Google Marketing In 2022: The Updates You Need To Know About

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  • Aug 05, 2022


It feels like just yesterday when Google Marketing Live announcements were made – that were less but BIG. Like max conversion value in 2019 or responsive search Ads in 2018. The point here is that the list of updates by Google seems to be getting longer year by year, making it hard to identify what matters actually. Hence, we have covered this blog to simplify things for you and help figure out the preparations or adjustments you should make. Give it a read to solve the puzzle ruining your peace of mind and keep up with the latest Google algorithm updates.

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Top 3 Google Marketing Updates Of 2022

As mentioned before, many features, betas, tools, and developments were tossed about this year by Google. Although they cannot be distilled down into ten separate announcements, we have grouped them into categories; to make understanding easier. So, all of you folks who love watching the bigger picture – here’s the breakdown of the updates:

1. New Performance Max Features

Released last year, the Performance Max campaigns are the latest joy and pride of Marketing Google. Surely, it is YOU who will decide if Performance Max works for your business or not. However, as a reminder, we want to highlight that these campaign types allow advertising throughout the properties of Google with one campaign. Other than that, the update enables the following:

  • Store Sales Bidding & Reporting

If you are running Performance Max for meeting your store goals, very soon, you will be able to optimize not only for store traffic but also the sales. Currently, this is available in Local campaigns in the beta and will be available in Performance Max too by the third quarter of 2022.

  •  Burst Campaigns

This is also applicable on Performance Max for campaigns targeted to achieve store goals. Talking of history, Google recommended running store goal campaigns for a minimum of thirty days to maximize reach. Such a campaign is designed for helping advertisers achieve a similar reach in a short time by working in tandem with the in-store goals to drive calls, visits, and direction requests.

Marketing Google

  •  Experiment Tools

Currently, in beta for the Performance Max campaigns with no product feed, these tools will be launched fully by the end of 2022. The feature will allow marketers to measure the incremental performance improvements when a Performance Max campaign is added as a complement to any existing Google Marketing campaign.

  • Explanations

Rather than cross-referring data across multiple reporting tools, the feature will help in identifying the reasons for performance changes made within the interface of Google Ads. All in all, the idea that Google explained behind this was to add more transparency to how the campaigns are automated.

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2. New Insights Page Data

Last year, the Google Ads Insights page was released in the beta version. It creates custom insights that update every single day – based on current trends and account performance – to improve sales. Now, three new types of insights will be added to this page, as announced by Google. They help in better understanding what decisions automation is making and why. The insights are:

  • Attribution Insights

The idea behind this update is to help advertisers understand the path of conversions that are taken by customers across the Ads campaigns – display, search, shopping, and YouTube. Such a multi-touch attribution of information helps in seeing the value of campaigns that are leading directly to conversions.

  • Budget Insights

This feature suggests budget optimizations on the basis of how the budget of a Google Marketing campaign is pacing against its performance. According to Google, the feature will allow marketers to monitor and act without any delay when the budget is limited, or even reallocate when there is a forecast to have a budget leftover at month end.

Google Marketing Services

  • First-party Audience Insights

These insights use the first-party data to help those who have invested in Google Marketing Services see which segments are well-performing. Moreover, it also signals the machine learning engine of Google to optimize the performance of campaigns.

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3. Google Shopping Updates

Lots of “I” words were thrown this year when it came to Google Advertising and Shopping Experience – countless repetitions of ‘intuitive’, ‘immersive’, ‘ideas’ and ‘inspirations’. We will let you do what you want to with these, but these are the core shopping updates that should matter to you now being an E-Commerce business:

  • Checkout On Merchant

Buyers will soon be able to directly checkout from a listing, bringing them to the checkout page on the website of the advertiser. This has currently started with Walmart and Shopify and will expand to other retailers too in the future.

  • Immersive Shopping Experience

For retailing apparel, a swipeable and powerful visual feed will be rolled out just in time for the holiday season. Shopping Ads and organic results using descriptions and rich images will blend in the SERP, while the users can swipe the Ads for seeing more product details.

Google Ads Marketing Services

  • Product Feeds On Search & YouTube Shorts

Google also talked about the shopping and browsing experience becoming more blended, no matter what type of Google Ads Marketing Services you invest in. For instance, an entertainment moment can convert into a buying moment instantly when least expected. As a result, the product feed will be available on Search and YouTube Shorts as a way to convert the video action campaigns into digital storefronts.

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