Google Digital Marketing: Pin Headlines To Generate Leads

saina anwar

  • Feb 01, 2023

One of the most effective ways to attract and engage customers these days is through Google Digital Marketing. No matter what your business’s niche is, people are surely going to use Google to search for it. So without any doubt, planning a marketing campaign and targeting it on Google leads to success – given that they are planned by the marketers at Xcentric. Moreover, with Google’s responsive sponsored ads, it is now easier than ever to display Ads to people interested in a business’s products or services.

Our result-driven Google Marketing Services include writing eye-catching headlines and descriptions along with targeting the campaign end-to-end. Just like other marketing agencies we have creative writers on board, who write catchy headlines and descriptions for multiple businesses. In simple words, we target Google Ads to promote different brands, products, and services, along with pinning the headlines to generate more leads. However, before we get your Google Ads campaign into action, let us give you an insight into the concept of pinning headlines.


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But First – What Exactly Is Headline Pinning?

Headline Pinning is a feature in Google Ads that allows users to lock their content in a specified position. This feature works best on ads with particular headlines that should appear with every display. Being a Google Marketing Agency in Pakistan, we consider using focus keywords in the pinned headlines. Moreover, another tactic we use is pinning numerous headlines in the same position so that at least one of them appears on every Google Ad.

Top 4 Benefits Of Pinning Headlines In Google Ads

When it comes to Google Digital Marketing, the performance of a particular Ad or keyword may fluctuate from time to time. Hence, it is best to hire a PPC Specialist that understands Google’s Algorithm – and that’s where Xcentric comes to the rescue. Our specialists only pin one headline and make sure that the other parts of Google Ads are clearly visible. Therefore, prevent them from looking crowded. Now that you know everything about pinning headlines and how we do it, keep on reading the blog to know what benefits it would bring your way.

1. Effective Online Advertising

Pinning headlines helps evaluate the success of a Google Digital Marketing campaign. This tells whether an Ad is attracting the right prospects or not. So when our marketers pin a certain keyword in the headline or description of your Google Ad, more people are likely to click on it. We also use headlines as a research tool through which we learn more about the interests of the target audience and how effective a Google Digital Marketing campaign is in lead generation.

Another advantage of pinning headlines in Google Ads is that it helps attract the right target audience in the digital world and convert them faster. Google Marketing Services Packages offered by us include a brief report about how many prospects were converted into leads through a campaign. It helps us stay more focused on online advertising campaigns and make them more effective for a business.

Google Marketing Services - Xcentric

2. Demographic Targeting

The headline pinning feature in Google Ads also enables businesses to target their potential audience based on a specific gender, age, educational level, or family status. By leveraging it this way, the Google Digital Marketing experts at Xcentric shift their focus on potential prospects. To be precise, they target the demographic that they expect to engage and convert more into leads. In fact, this does not only increase lead generation but also helps improve engagement rates.

3. Drive Website Traffic

Websites that regularly optimize their content and update features are more likely to succeed in lead generation. Surely, with effective implementation of SEO strategies businesses can earn a good position in search engine result pages – but in the long run. However, through Google Digital Marketing and especially Ads with pinned headlines, we help businesses generate more leads faster. The campaigns that we design not only capture more leads but also assist in driving traffic to their websites, which is a WIN-WIN.

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4. Product Promotion

Pinned headlines help businesses drive toward their prospects in the market, which is why they should get Google Ads Marketing Services to promote certain services or products. In fact, the headlines that are pinned in Google Ads by marketers at Xcentric direct sales specifically to the business’s website. It acts like a roadmap, directing the customers to buy a product or service. However, in that case, the websites must include CTAs like Buy Now and Avail Discount to evoke a sense of urgency in customers. If you need help with that, we have got you covered with that too.

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Looking for experts to help you with Google Digital Marketing? Count on the marketers at Xcentric. Contact our agency by calling 0300-800-2094 or email at connect@xcentricservices.com today.

Now that you are familiar with all the benefits of using pinned headlines in Google Ads, we assume that you are ready to target a Google Digital Marketing campaign. Let us at Xcentric target a result-driven campaign for your business by spinning headlines that work best and increase lead generation by two folds.







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