Google Analytics 4: What Is It And When Should You Upgrade To It?

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  • Apr 27, 2022


Smart marketing is now at the fingertips – all thanks to the new Google Analytics 4, also called GA4. It is a property of Google Analytics that allows businesses to track their app and website analytics together. Moreover, it also enables adapting to the ever-evolving standard of using cookies for tracking user activity and creating a smart data-driven digital marketing strategy. However, this is just the beginning, so keep on reading the blog to learn more and get answers to questions like what is GA4, what is different in it, and when should you upgrade to it.

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What Is GA4 & How Is It Different From Universal Analytics?

Google Analytics Web + App or GA4 is a kind of Google Analytics property that allows its users to unify app and web analytics for getting a deeper insight into buyer journeys. It also future-proofs itself by developing privacy standards and supporting cookie-free tracking. If you are like other users of Google Analytics, then you must be familiar with UA or Universal Analytics.

Just like GA4, Universal Analytics is also a property of Google Analytics that businesses use mostly for tracking their Website Analytics. Now, this introduces the question that how both of them are different? Here are is how:

Website Analytics

  • Hit Types

Universal Analytics tracks hit types like User Timing, Pageview, Events, and Transactions. On the other hand, GA4 tracks all hit types – from transactions to pageviews, registering as an event, and everything in between.

  • Sessions

Sessions in Universal Analytics end right after 30-minutes of inactivity. However, user activity is automatically detected in GA4, rather than relying on the 30-minute time of inactivity.

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  • Content Grouping

Content in Universal Analytics is grouped so that the user gets to see an overview of its performance and compare the metrics within the group. The all-new GA4 comes without the content grouping feature but instead allows creating event parameters for grouping content.

  • User ID

Universal Analytics allows its users to analyze their data without any hassle, while GA4 allows seeing user activity across website and app – by generating persistent and unique user IDs.

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Three Benefits Of Using Google Analytics 4 For Your Business

Quite noticeable, the new GA4 and good old Google Analytics are different, which is why you need to understand the benefits of upgrading to Google Analytics 4. This way, you will adapt to it sooner and start benefiting from the platform before it is too late. The 3 major benefits of upgrading to it include.

1. Improved Marketing ROI & Automatic Alerts

Thanks to the innovative machine learning models by Google, businesses can now receive alters from GA4 automatically when some trends start appearing in the data. For instance, if your business starts selling more of a specific product, then the Website Analytics Metrics on GA4 will highlight it before you notice an increase in sales.

In such a case, businesses respond fast by sending out a notification to their suppliers, so that the product remains in stock. Additionally, GA4 also helps in predicting the behaviour among different groups of customers. For instance, it creates models that calculate how much potential revenues a group of customers would generate.

Website Analytics Metrics

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2. Smart Marketing Campaigns With Audience Insight

Unifying the data of your app and website is another benefit of GA4. Even if you do not have an application right now, it will provide you with a future-proof solution when you develop one in the future.

Besides syncing the data on your app and website – along with how the user journey happens on both, GA4 also enables analyzing the behaviour of users. It does by looking at their place in the buying funnel, like conversion versus awareness.

With a better understanding of the user behaviour in different stages, as a business, you will get the power to create better digital marketing strategies. For instance, if you have noticed that most of the purchases include a coupon that is shared on your social media, increase your investment in Social Media Marketing Services.

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3. Keep Marketing Strategies Ahead With Future-Proof Design

Another big benefit of using Google Analytics 4 is its design. As the interest in user privacy is increasing and search engines are moving away from tracking that is cookie-based, Google Analytics has adapted to the change. And now, the new GA4 does not depend on cookies to operate.

While it is acknowledged by Google that some gaps will come between data because of this approach, it will plan accurate models for filling all the gaps in the near future. So yes, you still have data for referencing that is trustable and power your approach towards marketing.

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    Google Analytics 4 is a step towards data-driven and smart marketing for businesses around the globe. So, if you are looking to grow your small or mid-sized business to the next level, consider upgrading to GA4. And, do it sooner, because it is going to replace Universal Analytics on 1st July 2023. For more help related to GA4 or to get Professional SEO Services, count on Xcentric as your rescuer because our team knows the nitty-gritty of Google Website Analytics and everything related to it.







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