Google Digital Marketing Trends For Advertisers In 2023

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  • Feb 24, 2023

A new year brings a whole lot of opportunities. Many individuals plan new year resolutions to achieve by the end of the year. Thinking about what’s about to come next excited them. Similarly, new trends and updates keep on taking over the digital world. Given that Google plays a huge role in digital marketing as the most-used search engine, it is important to keep up with every Google Digital Marketing trend.

The experienced advertisers at Xcentric make sure to stay updated with the trends so that they can plan out marketing strategies for businesses and take advantage of the current trends. It helps them set a new mindset and make campaigns more efficient. Hence, if you are currently a step back in following the trends, NOW is the time to tap into them with the help of our team. But before you get on board with us, read through this blog to know which trends we are leveraging in 2023.


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4 Trends We Count On To Target Converting Google Ads

One thing that is going to take a huge turn in 2023 is the shift of Google Digital Marketing from a technical-based mindset to trend-based marketing. Our marketers are using this mindset to advertise what customers want to see and hear, in a more personalized way.

Being a Google Advertising Agency, at Xcentric, we generate leads for our clients by converting the engagement of their current audience into promotion. To make the best out of our services, we focus on certain trends to stay at the top and give our clients the best strategies. Let’s look into these trends together.

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1. First-Party Data

Data has always been a foundation for most of the Google Digital Marketing strategies that we plan and target. First-party data is the information that a business collects directly from customers and its own sources. Data extracted is entirely collected by a business’s channels such as websites, apps, and email subscriptions. This type of data is error-free and reliable because customers give businesses consent to use their data to contact and engage.

However, when it comes to extracting first-party data and making good use of it, things can get a bit complicated. Hence, the best way out is to hire Xcentric. We provide Google Ads Marketing Services, in which we make sure that the information provided by the client’s customer is consensual and protected from hackers. Then, that first-party information is used to target highly-converting Ads on Google.

2. Artificial Intelligence

The advancement in technology is making life easier and better. Artificial Intelligence is a technological development that helps us target better Google Digital Marketing strategies. By using it, we are targeting broad-keyword strategies to grow businesses more successfully.

Technically speaking, AI increases the reach of searches, as it predicts the behavior of the users by analyzing their activity on digital media. Hence, the advertisers at Xcentric have started targeting the AI-focused SEM Marketing strategies on Google to better target the audience and boost lead generation.

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3. Google Performance Max

The performance max campaign is just in the initial stages and is still making new paths for both local and smart shopping. As the name indicates, these campaigns are designed for maximizing the performance of Google Digital Marketing campaigns. Moreover, they allow advertisers to easily gain access to Google Ads inventory from any device.

If we speak in terms of Google Ads Management, then performance max campaigns are designed to further assist search campaigns in converting expected customers, no matter which Google’s channels. By using performance max campaigns for our clients at Xcentric we increase their conversions. In addition, we also use Performance Max Campaigns reporting to better understand which content is impacting performances and driving maximum sales.

4. Leverage Local Inventory Ads

Local inventory ads or LIAs play a huge role in securing shoppers who want their items in minimal time. Google Digital Marketing has introduced this new feature that allows more advertisers to reach a wider audience. At Xcentric, we use local inventory Ads to promote clients’ marketing campaigns – showing ads related to their products and services. Moreover, we also use this Google feature to showcase clients’ products along with their store information. All of this information is shown to the nearby shoppers searching through Google.

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In Conclusion

There is no end to the technological advancements in the digital world, especially search engines. And, the only secret to making the most out of Google Digital Marketing trends is hiring an agency like Xcentric. We have what it takes to target PPC Marketing strategies complementing the current trends. Rest assured, while you are jampacked with other tasks, our advertisers will plan and target your Google Marketing strategies, while paying attention to the ever-changing trends.







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