Google Marketing Services: Using Google AdWords For Generating Online Sales

kashif ali

  • Oct 11, 2021


Google AdWords is an online advertising tool that allows creating Ads for reaching out to the audience interested in products and services a brand offers. Technically, it runs on the pay-per-click advertising model, which means that every time a visitor clicks on the Ad, the business has to pay for it. But we understand that with countless advertising channels out there, it can be hard to decide which one is a good fit for generating online sales. Like other agencies, we will not tell you to invest in this or that channel without explaining the benefits. Hence, in this blog, we have covered all the benefits of investing in Google Marketing Services we provide at Xcentric Services – by using Google AdWords.

Google Marketing Services

5 Benefits Of Using GoogleAdWords For Google Marketing

Are you a business owner who wants to capitalize on searches that take place on Google every day and can get the attention you need for generating online sales? Well then, there is no better way than investing in Google Marketing Services in Pakistan that includes the use of Google AdWords. Want to know the answer to why we use it at Xcentric Services? It provides many benefits, out of which a few are listed below. Scroll down and give them a read!

1.   Massive Reach

Google has elevated from just being a brand to a verb, and the term is actually defined in a dictionary now. Why? Because now, whenever someone has a question they need an answer to, the first stop is Google.

Have back pain and want to know what pain killer to take? Google it.

Looking for information to complete your assignment? Google it.

Want to know how to use a tool or technology? Again – Google it.

Search engines handle billions and trillions of searches like these every second. Among all the searches, some are of people looking for a service or product that your brand offers. Hence, to help them find an answer – precisely YOU, we at Xcentric Services can place Ads and increase your reach. Thus, prompting them to choose you over your competitors.

2.   Wider Targeting

Google has something to offer for every business and at every searcher – on every stage of the buying journey. Bidding on broad keywords that your target audience uses helps show them Ads at the initial stages of product searching. Hence, when providing Google Marketing Services, we fill the sales funnel of clients at Xcentric Services following these techniques:

  • Capturing customer information using a post-click landing page in the Ad and sending them content proving the authority of our client.
  • If the customers do not convert, we put retargeting strategies into action for drawing them back to the brand.

Another technique that we use to grow the customer base of our clients is targeting long-tail keywords. Generally, these keywords cost less when used in Ads but are worth using to capture the attention of those who search exactly what they want. Mostly, people searching with such long and specific keywords are those who have a stronger buying intent. And that is exactly what makes the reach of Google Ads places more valuable.

3.   Harnessed Intent

One of the biggest differences between people you reach out with Google Ads and those from other advertising channels is their intent. For example, people on social media are not looking to get advertised to. Instead, they are looking for updates from their friends and family. So, do you think advertising to someone who is not interested in your Ad will give get you an opportunity to grow? Fair enough, NO.

On the other hand, when you get Ads placed by us on search engines, you advertise to those who are already looking for your products or services. Hence, let your customers come to you by letting up place Ads and helping them find what they are looking for. Rest assured, you will be positioned to earn business whenever they are ready to shop.

Best Google Marketing Services in Pakistan

4.    Bring Any Budget On The Table

To some businesses, getting a click can cost hundreds of dollars. However, mostly, they do not cost a lot. But even if they do, the advantage to placing Google Ads is that you can always ask us to put a limit on the daily budget. This way, you will not be spending more than you actually want to and go out of budget. Precisely, we provide our clients’ complete control over their Google Ads campaign budget – where they can control everything.

Besides, when an Ad performs extremely well, we can increase your Ad spend to improve the results and get you more online sales. And if it is not getting you any results, we stop it immediately before you lose more dollars.

5.     Results Laid Out In Formats

After investing in Google Marketing Services, you will have no idea how well the Ads are performing or how to improve them if you do not know where something went wrong. Luckily, everything is easy to understand now – thanks to Google AdWords. However, since not every business owner knows how to use it, this is where Xcentric Services jumps in to help.

Using our personal favourite – Google AdWords, we get insight into information like impressions, budget, keywords, and clicks, etc. This allows us to see how visitors behave on our client’s website to when and where they click, and how long they took to make a purchase. All these results are laid out in format in Google AdWords, making it easy for our team to track the performance and tweak the Ads campaigns accordingly.

Best Google Marketing Services in Pakistan

Get Started On Google Marketing

If you were the one thinking why use Google Ads before, right now, we assume that you must be asking yourself – WHY NOT? It is an advertising channel that has something in stores for a business of any size, with different sales goals and budgets. So, why not drop your bucket in this see of endless searches and see how much sales you can generate? Get the Best Google Marketing Services in Pakistan that we provide at Xcentric Services, and let us sail you through. To get your customised Google Marketing plan, drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com.







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