amazing SEO services in Chicago to help you. They master the art of figuring out the keywords and how to bring them to the limelight.

Is my Search Engine Ranking affected by the Reviews?

Not too many people’s liking does affect the search engine ranking. As per some SEO Services in Lahore experts, strong local ranking factors include review signals. These review signals may include the number of reviews, an average review rating, and the frequency of reviews. One thing we can all agree on is the fact that consistency is a Charmer. All these factors conclude that if the reviews show consistency, it means people are liking your products and services. Your company is being interactive with its clients and is appreciated.

However, there is one thing you need to bear in mind, Google hates if you play on. And being in Google’s bad books is certainly not a smart move. For instance, if you go from 0 to 30 reviews in one night. Google will sense the stunt you tried to pull here and if the fake reviews get caught. You will be penalized, you might lose all your reviews, even the genuine ones. So settling for 15 legitimate reviews a month over 30 not so real ones is a good deal giving a natural feel.

How to bring people to leave reviews?

Asking is the key fellows, just ask and get the reviews, simple as that. Every time you do business with someone, you request them to give a review. Remind them everywhere, in person, on emails, on receipts, etc. Make it your motto to not end a transaction without getting a review. A good review elevates your brand image like none other. But there are always some what-ifs in a foolproof plan. What if you land dissatisfied customers or what if you just forgot about mentioning the review, what happens then?

Trying to stop a negative review is the same as trying to stop a natural disaster, not happening! so you can’t stop negative reviews, okay, but you can try lowering its hit by bringing in more positive ones. This is where quantity matters. Let’s face it, people might not review the positive experience but if by any chance you happen to enter their bad books? Well, you do have a sure shot review to your name. So this needs to work as a motivation to get more positive reviews to balance out the impact of a bad review.

Creating a Google Reviews Link sounds like a plan

Reviews are important to you; why would your customer want to take any grief for that? So it’s your job to make it easier for them. Rather than explaining how to leave a review. Which, unfortunately, most of the people have no clue about, you create a link that helps the customer gets directly to where the review needs to be left. Google yet again makes life easier with its Google reviews link tool. Hence, use this tool and get reviews hassle-free. You can put the link in Email Marketing Lahore, messages, E-Commerce Website Development and the customer will get to it more quickly.


No matter how many strategies and tweaks mentioned in books you use to win reviews, it all boils down to the products and services you are offering. So before you set on your way to getting some stellar Google Reviews, ask yourself if what you’re offering is worth them or not? All in all, the catch is only to provide the best customer service and satisfying products. Though rest assured, the tweaks and tips will encourage you more while you work on wining Google Reviews. Too much to take in all at once?

Don’t worry, you are not alone in this tech-driven world. There are hundreds of reliable Advertising Agencies in Chicago providing Digital Marketing Services in Chicago that can help you get up the ranking bar without you breaking a sweat. Contact them at your earliest to begin this Google reviews game and have a competitive edge over others.







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